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Orthodoxy in Belgium.

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Alexey Uminsky tells us.

Streets of Brussels.

Brussels Town Hall.

Monument to Gottfried of Bouillon.

The Church of St.

James on the Dance Royal.

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

Palace of Academies.

Portrait of the Russian Princess Anna Pavlovna.

Streets of Brussels.

The port of Antwerp.

Coat of arms of Antwerp.

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

Archbishop Simon of Brussels and Belgium tells the story.

Stained glass window in St.

Nicholas Cathedral.

Icon of St.

Nicholas with a particle of relics.

The interior of the temple.

Tells the parishioner of the temple Anna Khudokormova-Kochubey.

Alexander Khudokormov opens the stained glass windows and talks about life in exile.

Old photos of priests and parishioners of the church.

Vladyka Alexander (Nemalovsky).

The psalmist of the church Natalia Romanovskaya tells about the fate of Vladyka Alexander during the war.

Photo of Vladyka Alexander after captivity.

Photos of Vladyka Alexander (Nemalovsky) and priests.

Photos of St.

John (Maximovich).

The Church of St.


Alexey Uminsky tells us.

Maria Apraksina tells the story of the construction of the church of St.


The Church of St.


Boards with the names of Russian people shot or killed in the Gulag.

Photo Vladyka John.

Photos of the parishioners of the church.

Maria Apraksina tells.

Archbishop John's letter to Maria Apraksina.

Photos of refugees from Russia after 1917.

Photo of the Kornilov regiment.

The Kornilovites worked in coal mines, but were able to buy the house and set up a church in it in the name of the Holy Trinity.

Says Archpriest Pavel Nedosekin.

Acting headman of the Trinity Church Mikhail Afteni talks about the desire of emigrants to return to Russia.

Photo of kornilovites - parishioners of the church.

Says Archpriest Pavel Nedosekin.

Filming of the divine service in the temple.

Photos of the last chief prosecutor of the Synod, Fyodor Izvolsky, founder of the Russian school of Brussels, with children.

The director of the Russian school in Brussels, Anna Nedosekina, talks about studying at school.

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Brussels.

Says Archpriest Pavel Nedosekin.

Ordination to the priesthood of a former Muslim, an assistant in the acquisition of premises for the temple, Abbas, under the name Adrian.

Says Father Adrian Alaue.

The Statue of Europe.

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

The streets of Brussels, the police are coming.

Archpriest Anthony Ilyin, representative of the Russian Orthodox Church at international European organizations, tells.

Streets of Brussels.

Educational Christian Center.

Evgenia Ravtovich tells.

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

Streets of Antwerp.

A hurdy-gurdy is playing.

People walk around the city decorated for Christmas.

A zucchini in Antwerp.

Evgeny Ivanovich Trevinsky tells.

Christmas market in Antwerp.

Service in the temple.

The Orthodox Church of the Nativity of Christ in Antwerp.

Igor Astafyev, a parishioner of the temple, tells.

Tells the priest Andrey Eliseev, rector of the Church of the Nativity of Christ.

The condition of the church before its lease by the Orthodox community.

The service in the church in 2012, after the Orthodox community restored it to normal.

Tells the priest Andrey Eliseev.

An icon of ancient ascetics who became famous in these parts.

The deplorable state of the temple.

Tells the priest of the temple.

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

A male Orthodox monastery in the town of Pervyayze.

The abbot of the monastery is Father Thomas.

Tells Archimandrite Thomas (Jacobs).

Monks pray in the monastery.

Festive image of the Nativity scene.

Icon of the Mother of God "Of All the Sorrowing Mothers".

Fragments of relics of ancient Belgian saints.

Icon of Saint Godeliva.

Tells the monk.

Irina Gorbunova-Lomax, the head of the icon painting school, tells about the life of the saint.

The central square of Bruges.

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

In the basilica in the city of Bruges, the greatest relic of the Blood of the Savior is kept.

Tells Daisy van Weaver, the caretaker of the Blood of Christ.

Monument to Jan Breidel and Peter Konink in Bruges.

Tells Limbert Brunel, rector of the Basilica of the Holy Blood.

A solemn procession through the city of Bruges with a capsule of Holy Blood.

Painting by Pieter Brueghel.

Alexey Uminsky tells us.

The basilica where the grave of Pieter Brueghel the Elder is located.

Key words

Belgian shrines.


Aleksej Uminskij, svyaschennik. Arhiepiskop Bryusseljskij i Beljgijskij Simon. Vladika Aleksandr (Nemalovskij). Svyatitelj Ioann (Maksimovich). Fedor Izvoljskij, osnovatelj russkoj shkoli Bryusselya. Piter Brejgelj starshij, flamandskij hudozhnik.

Calendar: 03/03/2012

Locations: Belgium [22]

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