Portugal:The First Days of Freedom.. (1974)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kazakova T.

Script writers: Kamynin L.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


On the revolutionary events taking place in Portugal on April 25, 1974.

Foreign policy

Temporary description

Newsreel economic and political life in Portugal before and after the overthrow of the fascist regime in April 1974 Traffic on the streets of Lisbon. Kind of a poor district of Lisbon. The processing of cork. Fishermen at sea. Peasants working in the field. The prison, kartoteka police. Prime Minister of Portugal in 1932-1968 G. A. Salazar speaks to reporters. Prime Minister of Portugal after 1968 M. Caetano passes in a crowd of protesters. The fighting forces on the territory of the Portuguese African colonies. The guerrillas are in the jungle, dismantled weapons. Military parade in Lisbon, the presentation of awards to relatives of fallen soldiers. Farewell to the relatives of soldiers leaving for the front. Events April 25, 1974 armed soldiers and tanks on the streets of Lisbon. Jolly People on the square. Demonstration of workers on the streets. Arriving at the port of Lisbon, the ship of the Navy of Portugal, whose crew refused to participate in NATO exercises, people greeted the crew at the port. Meeting of the National Salvation Council, supports the general Spinola. Meet People released from prisons of political prisoners. Meeting at the airport the Secretary of the Portuguese Communist Party A. Cunha and the Secretary General of the Socialist Party M. Soares. May Day demonstration of workers in Lisbon, on the podium - A. Cunha. Oath of General A. Spinola after his election as President of the Portuguese Republic. Negotiations Minister for Foreign Affairs of Portugal, with representatives of national liberation movements, of Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Angola. Speech by Prime Minister Goncalves at his first press conference. Government meeting.

Reel №1

Armed soldiers and officers of the Portuguese army, rebels April 25, 1974 against the fascist dictator Caetano, the streets of Lisbon in the early morning.

Tanks and armored vehicles on the streets of Lisbon.

Windows residence Caetano.

The building drives an armored personnel carrier, military output Caetano, put in an armored vehicle, being taken away.

Soldiers hold back the indignant crowd.

Severe facial residents.

Lisbon - with a helicopter from the sea.

The fortress near the shore.

Street, town square.


Cop-adjuster on the street.

Traffic - double decker bus, truck, cab driver.

Quarters for the poor - narrow streets, on the ropes drying clothes, the woman on the head carries a basket of flowers on the street children play, sit unemployed.

The belfry bell tolls.

A man wheeling a cart with cork bark is treated with cork tree bark.

Poor house.

Women are carrying the load.

Fisherman repairing network.

Women are laid out to dry sardines.

Oxen dragged the boat to the sea, driven wagon, plow the field.

Soldiers guard the fortress-prison.


Keys to the cameras in the hands of the jailer.

Putting prison with shelves where you store files on several million Portuguese.

Acts dictator Salazar appeared on the political scene in 1926 after the overthrow of the Republican government.

Sitting, talking Marcelo Caetano, who became the successor of the deceased dictator Salazar. M. Caetano rides in the car on the streets of Lisbon.

Indignant crowd on the street.

M. Caetano found in England with British Prime Minister Edward Heath.

Residence Caetano, police at the palace.

On the highway in Africa passing on the "Jeep" soldiers of the Portuguese colonial army.

Soldier's feet are on the ground.

Animation: map with the Portuguese colonies in Africa: Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Angola.

Jungle from a helicopter.

Colonial army soldiers jump out of the helicopter, set fire to the huts of the local population.


Destroyed school and home Mozambican village Viriyamu in which colonizers shot all of its 400 inhabitants.

Liberation Army soldiers fighting the colonialists, in their camp in the jungle.

Taking weapons, they act in the campaign, go through the jungle, are fighting against the colonialists.

Portuguese Army soldiers conduct and carry their wounded comrades.

Military parade in Lisbon.

Widow and son killed in Africa Portuguese soldiers - at the cemetery.

At the cemetery, crying widow.

The boy - the son of the murdered - awarded the Order of the father.

Reel №2

Relatives and friends say goodbye to the soldiers of the colonial army, went to Africa, weeping.

Soldiers climb aboard the ship.

The ship departs, relatives farewell waving his hand.

Rallies and demonstrations of workers in Lisbon 25 / IV-1974, following the overthrow of the government Caetano.

A jubilant people.

Residents of the city welcomed a passing car soldier army, which overthrew dictator.

Jubilant crowds of young people with banners in their hands.

The rise of the national flag.

In the port of Lisbon enters the ship Navy Portugal whose crew refused to participate in NATO maneuvers scheduled for April 25, the sailors go down the ladder, they are met by relatives and residents of the city.

Became in power National Salvation Council, which is headed by General Spinola, the first meeting of the Council acts as General Spinola.

Military and residents of the city in the streets, in their hands - red carnations - flowers revolution.

Girl gives sailor cloves.

From prison to rescue announced by the National Council of amnesty for political prisoners released prisoners, they are met by relatives and friends.

Mother hugging teenage son, who was imprisoned as politically suspect.

Open the gates of prison in Angola, where political prisoners languishing.

Hug men.

The building of the Main Directorate of Security - PIDE, which is now abolished, remove the sign control, portrait Salazar.

Tucked Portuguese Gestapo enclose vacant prison cells.

Arrested in chambers closed hands face - do not want to get into kinoobektiv.

Cameramen shoot photos Portuguese patriots who are victims of brutal terror PIDE documents.

Files and photos.

Held political emigrants to return home, forced into hiding outside the country of persecution of the fascist regime.

Meeting at the airport in Lisbon, April 30, 1974 the Secretary-General of the Portuguese Communist Party Alvaro Cunha thousands of Portuguese at the airport.

There are Alvaro Cunha and returned from exile Secretary General of the Socialist Party, Mario Soares. A. Cunha at the meeting, it welcomes people. A. Cunha passes on an armored car.

Mosk, who bore the name of the dictator, now called the 25th of April Bridge, the inscription on the farm bridge.

Bridge - with the directions on it.


Sales of newspapers, began to emerge in the first newspaper with a hammer and sickle, the Communist newspaper - "Avanti".

Read newspapers on the streets.

Jobs in the newspaper "Avante" - editor in chief comrade.

Lawrence released from the fortress-prison Caxias who spent 17 years behind bars, and members of the editorial board for the layout of the hotel.

Work in the printing - typesetter typed.

The newspaper "Avante".

Reel №3

Day demonstration of workers in Lisbon for the first time in the history of the country is passing legally.

Are columns of demonstrators with flags and banners, the orchestra. A. Cunha on the podium.

Pigeons on the street.

Woman feeding pigeons.

Passers-by on the street.

Office building with flags.

May 16: Chairman of the National Salvation Council, General Antonio de Spinola takes the oath and proclaimed by the President of the Portuguese Republic.

Are members of the Provisional Government, which included representatives of the main political parties, and took the important post Secretary General of the Communist Party of Portugal Alvaro Cunha.

President A. de Spinola congratulates members of the new government.

Rallies and demonstrations in other countries in support of the events in Portugal.

Animation: "The Truth" and others.

Soviet newspapers published a Soviet-Portuguese communique.

Negotiations Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Portugal with the national liberation movements of Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Angola.

In Lisbon, the military read newspapers.

Dissatisfied with the coming to power of the democratic forces at the airport - in a hurry to leave the country.

Placards with the name of the capital, some Western capitals - Paris and others.

Deserted beach.

Deserted mansions of aristocrats.


Press conference for foreign journalists head of the new interim government of Colonel Vasco Gonçalves, Prime Minister of the Republic.

Meeting of workers at the stadium and elsewhere in support of the "movement of the armed forces" and the new government.

Demonstration of workers.

Girl with a flag. A. Cunha speaks at a rally.


Are the police, sailors, soldiers, light up.

Young people should chain; arm in arm.