Near the Soldier. (1975)

Documentary №7720, 6 parts, duration: 1:01:38, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Geleyn I.
Screenwriters:Slavin K.
Camera operators:Voinov O.
Composers:Botyarov E.
Anouncers:Karmen R., Khmara L.
Text authors:Slavin K.


A film tells about cameramen's and reporters's work during the Great Patriotic War [Soviet People's participation in World War II 1941-1945].

Temporary description:

Burning Berlin. Fight on the streets of Berlin, hoisting the flag over the Reichstag. The signing of the act of surrender by the Germans. Nuremberg Trials. The corpses of people. The names of the frontline cameramen. Read the military cameramen. Bombing. They burn houses. A military band. Militia. Military equipment. Military echelon. Front-line operators. A herd of cows at the Bolshoi Theater. Barricades in Moscow. Cavalry, skiers. Cinema Tagansky "," Art. Casualty. Monument "dragon's teeth" on the Leningrad Highway. Monument-defenders of Moscow. Soldiers campfire in the ruins. Speech Tvardovsky. Sailors. Pilots. Bomb Shelter Leningrad. Firefighters. Peter and Paul Fortress. Wedding on the Champ de Mars. Besieged Leningrad. Piskarevsky. Besieged Leningrad. Partisans. Battle of Sevastopol. Veterans. Fighting for the city of Breslau. Cinematographer. IL-2. The ruined city of Warsaw. Operators. Funeral operator. German city. Presentation of awards to operators. Shoot "Katyusha". Attack fighters. Battle of Stalingrad. Wade Sivash. Printing of newspapers in a printing press. Military newspaper. Writers: Stawski, I. Ehrenburg, P. Pavlenko, Sholokhov, Fadeev, and others. Tolstoy at the Kharkov process. Auschwitz. Funeral operators. Yugoslav partisans. Residents met with Soviet soldiers. The battle for Berlin. Soviet generals (Zhukov and others).

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The film tells us about cameramen and correspondents lived at the time of the Great Patriotic War.

The main content - the Newsreel of 1945. Soviet forces are attacking Berlin – guns are firing, soldiers are running in attack, there are battles in the streets of Berlin, Reichstag is burning.

The Soviet soldiers are running to the Reichstag with a flag and rising it up over the Reichstag.

The group of the Soviet soldiers is taking pictures by the Reichstag walls, cameramen L.Saakov and B.Dementyev are there on the steps. B.Dementyev is shooting.

There are white flags on buildings.

Field-marshal Keytel signs the surrender document of Germany. 1945-46 - the Soviet soldiers are warding the Palace in Nuremberg where the fascist criminals trial takes place.

A courtroom.

War criminals are sitting.

Cameramen are shooting, R.Carmen is among them.

Listeners and press representatives are in the hall, writer Vs.

Vishnevsky is among them.

Documentary films about fascists atrocities are demonstrated on the process - corpses of children, women and men tormented to death in concentration camps.

The chamber door where nazi criminals are being kept shuts.

There are pictures about fascists’ atrocities, shot by Soviet cameramen.

Soviet cameraman are shooting military operations at the different fronts - A.Eshurin is running with the camera and shooting laying on the snow, V.Pridorogin is shooting, B.Sher is shooting from the car, S.Shkolnikov is shooting laying on the snow, A.Sofin is running with the camera.

Operator D.Kaspy is smoking a roll-up sitting in a trench. A.Elbert is shooting air battle.

German planes are flying and diving.

Wounded men are being put in an ambulance.

Refugees are passing by, a village is burning, people are driving cattle, an old man is sitting, a woman is dressing a child and milking a cow in the field.

There are explosions, smoke.

Detachments of volunteers are walking down Odessa streets, a military orchestra is playing, and there are seamen, militiamen detachments passing by.

Photo - operators M.Troyanovsky and S.Kogan are taking pictures of soldiers in Odessa.

Photo - operators S.Gusev and V.Tseslyuk at the front.

Present-day shooting - S.Gusev is telling about the first days of war.

The newsreel - the military vehicles are passing by, soldiers are walking by.

Cameramen D.Rymarev, F.Korotkevich, R.Grigoriev, S.Stoyanovsky, M.Poselsky, M.Oshurkov, A.Shchekutev, L.Varlamov, N.Vikhirev, R.Halushakov, etc are leaving the building of Moscow Newsreel Studio on Bryanka for the frontline.

Film directors I.Setkina, I.Venzher, I.Poselsky, M.Slavinskaya, workers of Spandaryan studio Z.Uzdin, B.Weinstein, operator O.Reyzman, employees R.Kritskaya, Dembovskaya, Markelova and others are seeing the operators off.

Soldiers are getting into the cars.,

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Main content - Photo.

Cameramen N.Samgin, A.Levitan, A.Brantman, A.Lebedev going to the front are standing at a shelter.

Photo - Operators P.Kasatkin and T.Bunimovich sitting in tent, B.Nebylitsky with group of military men in wood, correspondent Loskutov and cameramen S.Gusev, A.Eshurin, R.Grigoriev at the front, operators B.Sher and R.Carmen in the tent.

The newsreel - There is the line of the soldiers, the commander is talking to them. 1941 - military Moscow - there are sound detectors working in the streets, soldiers are placing obstacles.

Militiamen are receiving the weapon, herd of cows is driven by the Bolshoi theatre building, Muscovites barricade, cavalry detachments and skier groups are passing through Moscow to the front.

Soldiers are loading guns in a wood near Moscow, cannons are firing.

There is broken German military equipment near Moscow.

There is a documentary film poster "Defeat of German forces near Moskow", a queue to the cinema "Khudozhestvennyi".

Present-day shooting - cameraman Kasatkin is telling about a film "Defeat of the German troops near Moskow" and about its importance in days of war.

The newsreel – Soldiers are going to the cinema.

A killed woman with a child is taken out of a cellar, a boy cries.

The soldier is taking a girl out of the ruins, women are watching and crying.

Soldiers are going on the road, the military materiel is passing by.

Photo - writer A.Surkov at the front.

Present-day shooting - A.Surkov is telling about battle for Moscow at the "Obstacles" monument on the Leningrad highway.

A monument to the soldiers-defenders of Moscow.

The newsreel - soldiers are passing by the ruins, cavalrymen are passing by.

Soldiers gathered by the fire, eating from kettles, sleeping on the earth.

Poet A.Tvardovsky is speaking from a tribune.

The soldier is reading the letter in a trench, another one is smoking, laying on the earth.

Photo - A.Tvardovsky at the front.

Pilots are going through the airdrome field, a pilot is sleeping under a plane wing, pilots are taking a shower.

Soldiers are shaving, brushing their hair, listening to the gramophone, taking pictures in a trench.

The ship gun tube is lifting up, seamen is loading the cannon, firing.

Coastal batteries are firing.

Present-day shooting - Leningrad, the Neva, the Neva Avenue, people are passing by.

The newsreel - Loudspeakers on the blockade Leningrad streets, people are running in a bombshelter, anti-aircraft guns are shooting, the house is burning, firemen are extinguishing it, shells are bursting on the Neva, the house, the killed are being taken out the ruins.

People of the city are waiting for the train sitting on the earth.

There are Leningraders with goods waiting at an automobile.

Present-day shooting - Leningrad, a boat is floating down the canal.

Director E.Uchitel is giving instructions to the operator shooting Leningrad views from a bus roof.

The Petropalovsk fortress is being shot through a lattice of the Summer garden.

The woman with the child is sitting on the quay.

There is a wedding procession on the Mars field. E.Uchitel at the Summer garden is telling about the shootings in the blockade Leningrad.

Piskarevsk cemetery, gravestones, people at tombs.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The main content - newsreel.

On the Leningrad streets children are running, houses collapsing, women and children are sitting in the ruins, the ambulance is passing by, and children are sitting on the steps during the bombardment.

Photo – the cameraman P.Palley is shooting blockade Leningrad.

The newsreel - a school class after bombardment - there are copy-books and bags on the floor, the killed boy laying.

Present-day shooting - the Piskarevsky cemetery.

A memorial in the Ushachi village near Vitebsk in honor of the German blockade breach by partisans.

There are war veterans, former partisans, women and children at the monument.

A memorial tablet with names of the dead partisans, there are the surnames of cameramen M.Suhovoy and N.Pisarev, died with partisans.

Cameramen O.Reyzman and S.Shkolnikov are at the memorial tablet.

The newsreel - Operator M.Suhova with a partisan group: shooting, sitting with partisans on a glade.

Present-day shooting - the cameraman V.Mikosha, who was shooting the defense of Sevastopol in the days of war, takes a view of the last battles.

The newsreel - Battle for Sevastopol, burstings of shells.

Present-day shooting - V.Mikosha and a former military press photographer B.Sheynin are remembering the defense of Sevastopol at the place of the former battles.

The newsreel - Defense of Sevastopol: burstings of shells, people’s corpses in the streets, the damaged shop, wounded men are carried in the car, the furniture is lying about, are seamen under embankment in defence.

Present-day shooting - Brass band is passing through the Sevastopol square, war veterans are placing wreaths on the Glory monument on the Sapur-hill. V.Mikosha is shooting veterans.

A sailor-veteran on crutches is passing by.

Photo of cameraman V.Sushchinsky.

Cameraman M.Barbutly and driver I.Mashintsev are telling about V.Sushchinsky in a viewing hall of the Cental Documentary Studio.

The newsreel - Battles in the Breslau streets. V.Sushchinsky is shooting the battle.

Pictures of the last V.Sushchinsky's shooting - transports is passing by the road, soldiers are passing by.

The guardsmen of the 306th regiment which released the village Big Lipitiha is lifting up children that were hidden from Germans by the village inhabitants from the cellar. V.Sushchinsky is running with the machine gunner and shooting.

The bridge blows up, soldiers are carrying wounded. V.Sushchinsky on the waterproof cape.

The old woman is crying.

Present-day shooting - There are V.Sushchinsky’s portrait and his movie camera in a Saransk school museum classroom, there are schoolboys in the museum-room.

The participant of the Second World War the teacher from Uzbekistan Kurbanov is in the garden with pupils.

Cameraman M.Kayumov is talking to Kurbanov in the garden.

The newsreel - M.Kayumov is shooting the advancement of the Soviet forces.

Kurbanov with the other soldiers is dragging a cannon.

The cameran L.Mazruho and pilot Aydarov are standing at the plane before the flight to Warsaw shootings, there are planes in the air, burstings of shells on the earth.

Present-day shooting - L.Mazruho and Aydars in the airdrome are remembering the battle flight to the shootings.

Present-day Warsaw, the woman with the child is going down the streets, the organ-grinder is playing, there is a cell with a parrot.

Newsreel - destroyed Warsaw.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Present-day shooting - Meetings of graduate cameramen of All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography in 1942 at restaurant "Fairy tale".

Operators of the Cental Documental Film Studio Juri and Galina Monglovsky, I.Gutman, A.Vorontsov, A.Vakurova and operators of other studios Pikman, A.Listvin and others are at the meeting.

Operators are talking, looking at the photos. J.Monglovsky is proposing a toast.

Photos of operators V.Murovtsev, N.Nomofilov and M.Segal.

The newsreel - There are funeral of operator Nomofilov killed at the front, there are soldiers at a coffin, operator S.Gusev is saying the last word to the perished, soldiers are saluting from guns.

Photos of operators L.Mazruho, S.Gusev, M.Poselsky, M.Troyanovsky, A.Lebedev, A.Nazarov, A.Vorontsov at the front.

The newsreel - Front cameramen A.Krylov, E.Lozovsky, J.Dovner are presented military medals by general.

There is a director A.Medvedkin in a soldier's blouse with an award on his chest.

Operator B.Sher is shooting from a plane cabin.

Photos of operators S.Stoyanovsky and L.Kotlyarenko at the front.

Different pictures with operators during operations: A.Frolov with soldiers in a tranch, M.Poselsky with a movie camera on the tank, F.Afanasev gets in the plane cabin, P.Kasatkin, laying on snow and shooting the plane take-off, M.Oshurkov is running down a submarine deck, downs in the hatch, A.Frolov is fixing the camera in a trench, A.Krichevsky is at the plane, R.Carmen and V.Dobronitsky are shooting the battle, V.Golovnya is running with the camera and shooting, A.Elbert is going to a trench full of water, V.Tseslyuk is photographing soldiers in a trench, G.Bobrov is shooting the battle.

Katyushas are firing, there are explosions, soldiers in a tranch are waiting for a signal to attack, guns are firing, a wounded fighter is being carried to the trench and bandaged, the wounded is drinking water.

Tanks and infantry is attacking.

Pilot in a cabin of the flying plane, German plane blows up in the air.

Burning Stalingrad, bombardment, houses collapse, the wounded is being carried on a stretcher along the street.

There is a group of operators with V.Orlyankin, A.Krichevsky and A.Sofin among them.

Present-day shooting - Operator V.Orlyansky is staying on the bank of the Volga and telling about shootings in Stalingrade.

The newsreel - Battles for Stalingrad: submachine gunners are shooting, soldiers are dragging the gun in the house, soldiers are running through ruins. V.Orlyankin is shooting.

Soldiers are standing near killed machine gunner Starodubtsev.

Soldiers are running in attack, guns are firing at Germans positions, there are explosions.

Wounded operator V.Orlyankin is being pulled out of the tank and put on a stretcher, his movie camera is beside him.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The main content - The newsreel - Film director A.Dovzhenko is speaking from a tribune.

Soldiers are pulling the guns uphill, towing the barge with weapons on the water, wading the Sivash, pushing on the car stuck in the mud, running through a snowdrift, Ram Bridge standing in water.

Operator V.Smorodin is standing in water and shooting the soldiers.

Group of wounded soldiers are going by the river coast.

In a trench there is a correspondent of the divisional newspaper, recording a soldier's story.

Marching printing house - a printing-press, the soldier takes the newspaper, soldiers are reading the newspaper.

Editor's office of the divisional newspaper: working up the next flimsy.

Present-day shooting - In the editor's office writer M.Alekseev is telling about work of divisional newspapers.

The newsreel - Soldiers in trenches are reading divisional newspapers.

Correspondent is photographing the soldiers.

Newspapers "The Flag Of Councils", "The Bravery", a newspaper breadboard "Against The Enemy".

The writer V.Stavsky in the editor's office of the newspaper "The Truth" is handing over a material brought from the front.

The writer I.Erenburg is in the newspaper "The Red Star" editor's office, at the front with soldiers in a trench.

Writer P.Pavlenko is speaking at the front correspondents meeting.

The writers M.Sholokhov, A.Fadeev, E.Petrov are talking to general I. S.Konev, and other military men at the front. B.Polevoi's photos, A.Fadeeva and K.Simonov at the front.

The writer A. Tolstoy in a courtroom on the Kharkov process over fascist criminals.

Public in a courtroom, judges and defendants.

There are corpses of the torment to death people, women bewail bodies, there is a gallows in the unbricked village, there are destroyed villages, burnt pipes.

Animation - the legend "Oswientsim".

There are corpses laying on the earth, prisoners are sitting.

Prisoners are leaving the camp after unbricking.

Present-day shooting – Girls are walking out of the Oswientsim museum, camp-museum territory, there are visitors in the museum.

The newsreel - Operator J.Monglovsky is shooting the battle in the city street.

The tank is passing by, the wounded man is being carried.

Street battle is shot by A.Krylov.

The shell hits the house, horses are rushing along.

The battle moments are shot by operator J.Kun.

Photo - Operator Grigoryan with a movie camera.

Battles in the Vienna streets, operator S.Stoyanovsky is shooting the battle from the sewerage hatch.

Present-day shooting - Operator M.Oshurkov meets a former working field mail woman M.Dubnikova at a Moscow railway station. M.Dubnikova's photo at the front.

The newsreel - Funeral of operator N.Bykov.

Present-day shooting - M.Oshurkov and M.Dubnikova are watching the material about N.Bykov in a viewing hall of the Cental Documentary Studio, reminiscing.

The newsreel - Operator N.Bykov is getting into a plane cabin, talking to marshal I.S.Konev.

There are front comrades at N.Bykov's tomb.

Present-day shooting - the Cemetery in Vrotslav, gravestones on the tombs of the Soviet soldiers, cameramen, correspondents.

A tomb of cameramen N.Bykov.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The main content - The newsreel.

Yugoslavian partisan camp in the wood - partisans are sleeping on the earth, women with children are sitting, wounded partisans are being carried in the camp.

The platoon is moving ahead a mountainside; the leader of the Yugoslavian partisan movement P.Danchevich is there.

Present-day shooting - the Vice-president of The Parliament of The Social Federal Republic of Yugoslavia P.Danchevich is telling about cameramen V.Eshurin and V.Muromtsev who were shooting Yugoslavian partisans in the days of war.

A newsreel - Yugoslavian partisan camp, explosions in mountains, partisans are firing, the wounded man is being carried along, a nurse is bandaging a soldier.

Photos of operator V.Muromtsev who was killed in Yugoslavia.

Inhabitants of different European cities are welcoming the Soviet liberator soldiers. J.Monglovsky is shooting.

The old man is presenting Soviet officers with an offering of bread and salt.

Soldiers are walking down the streets, going by cars, by tank.

People are throwing flowers to the soldiers, dancing on the square.

Battles for a capture of Berlin - guns are firing, buildings are burning, the wounded are being carried along the street.

Present-day shooting - Meeting of front cameramen at the Cental Documentary Studio. L.Saakov is telling about shootings of assault of Berlin, operator A.Krylov is sitting nearby. V.Shatilov is telling about courage of cameramen.

Twice Hero of the Soviet Union general P.I.Batov, operators M.Shneyderov, A.Kiselyov, M.Poselsky, F.Korotkevich, B.Sokolov are listening to Shatilov's story.

The newsreel - the Soviet soldiers are setting up a flag over Reichstag.

Operators L.Saakov and B.Dementyev are shooting at the Reichstag walls.

There are Soviet commanders G.K.Zhukov, I.S.Konev, A.M.Vasilevsky, F.I.Tolbuhin passing by the Brandenburg gate.

Soldiers are taking pictures at the Reichstag walls, lifting up general V.Chujkov.

Photos - operator K.Kutub-Zade is standing by the Reichstag walls with officers, Soviet operators are walking by the streets of Berlin.

The newsreel - A train with the demobilised soldiers.

Meeting of soldiers at the Belarus railway station, soldiers are embracing with the meeting, soldiers are passing by with children and women.

The line of the soldiers is passing by, a nurse is bandaging the wounded, general is awarding the soldier, a panorama on soldiers' faces.

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