Memory About the Courage.. (1975)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bobrov G.

Script writers: Viktorov V.

Operators: Baykov V., Kovalchuk V., Sher B., Shishkina M.


A film about athlete warriors, participants of World War II.

World War II


Temporary description

Veterans. The trade union, Komsomol Cross in June 1941. The competitions of children, athletes. Military action. Marines. Sailors. Attack. Battle of Odessa. Obelisk Unknown sailor in Odessa. Port. Pictures of the athletes. Meetings athletes warriors in the Column Hall in 1942. Guerrillas are learning to shoot, go to the task. Lights village. Downhill skiers from the mountain. Motion yachts on the Gulf of Finland. Soldiers in camouflage coveralls climb the rocks. Fighting in the mountains of Mount Elbrus. Climbers. Snow storm. The Soviet flag on top. Rowing competitions at the Moscow rowing channel. Guerrilla camp. The ruined city of Stalingrad. March in the stadium. Football. Competitions seamen on boats. Beat'em on Pushkin Square. Relay for the prize of the newspaper "Evening Moscow". Soldiers pass the lake, river. Tanks. Athletes.

Reel №1

Meeting in Moscow athletes veterans of the Great Patriotic War (WWII), who fought in the units out the most complex job command.

Photos of young soldiers-athletes.

Chronicle 1941-1945.: NZHP "HQS № 56 June 21, 1941

Central production studio newsreel. "

Hat of "union-Komsomol cross.

Start is given!


Cinematographer M. Oshurkov. "

Frames to the / f: on the construction of the stadium athletes represent five-pointed star and the TRP. Preparation for passing TRP standards in different parts of the country.

BOB: soldier gives the command: "Fire".

Actions gunners, shooting guns.


The soldiers in the trenches, running.

Nurse pulls wounded in the trench.

Soldier throws a grenade.

Exploding tank.

Boat on the sea.


Friendly marine commandos.


Sailor throws a grenade.

Monument to the Unknown Sailor in


Odessa port.

Photos national champion in discus throwing Mitropolsky Leonid, a fighter Gregory Pylnova who are fighters guerrilla groups.

Photo champion country skier Lyubov Kulakova, became a scout.

Photo boxer Nikolai Korolev, who fought as a partisan Medvedev.

Chronicle of 1942 (summer): The anti-fascist rally in Moscow, Soviet athletes in the Hall of Columns.

Rally opens N. Korolev.

Rally participants signed an appeal to the youth.

Gymnast performs, Colonel Gleb Baklanov (synchronously).

Rally participants listen.

In the ranks are leaving for the front ski squad members of the Leningrad Institute of Physical Culture.

Lesgafta, including Commissioner Shaposhnikov, Commander D. Kositsyn pass the snowy streets of


Poster: "The Motherland Calls!".

BOB: Guerrillas learning to shoot, throw grenades, lay explosives. D. considering Kositsyn card.

In Shaposhnikov - CU. Plan.

The guerrillas are on the job, cut telegraph pole, shoot, lay explosives.

Explodes w / d composition.

Battle for the village, freed from German village - fire, gallows. D. Kositsyn checks captured weapons.

A squad of skiers coming down the mountain at the time of firing.

Sun in the clouds.

Delivery in blockaded Leningrad ammunition and food on the ice on the Gulf of Finland ice boat at night.

Flash projector refreshing ice.

Buer to master of sport, the national champion Ivan Matveev.

Warriors-climbers in the Caucasus Mountains.

Ascent into the mountains with horses, lifting tools.

Warriors-climbers in camouflage suits climbing on rocks.

Photo by A. Gusev, Honored Master of Sports, during the war.

Reel №2

Chronicle 1941-1945.: Fight in the Caucasus Mountains.

Memories of the former commander of the assault detachment A. Gusev of climbing Elbrus unit in order to remove the Nazi flag from Elbrus (synchronously).

Chronicle 1941-1945.: Rise squad Elbrus in winter.

Mountaineers frustrate the Nazi flag and strengthen the Soviet flag.

Flag of the Soviet Union.

Gusev and his squad salute.


Children raised in the mountains by cable car.

Skiers in the mountains, move down the mountain.

Competition at the Moscow rowing channel for the prize named after Hero of WWII A. Dolgushina.


Photo by Dolgushin a partisan "Glorious" in the boat.

Chronicle 1941-1945. Guerrillas wade through swamps, moving river ford, passing horses on the burning village.

Guerrilla camp, life in the guerrilla camp.

The guerrillas have killed his comrade.

Ruined city, visible shadow plane - removed from the aircraft.

Residents return to the ruined city.

NDP on the board: "The course is dangerous."

Miner demining mine.

The destroyed building of the Palace of physical education in Stalingrad.

People go to the stadium.

Poster Soccer.

Of the game of football at the stadium.

The audience applauded, give birth to a gramophone in the match.

PNRM. with bombs lying on the pilots, playing chess.

The commander looks through binoculars.

Competitions sailors on boats.

In Pushkin Square in Moscow held competitions on sticks.

Race for the prize of the "Evening Moscow" on the Garden Ring, runs party relay, shooting balloons.

Runs styler Znamensky arriving from the front to the competition.

Spectators at the Garden Ring.

Boxer and scout Karpov in Moscow.

Memoirs of Hero of the Soviet Union Vladimir Karpov (synchronously).

Photo: Cartoon - Karpov and German.

Chronicle 1941-1945.: Soldiers crossing the river, crossing the swamp.

Heroes of WWII Photo: Athlete O. Los, B. Shitikova boxer, gymnast Z. Chernysheva skier Vladimir Leonov.

Chronicle 1941-1945.: Sovestky troops enter liberated town, residents welcomed the soldiers.

Chronicle of 1945.: The first post-war parade of athletes, sports column, Heroes of the Soviet Union, the general plan of the stadium by helicopter.

At the stadium, athletes are veterans of World War II. Is a column of athletes, are the banners.

On the course, cyclists, runners, playing weightlifter, boxer, javelin throw, the game of volleyball, equestrian competition, acts gymnast, pole vault, jumping into the water.

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