Orthodox encyclopedia (№ 31 ) 04.08.2012 (2012)

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The Nikolo-Solbinsky Monastery.

Reel №1

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Introductory speech by Priest Alexei Uminsky.

A remote forest.

Wild strawberries.

A clearing with daisies.

View of the village.

There is a man with a boy mowing the grass.

Monastery buildings in the forest.

Children on the territory of the monastery.

The road through the forest to the monastery.

The church at the monastery.

The nuns leave the church after the service.

Procession around the monastery.

Mosaic icon.

The cart goes through the monastery territory.

Stained glass fence on the bell tower.

Surroundings of the monastery.

Solba River.

The bathhouse.

I crawled onto the parapet of the bathhouse.

The toy mill is a gift from the children when visiting the monastery.

A pilgrim with a boy reading a church book.

View of the monastery from the plane.

The expanses around the monastery - view from the bell tower.

The ruins of the monastery before the restoration.

Tells the nun Feodosia (Lobanovskaya).

A procession in times of desolation.

Icon of St.


The nuns sing at the service.

The Church of Blessed Xenia of St.

Petersburg is built over the administrative building.

Details of carved bricks on the church of St.

Spyridon of Trimifunt under construction.

Zoya Boloshina, an architect, tells us.

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

Wooden church of St.

Sergius of Radonezh.

The temple stands on a hill made up of the ruins of the previous monastery.

The lower church in the name of Saints Anthony and Theodosius of Kiev-Pechersk was built inside the hill.

The mosaic icon was saved by the Miraculous.

Stone painting.

Icon of the Assumption of the Most Holy Theotokos.

The temple is illuminated through windows and candles.

The procession of the nuns.

The wall around the monastery consists of hotel buildings, a children's shelter, classrooms and an exhibition hall.

The temple of the Great Martyr Barbara is being built.

Nuns sing at the service.

Pupils of the orphanage.

The first convent in Russia was created by the son of Yaroslav the Wise, Vsevolod Yaroslavovich for his daughter Anna.

The drawing is a school for girls in this monastery.

Anna taught them reading and crafts.

A modern pupil embroiders an icon.

Irina Ostanina, a pupil of the orphanage, tells us.

Elena Palamarchuk, a pupil of the orphanage, tells us.

The pupils of the orphanage are singing.

Abbess Yerotiida (Gazhu) tells.

Narrated by the nun Haritina (Yagovkina).

The pupils are watering the garden, a nun helps them.

Narrated by Maria Bogdanova, a novice.

Novices will pour an alpine slide on the territory.

Geese walk around the territory.

Tells the nun Feodosia (Lobanovskaya).

The buildings of the monastery.

The nun works on the Internet.

Narrated by Maria Bogdanova, a novice.

Drawings of a nun.

Tells the nun Antonia (Bunina).

Photos that the nuns collect for the museum of the history of monasteries.

The handwritten book is an Akathist written by monks.

Abbess Yerotiida (Gazhu) tells.

The pilgrim is sitting on a bench on the territory of the monastery.

The wall of the monastery.

Flowers, butterflies.

Exhibition hall.

Exhibition of mosaic paintings.

Mosaic training.

The pilgrim tells.

The source at the monastery.

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

Bread baked by nuns.

Cookies baked by the children of the orphanage.

Icons, bread from the bakery of the monastery on their background.

Alexander's mother manages the vegetable gardens.

Tells the nun Alexandra (Yaroshchuk).

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

Zoya Boloshina, an architect, tells us.

The final word of Alexey Uminsky.

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Svyaschennik Aleksej Uminskij. Zoya Boloshina, arhitektor. Monahinya Haritina (Yagovkina). Monahinya Feodosiya (Lobanovskaya). Monahinya Antoniya (Bunina). Monahinya Aleksandra (Yaroschuk) Igumeniya Erotiida (Gazhu).

Calendar: 04.08.2012

Locations: Yaroslavl region [812]


Nikolo-Solbinsky Convent

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