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Belev Diocese. (REVIEW)

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Introductory speech by Priest Alexei Uminsky.

The ruins of a monastery.

An elderly man is restoring a monastery.

The surroundings of the monastery are 5 km from the city of Beleva.

The cross is on the site of the embedded brick, consecrated in June 2012 on the territory of the monastery.

The foundation of the temporary church was laid and the log house began to be assembled.

The ruins of the Pokrovsky good Monastery, the oldest in the Tula region.

The car is traveling 70 km from the village of Dobroye.

Vintage pictures of the St.

Vvedenskaya Makaryevskaya Zhabynskaya wasteland.

The Church of the Introduction to the Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos.

The interior of the temple.

The relics of the Venerable Father Makarii, the miracle worker of Belevsky.

Icon of the Venerable Father Macarius.

The buildings of the monastery, destroyed in 1941 by the Germans.

The ruins of the monastery, which was taken in 1991 by Archimandrite Nikon.

The monastery began to recover.

Restoration of the Church of the Introduction to the Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Panorama of the restored part of the church.

The building of the Transfiguration of the Holy Cross Monastery.

Monks and novices work in the garden of the monastery.

The buildings of the monastery.

Surroundings of the monastery.

Traces of bullets from the war and Stalin's repressions.

Domes for the Holy Vvedensky Church.

View of the Oka and the expanses of the Belevsky diocese.

People are walking in the city park.

Passers-by on the street.

Churches of the Belevskaya diocese.

A football match among teenagers.

A priest is sitting on the podium next to the children.

A newspaper published by the diocese.

The website of the Belevskaya diocese.

Belevskaya school.

A 12-year-old boy from the city of Yasnogorsk becomes the winner of the Orthodox quiz.

Playground at the church of the diocese.

Photo of St.

Nicholas Church in the village of Mayak.

Sunday school at the temple.

The lesson is conducted by Priest Alexy Sadkov.

Children come from neighboring villages and towns.

Large - children from Sunday school.

The priest answers the children's questions.

Children are engaged in Sunday school crafts.

Children's choir at the temple.

Says Archpriest Yevgeny Kirichenko, dean of the churches of the Zaoksky district.

Seraphim, Bishop of Belevsky and Aleksinsky, works with documents.

Icon and books in the bishop's residence.

Vladyka Seraphim, Bishop of Belevsky and Aleksinsky, tells us.

Panorama of the Oka River and the surrounding area.

The church and its interior decoration.

Shchekinsky Church of All the Mourners is a joy.

School of young parents.

Parents talk about the problems and advantages of the school.

Says Priest Dimitri Yerokhin, head of the diocesan Department for Church Charity and Social Service.

Service on the anniversary of the episcopal consecration.

Bishop Seraphim illuminates and signs new antimins.

Priests sew the relics of the holy martyrs into antimins.

A candlestick with candles in front of icons.

The Divine Liturgy is underway.

Parishioners of churches.

Says Archpriest Vladislav Artasov, rector of the church of the Icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsa".

The building of the church of the Icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsa".

Gennady Sorokin, the head of the administration of the Suvorovsky district, tells.

Streets of the city of Suvorov.

Birch grove.

Vladyka Seraphim, Bishop of Belevsky and Aleksinsky, tells us.

Sunset over the Holy Kazan Convent in Kolyupanovo.

A nun prays in the church of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God.

Abbess Euphrosyne (Kushnir), the abbess of the Holy Kazan Convent in the village of Kolyupanovo, tells.

Relics of the Holy Elder Euphrosyne.

Icon of the Holy Elder Euphrosyne.

An old drawing of the Smolny Institute.

Old engravings of St.


Portrait of the Holy Elder Euphrosyne.

The resting place of the saint in the church of the Kazan Mother of God.

Icon of the Holy Elder Euphrosyne and St.

Filaret, Metropolitan of Moscow.

Says a parishioner of the church, Alexandra Yadykina.

Abbess Euphrosyne (Kushnir) tells.

The procession to the source of the Holy Elder Euphrosyne.

The surroundings of Polenov, the estate of the artist Polenov V.D.

Trinity Church, built by Polenov in the village of Bekhovo.

Next to the church is the grave of the artist.

The procession around the Trinity Church.

A lesson in the basics of Orthodox culture at school.

Key words

young people.
rural parishes.
miracles and healings.


Svyaschennik Aleksej Uminskij. Protoierej Evgenij Kirichenko, blagochinnij cerkvej Zaokskogo r-na. Vladika Serafim, episkop Belevskij i Aleksinskij. Svyaschennik Dimitrij Erohin, rukovoditelj eparhialjnogo otdela po cerkovnoj blagotvoriteljnosti i socialjnomu sluzheniyu. Protoierej Vladislav Artasov, nastoyatelj hrama ikoni Bozhiej Materi "Skoroposlushnica". Igumenjya Evfrosiniya (Kushnir), nastoyateljnica Svyato-Kazanskogo zhenskogo monastirya v sele Kolyupanovo. Svyataya starica Evfrosiniya. Svyatitelj Filaret, Mitropolit Moskovskij. Polenov Vasilij Dmitrievich, russkij hudozhnik.

Calendar: 10/06/2012

Locations: Tula region [808]


churches and monasteries

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