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Producer Krasnoyarsk studio

Director: Kuznecova L.

Script writers: Kuznetsova

Operators: Yermolin

Composers: Abramov


An Orthodox Russian person of the German descent lives in France and brings up the children in the spirit of faithfulness to Russia. The film uses various chronicles.

Emigration | History

Reel №1

Historical reconstruction: horses, young people dressed in costumes of the 18th century.

One of the riders to announce the opening of a summer camp (synchronously).

Chronicle of the early 20th century: people walking in a park near the monument, a massive children's games.

The audience in the meadow looking presentation.

Children group running around having fun posing for the camera.

Funny kids and adults.

PNRM. a large stone building in the city.

A crowd of people.

Lies dying from starvation boy on the ground.

Legs of people walking by.

View from the passage of the stream.

Peasants go on the road.

View of the empty road to the forest.

With carts dump snow on the corpses.

Branch of a tree.

It is worth KI Rennenkampf.

Branches with yellow leaves.

KI interviews Rennenkapfa about the fate of Russian emigration in France.

View of the pond.

View from the top of the square in Paris.

Passage through the streets of Paris (the kind with a riding machine).

Arc de Triomphe.

Newsreel 1914-1918 .: The First World War - explosions, fleeing soldiers with rifles in the attack.

Newsreel 1917 .: revolutionary events in Russia - a crowd of soldiers at the rally, waving their hands.

KI interviews Rennenkapfa about their ancestors.

Park autumn at times.

Newsreel 1914-1918 .: The First World War - soldiers are on the road (Rapid).

Staged footage) winter several soldiers dancing in the snow, standing around, watching.

Scout sends a report.

Bugler plays, all the costs.

Bugler plays at a summer camp before the troops.

The young man in uniform with epaulettes gives a solemn oath, "Knight" loyalty Orthodox Russia (synchronously), crosses, kissing the icon, receives the blessing of the priest.

Key words

patriotism Famine in Russia Emigration


Rennenkampf KI - Head of the organization Knights




Paris [850]


Autumn [826] Spring [825]

Childhood and youth; The First World War; The revolutionary events of 1917

Reel №2

KI interviews Rennenkapfa about the history of the organization "Knights".

NF photo Fedorov, the founder of the organization "Knights".

Diagram of the device organization.

Figures uniform members of society "Knights".

View of the Temple in Paris.

Members of the organization "Knights" in the form of stand for a group photograph.

Photo KI Rennenkapfa a priest among children in the form of "Hero".

In the church, the priest shall make an icon.

KI interviews Rennenkapfa about summer camp.

Children in the church.

Games in the summer camp: children are caught "Nightingale the Robber", his trial.

Photos of children (6 to 9 years) in the form of "Hero".

Children holding hands, running around in circles, dancing, "fooled" in the meadow, an orchestra of guitarists and balalaika.

Magazine "Fire" with Kremlin's Spassky Tower on the cover, published by the "Knights".

Newsreel, 1991: people walk on Manezh Square in Moscow, into a megaphone man says a poster in the hands of "No - fascism!

Yes - Yeltsin!

All on strike. "

Rally on Manezh Square, crowds of people.

In the summer camp organization "Knights" children dance, jump on the meadow.

The game of "trickle": adults and children couples are under the raised hands.

Travel on a rural road in Russia (winter).

Key words

Education 1991 coup in Moscow


Rennenkapf KI - Head of the organization Knights.



Childhood and youth; Domestic policy