Peace And Socialism Problems.. (1974)

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Director: Soloveva A.


About magazine "Peace and Socialism Problem".

Reel №1

Lies journal "Problems of Peace and Socialism" in different languages ​​- LS, MS..

Printed magazine - CU, LS..

Billets and illustrations of the journal "Problems of Peace and Socialism» - CU, MS..

The emblem of the Berlin Festival of Youth and Students, published on the magazine page - MS.

Flags - CU.

Parade participants of the Berlin festival - LS.

Young people at the stadium stands during the parade - CU, MS, LS...

The inscription on the page of the magazine: "The responsibility of the Communists in the joint struggle against imperialism", an influx of the emblem of the Moscow World Congress of Peace Forces - CU.

Lobby DPT - CU.

V. Tereshkova talks with delegates of the Congress - LS.

The delegates in the hall DPT - LS.

Speaker Leonid Brezhnev (synchronously) - MS.

The delegates applauded - LS.

The presidium of the congress - Romesh Chandra (Secretary General of the World Peace Council) hugs Leonid Brezhnev - MS.

Turn the pages of the magazine, the inscription: "The correct policy is properly selected time» - CU.

The American people in an area near the White House welcomed Brezhnev; Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev on the balcony of the White House - MS, LS..

Title of article in the magazine "Political work and social and economic development» - CU.

Indian people welcomed LI Brezhnev and Indira Gandhi - MS, LS..

The cars passing by, accompanied by an honorary escort - LS.

The inscription on the page of the magazine: "The generalization of the revolutionary experience - an international business» - CU.

Leonid Brezhnev and Fidel Castro welcomed the Cuban people - CU, LS..

Article Title: "Chile: pry the roots of fascism» - CU.

A protest demonstration against the Chilean junta: people with posters on the streets of Santiago - LS.

The explosion of the presidential palace - LS.

Chilean junta soldiers dispersed the demonstrators; Chileans fleeing - LS.

An article in the journal "The crisis in Ulster unabated» - LS.

The Labour coat of arms on a building in the city of Belfast

PNRM. on walking down the street soldiers - MS.

Police arrest people on the street; on the streets burning cars - LS, MS, CU...

An article in the journal "The determination of the people» - CU.

Vietnamese go to work - LS.

Construction of the power plant - LS.

A person of Vietnamese workers - CU.

Caption: «XXVII CMEA» - CU.

Participants XXVII CMEA conference talk in the courtroom - LS.

Kosygin meeting in the conference hall - LS.

Animation: volume of collected works of Lenin; turned over pages of a book - CU, LS..

City Prague - LS.

The building of the editorial board and the publisher of the journal "Problems of Peace and Socialism» - MS, Impact..

Map of the world -.

LS, departure.

Lay magazines in different languages.