Orthodox encyclopedia (№ 45 ) 10.11.2012 (2012)

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Production: Pravoslavnaya Enciklopediya
Anchor:Uminsky Aleksey


Contemporary Christian art.

Reel №1

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Introductory speech by Priest Alexei Uminsky.

Modern paintings on the theme of Christianity.

The artist Sergey Nekrasov tells.

Exhibition of contemporary Christian art "Windows".

The Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana in Moscow State University.

Announcement of the exhibition in the temple "Dvoeslovie.


Photo of artists at the exhibition.

An artist is performing, priests are listening attentively nearby.

London St.

Paul's Cathedral.

The audience at the exhibition "Dvoeslovie.



The Center for Contemporary Art at the Church of St.

Nicholas on three mountains.

The viewer examines the paintings in this center.

Says Archpriest Andrey Yurevich.

Photos of Andrey's father.

Paintings collected by Father Andrey for 20 years of service in the church in Lesosibirsk.



Spectators and artists at the exhibition organized by Father Andrey in Krasnoyarsk.

Students of the Art Institute.

The church choir sings.

A parishioner sings songs to the guitar.

Father Andrey tells the children about the paintings he collected.

Says Archpriest Andrey Yurevich.

The artist talks about the paintings.

Paintings in the halls of the Center for Contemporary Art.

Priest Alexey Uminsky talks with art critic Irina Yazykova.

Artist Elena Cherkasova paints a picture on a biblical theme.

Alternation of paintings by the artist.

Works of spouses Sergey Antonov and Irina Zaron.

The works of the artist Gore Chikhalok.

Photo of Mount Chikhalok among the paintings and spectators.

Chikhalok Mountain was the curator of the exhibition of contemporary Christian art in the temple at Moscow State University.

Exhibition hall.

The dome of the church among the modern roofs of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Announcement of an exhibition of works by Viktor Vasnetsov.

People go to the exhibition.

The audience examines the paintings.

Modern sculpture.

A series of paintings from the exhibition.

Pedestrians on the street.

Continuation of the conversation between Priest Alexei Uminsky and art critic Irina Yazykova.

The Vatican.


Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

Paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Henri Mathis, Salvador Dali, Edvard Munch and Marc Chagall.

A series of paintings from the collections of the Vatican.

Paintings by Russian artist Valery Kharitonov at the exhibition at the Palazzo del Cancelleria.

The artist Valery Kharitonov tells.

Photo from the opening of the exhibition of the artist Valery Kharitonov.

Cardinal Paul Poupard, Chairman of the Pontifical Council for Cultural Affairs, speaks.

Cardinals from the Council for Cultural Affairs meet with an Orthodox priest.

Works by Kharitonov.

The artist Valery Kharitonov tells.

Continuation of the conversation between Priest Alexei Uminsky and art critic Irina Yazykova.

Against the background of the new building of the Tretyakov Gallery, the concept of "installation" is explained.

Alternation of different installations.

Artist Marcel Duchamp, founder of installation as art.

Installations by Marcel Duchamp.


A series of photos of performances.

Continuation of the conversation between Priest Alexei Uminsky and art critic Irina Yazykova.

The final word of Alexey Uminsky.

Key words

contemporary art.


Svyaschennik Aleksej Uminskij. Hudozhnik Sergej Nekrasov. Protoierej Andrej Yurevich. Hudozhnik Elena Cherkasova. Hudozhnik Sergej Antonov. Hudozhnik Irina Zaron. Hudozhnika Gora Chihalok. Hudozhnik Viktor Vasnecov. Predsedatelj Papskogo Soveta po delam kuljturi kardinal Polj Pupar. Hudozhnik Valerij Haritonov. Iskusstvoved Irina Yazikova. Hudozhnik Marselj Dyushan.

Calendar: 10.11.2012

Locations: Moscow [820] Holy See (Vatican) [238] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]

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