Recollecting a War Song. (1975)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Katanyan V.

Script writers: Katanyan V.

Operators: Popova M., Epifanov G., Dobronickiy V.

Text writers: Torchinskiy M.


About the All-Union Festival of songs of the military age, held in the hero-city of Novorossiysk when celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (Soviet Peoples’ participation in World War II in 1941-1945).

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Temporary description

All-Union Festival songs of the war years on the 30 th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany. Song: "Holy War" AV Alexandrov, "Song of the Little Earth" G. Rismana and B. Kotlyarova, "In the dugout, K. Listova and A. Surkov," Shumel harsh Bryansk Forest... " S. Katz and others. Composer VP Soloviev-Gray says (synchronously) on the songwriting "Nightingales" and "Nothing to say. Speech concert brigades on the front, artists: L. Ruslanova, I. Kozlovsky, K. Shulzhenko (synchronously), M. Bernes. Performance at the festival song "Farewell, rocky mountains," "In the dugout," "Nightingales", "Dark Night" and others; performance ensemble behalf Alexandrov. There have (synchronously) excerpts from the songs of the war years.

Reel №1

Memorial to the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad at Mamaev Kurgan.

Fragments of the monument.

Monuments to soldiers and guerrillas Otechestchennoy Great War - Various.

Monument "anti-hedgehog", "plane" Yak-3 ", a tank on a pedestal, the monument guerrillas.


Novorossiysk - LS., Streets, monuments.

In the streets of Novorossiysk USSR festival participants are the songs of war, are veterans.

Festival posters.

On the area of ​​Novorossiysk act combined choir and soloists.

Newsreels of World War II:

aircraft over the city.

On the streets of Moscow sneaked balloon.

Photo Alexandrova - composer, leader of the Red Banner Song and Dance Ensemble, who wrote the song, "Holy War."

Pictures of band members.

Monument to the Little Earth.

Laying ceremony at the monument to the dead garland in the battle of Novorossiysk.

Newsreel 1941 1945. -

The fighting in the Little Earth.

Photos defenders Malaya Zemlya, head of the political 18th Army Leonid Brezhnev.

Photos Soloists Ensemble 18th army, head of the ensemble composer G. Riesman.

Soldiers in the car of a freight train listen accordion.

Outside, soldiers liberated the city plays the piano.

Concert performance of teams at the front.

Photo - Ruslanova speaking to the men.

Kozlowski among soldiers. K. Shulzhenko sings the song "Blue Scarf" (synchronous).

Still from "Concert - front" 1942.

The audience Novorossiysk theater.

Soloist and the choir sing a song "Farewell, rocky mountains" (synchronous).

Festival participant sings the song "dug" (synchronous).

Newsreel 1941 1942gg. -

Poster "defend Moscow".

Military Moscow - streets, anti-tank barriers disguised as the Bolshoi Theatre.

Reel №2

Participants in the festival hall of Novorossiysk theater, among them the composer Pakhmutova, poet N. Dobronravov.

Choir sings "Bryansk Forest" (synchronous).

Composer Kats at work at home.

Newsreel 1941-1945.

The guerrillas are in the forest, mine railroad tracks, German train crash, guerrilla camp.


Leningrad during the blockade.

Photos - The ensemble of the Leningrad Military District.

Postcards from the text and notes of the songs.

In the area of ​​Novorossiysk pamyatinika choir sings "Nightingales" (synchronous).

Composer Vladimir Solovyov-Gray Room "Moscow" tells the story of the song "Nightingales" (synchronous).

Newsreel 1941 1945. -

Shoot "Katyusha", the Soviet advance on Berlin, the girl-regulator, the Soviet tanks in the streets of Berlin.

Soldiers from the gramophone, playing an army band.

At the festival in Novorossiysk soloists and a choir sing a song "Cossacks" (synchronous).


Moscow military parade on Red Square are the troops, equipment, combined military band.

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