The Beginning Of the Biography.. (1974)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev I.

Script writers: Tokarev S.

Operators: Dobronickiy V., Kopalin I.


About young figure skaters Irina Vorobieva and Alexander Vlasov.

Temporary description

1972. International tournament "Moscow skates. The auditorium of the Palace of Sports. Speech skaters Pakhomova L. and Gorshkova, I. Vorobyov and A. Vlasov. Vorobyova and Vlasov on the podium. Vorobyova among school children, with dolls at home. Coach athletes-T. AN Moskvina. T. Moskvina and Mishin dancing gypsy. Vorobyova and Vlasov in training, or dance. Sverdlovskij Sports Palace. Warm-athletes. Performers are a pair of N. Gorshkova and E. Shevalsky, I. Vorobyov and A. Vlasov. Judges. Placards with estimates. Vorob'eva, A. Vlasov, I. Rodnina, A. Zaitsev on the podium.

Reel №1

The USSR Peoples Sports day in Sverdlovsk: the skaters’ warming-up in the Sports Palace.

Nadezhda Gorshkova and Eugeny Shevalovsky, Irina Vorobyeva and Alexandr Vlasov before the performance, performing (Vorobyeva falling).

The scoreboard.

I.Vorobyeva and A.Vlasov after the performance (having lost).

The Leningrad Sports Palace training room.

A.Vlasov and I.Vorobyeva training.

T.N.Moskvina talking with them.

I.Vorobyeva and A.Vlasov on the Neva embankment in spring.

The Petrodvorets fountains (general view from helicopter).

The Hermitage entrance. 1972, L.Pahomova, A.Gorshkov, a Japanese skater and other skaters before the tournament Moscow Skates.

The Sports Palace (general view from helicopter).

Leningrad figure skaters Irina Vorobyeva and Alexandr Vlasov performing (dancing Kazachok).

I.Vorobyeva and A.Vlasov on the victory podium.

I.Vorobyeva at school among her classmates (1972).

I.Vorobyeva at home: playing with toys, doing her home task.

The dolls.

A Neva bridge.

A.Vlasov at home assembling a receiving set.

I.Vorobyeva and A.Vlasov going upstairs in the street.

The Vorobyeva’s and Vlasov’s coach, Merited Sports Master, Candidate of Education Science, Tamara Nikolaevna Moskvina in the gymnasium during the training.

Newsreel of 1968:

Skaters T.Moskvina and Aleksey Mishin performing a dance Tsyganochka.

People watching the figure skating on television.

I.Vorobyeva and A.Vlasov performing on the screen, running commentary from the World Championship in Munich.

A sculpture in the Summer Garden.

A.Vlasov and I.Vorobyeva performing a dance A Young Man and Cupid, music by Yuzelon.

I.Rodina and A.Zaytsev (the 1 place), I.Vorobyeva and A.Vlasov (the 2 place) on the victory podium.