Dust and ashes. (1992)

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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: I.Zajceva, S.Chaplinskij

Script writers: I.Zajceva

Operators: I.Zajceva, S.Chaplinskij


The film is based on the memories of mother Helena, the widow of a priest A. Tugarinov. Woman tells of life in Russia and abroad, says the most significant episodes of persecution of believers and the clergy. The film used footage of the revolutionary time and staged photography.

Religion | Traditions and customs | History

Reel №1

Tugarinova E. opens the shutters. A.V. Shakhmatov was the guest of E. Tugarinov.

Crosses and icons.

Tugarinov and E. V. A. Shakhmatov.

Traffic, snow.

Spruce in front of the Church.

The monastery buildings, the snow on the roof.

The alternation of the rooms of the house, Tugarinov and E. V. A. Shakhmatov.

The horse in the grove.

Tugarinov and E. V. A. Shakhmatov.


E. Tugarinov shows the photo album.

A bowl of apricots.

The view from the window.

The alternation of personal belongings, the details of the situation, the conversation with Tugarinova E. A. V. by Samatvam.


Shakhmatov A.V.-Opera singer, a cultural and public figure.


Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]


Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №2

Tugarinov and E. V. A. Shakhmatov.

A.V. Shakhmatov sings the song "Gori, Gori, Moya Zvezda".

Staged shooting: Armed men, to the sledge down man.

The man tied to the sledge by the neck.


Sleigh accompanied by riding in a field, people running around.

A man aiming a rifle.

Running horse, tied the man clinging to the shafts.

A sleigh drove into the courtyard.

Person loose and gone into the house.

Across the yard is a man with a horse on the bit.

From fire tongs to get a piece of coal.

Three and a detachment of horsemen in the village street.

Willow branches in a vase.

The photo on the table.

The eggs in a bowl.

Fallen gravestones. A.V. Shakhmatov sings.

The ruins of the Church.

The horse in the grove.

Little girl.

The horse is behind the trees.

Tugarinova E. applauds the singer and praises him.

Bless Tugarinova E. A. V. Shakhmatova.

Mother in the room.

Priests and parishioners in the Church.

The ruins of the Church.

Memories guests of mother Helena.

The servant lights the lamp before the icon.

Says E. Tugarinov.


Shakhmatov A.V.


Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]


Winter [823] Spring [825]

Reel №3

Says E. Tugarinov.

Chronicle of the 1919 year: Carts on a country road.

A man adjusts his beard.

Carts go past the forest.

The people talking.

A man signs the paper.

People shake hands, the wagon is leaving.

Plowman in the field.

Scrapbook pages. E. Tugarinov with guests.

Says E. Tugarinov, priest leafing through the album.


The faces of the people.

Remnants of snow on the ground.

The ruins of the Church.

The alternation tells E. Tugarinov, guests lay on the table.


The conversation at the table.

The people at the cemetery.


The Church behind the trees. E. Tugarinov.

Staged photography:

On a sleigh driven killed under the escort of two horsemen.

E. Tugarinov.


The people at the cemetery. E. Tugarinov kisses the cross on the grave of her husband.

The young priest conducts the service in the house Tugarinova.

Flowering tree near the house.

View of the bell tower from the side of the house.

Mother Helen saying goodbye to guests.




Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]


Winter [823] Spring [825]