Orthodox encyclopedia (№ 6 ) 11.02.2012 (2012)

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Treasures of the Synodal Library.

Reel №1

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Introductory speech by Priest Alexei Uminsky.

An old church book.

Photo of Archpriest Alexander Gorsky, rector of the Theological Academy, former librarian of the Moscow Synodal Library.

An old photograph of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

Spiritual Academy.

The classroom of the Theological Academy.

The building of the State Archive.

Shelves with archival documents.

Chronicle of 1920.


Peter's Square in the Vatican.

Pontifical Institute of Oriental Sciences Italy.

The priest's personal library.

Chronicle of 1950.

The procession.

Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

Streets of the city.

Pedestrians on the street.

The procession.

Elizaveta Zueva, Candidate of theology, tells us.

The Law of God, Archpriest Seraphim Slobodsky.

The Temple of Simeon Stylite Danilov Monastery.

Moscow Synodal Library in the former St.

Andrew's Monastery.

A conversation between Priest Alexei Uminsky and Archpriest Boris Danilenko, director of the Synodal Library.

Photo of Archbishop Mikhail (Chub) at the divine service.

Chronicle of 1914.

Military units are passing through.

Soldiers in dugouts.

Tsarskoye Selo Eleninsky Temple.

Photos of the wounded in the First World War.

The Empress is in the hospital.

Photo of the priest Mikhail (Chub).

Announcement of classes with students of the Leningrad Theological Academy and Seminary on the topic "The oldest Christian papyrus".

The classes are conducted by the priest Mikhail Chub.

Photo of Archbishop Michael (Chub).

The decoration of the church.

Corridors of the Leningrad Theological Academy.

Chronicle of 1940.

The meeting, Stalin speaks.

Panorama of the Kremlin.

Chronicle of the 1950s.

Streets of Leningrad.


Isaac's Cathedral.

Anichkov Bridge in Leningrad.

Trinity Bridge in Leningrad.

Helsinki, Finland.

Shelves of the Synodal Library.

The Bible is in Latin and French.

The Elizabethan Bible.

Says Lev Igoshev, an employee of the Synodal Library.

The Gospel of Matthew, with an inscription.

Portrait of Vladyka Michael.

Prayer book in Czech with notes.

A scientific study of the Gospel of Matthew.

A bilingual Slavic-Russian Gospel, personally inscribed by Vladyka Michael.

The ex-libris of Vladyka Michael.

The book "Faith, Hope, Love" published in 1862.

The grave of Archbishop Michael.

Photo of Archbishop Michael.

Continuation of the conversation of Priest Alexei Uminsky with Archpriest Boris Danilenko, director of the Synodal Library.

Storage of books.

Reading room.

Collection of pre-revolutionary magazines on microfiche.

A microfiche reader.

Moskvityanin magazine from this collection, 19th century.

Private collections transferred to the Synodal Library.

Photo of the famous Slavist Nikita Ilyich Tolstoy.

The library hall named after him, which contains about 5,000 books.

Portrait of Metropolitan Anthony (Melnikov).

There are 7000 volumes in the hall named after him.

Portrait of Archbishop Michael (Chuba).

A unique edition of The Spectator of God's Works, published in 1796.

The service of Patriarch Pimen.

Notes collected by Patriarch Pimen.

Chronicle of the 1950s.

Service in the temple.

A child in the arms of his mother in the church.

Candle stand.

Says Lev Igoshev, an employee of the Synodal Library.

Patriarch Kirill arrives at the service.

Parishioners in the church.

Shelves with books.

Continuation of the conversation of Priest Alexei Uminsky with Archpriest Boris Danilenko, director of the Synodal Library.


Andrew's Monastery in Moscow.

Portrait of boyar Fyodor Rtishchev.


Andrew's Monastery.

The cell of the monastery.

The gate church, with tiles created by Stepan Polubes.

The territory of the monastery.

Icon of the Holy Trinity on the walls of the monastery.

A monument erected in Nizhny Novgorod dedicated to the millennium of Russia.

The monument depicts Fyodor Rtischev among the 30 great enlighteners of Russia.


Andrew's Monastery.

The territory of the monastery.

Continuation of the conversation of Priest Alexei Uminsky with Archpriest Boris Danilenko, director of the Synodal Library.

The final word of the priest Alexei Uminsky.

Key words

old books.
great library collectors.


Alekseya Uminskogo,svyaschennik. Protoierej Aleksandr Gorskij,rektor duhovnoj akademii. Arhiepiskop Mihail (Chub) Joseph Stalin [842] Tolstoj Nikita Iljich, vidayuschijsya russkij slavyanist. Mitropolit Antonij (Meljnikov). Patriarh Pimen. Patriarh Kirill. Fedor Rtischev,prosvetitelj na Rusi.

Calendar: 11.02.2012 1914 1920 1940 1950

Locations: Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Helsinki [864]

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