Orthodox encyclopedia (№ 52 ) 29.12.2012 (2012)

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Who are forefathers.

Reel №1

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Says Archpriest Alexei Uminsky.

Church iconostasis.

Panorama of the ancestral row of icons of the iconostasis in the upper part.

The image of Cain killing Abel.

The image of the Lord.

Image of Noah releasing a dove.

Noah and his family are building a ship.



Sea surf.

Icon with the image of Io.

The image of the righteous Io.

Adam and Eve.

Image of Paradise.

Eve plucks an apple from the tree of knowledge.

The expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.


Stills from the film "The Revived Bible" directed by Eddie Dew.

The icon "The Descent of Jesus into hell".

A woman with a baby carriage is coming from the temple.

Pedestrians are walking down the street.

Says the head of the Department of Biblical Studies of the Moscow Theological Academy.

The icon of Christ the Almighty.

The New Testament.

The Gospel of Matthew.

Icon of the Cathedral of the Holy Forefathers.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The Icon of the Nativity of Christ.

Christmas Liturgy.

Conversation between Archpriest Alexei Umansky and Mikhail Seleznev, Head of the Department of Biblical Studies of the General Church Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies.

Icon of the Apostle Peter.

Fresco by Pietro Perugino "Christ handing the keys to the Apostle Peter" in the Sistine Chapel.

Rubens' painting of the Apostle Peter.

Icon of the Apostle Peter.

A man is walking through the desert.

Painting by V.I. Surikov "The Temptation of Christ".

Vegetation in the desert.

Panorama of Jerusalem.

I.N. Kramskoy "Christ in the Desert".

Ducci di Buoninsegna's fresco in the Siena Cathedral "The Temptation of Christ on the Mountain".


The icon of the Temptation of Christ in the desert.

Sunrise in the desert.

Says the Biblical scholar Andrey Desnitsky.

Paintings from V.D. Polenov's cycle "From the Life of Christ".

An engraving by Julius von Carolsfeld from the series "Biblical Illustrations".

Icon of King David.

Painting of King David.

Painting by A.A. Ivanov "King David and Bathsheba".

Veronese's painting "David and Bathsheba".

Rembrandt's painting "David and Uriah".

An old painting "David and Uriah".

An engraving by Julius von Carolsfeld from the series of Biblical Illustrations.

Peter de Grebber's painting "King David in Prayer".

Girolamo da Santacroce's painting "King David plays the rotta".

Believers in the temple.


Divine service.

Continuation of the conversation of Archpriest Uminsky with Mikhail Seleznev.

The Gospel of Luke.

Streets of the New Year's Eve city.

People walk along the decorated streets.


Basil's Cathedral.

The decoration of the church, the iconostasis.

Believers in the temple.

The sermon of Patriarch Kirill.

Icon of the Apostle Paul.

The divine service of Patriarch Kirill.

Believers in the temple.

The primates of the Orthodox Church at the divine service.

Icon of the Lord Almighty.

The sermon of Patriarch Kirill.

Believers listen to the sermon.



Birds are flying in the sky.

Desert landscape.

Continuation of the conversation of Archpriest Uminsky with Mikhail Seleznev.

The icon of the Sacrifice of Abraham.

Painting by Yevgraf Reutern "The Sacrifice of Isaac".

Other paintings on the theme of the sacrifice of Abraham.

Sunrise over the Sinai Mountains.

The Church of the Nativity of Christ.

Icon of the Prophet Isaiah.

Visions of the prophet Isaiah.

Natural landscapes.

The final word of Archpriest Uminsky.

Key words

the old Testament.


Seleznev Mihail,zaveduyuschj kafedroj bibleistiki obschecerkovnoj aspiranturi i doktoranturi. Patriarh Kirill. Uminskij Aleksej, protoierej pravoslavnoj cerkvi.

Calendar: 29.12.2012

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