The Soldier Was WalKing.. (1975)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Babak M.

Operators: Altshuler V.


This film poem tells about the immortal heroic deed of a Soviet Soldier during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).

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Temporary description

Passage soldiers. Order. Photos of soldiers. Soldiers - Holders of the three orders of "Glory." Militia. Graves. Monument on the road. Walls with the names of the dead in Volgograd, Novosibirsk. Graves. Monuments with inscriptions (names) on the graves. Cemetery. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow. Battle. Germans. Prisoners. The capitulation of Berlin. The soldiers in the city. Build bridges. Crossing. Military photos. Memories of veterans. Soldiers eat. Gen. soldiers. Horses. Tankers. The funeral of a soldier. Tunic with stripes. Trenches. Wounded. Hospital. Bombing. A minute of silence in the hall of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Leonid Brezhnev on the podium. Military action. Women feed the soldiers, trays shells. The ruins of the city. Children go to school. Outside. U guns. Photos. Soldiers with children. The city of Volgograd, Novgorod, Minsk, Kiev, Smolensk, Sevastopol, Kaluga. Birches. Battle. Admission to the party. Photos. Exhibition of German trophies. Tank battle. "Katyusha" on a pedestal. Photos. Knights of three degrees of glory in Red Square. Kremlin Wall. Soldiers throw fascist banners. Wheat field. Borodino field. Plant-filled trench. Passage of soldiers in a ruined city. Rewarding soldiers. Funeral. Photos.

Reel №1

Photo: different photographs of soldiers of WWII.

Photos of the Order of Glory time of WWII.

Order of Glory, pinned to his jacket.

Chronicle 1941-1945.:

Are soldiers.

Story militias.

Monument in Pirchyupise (Lithuania) - "Mother".

Other graves of soldiers, a woman with a child at the grave, monuments to fallen soldiers along the way.

Monument countrymen who died in the war, in Belozersk (Vologda region)., A memorial in the village of Keys (Altai), in memory of the dead villagers.

Wall in Volgograd with names of the dead.

Wall in Novosibirsk with names of the dead.

Reel №2

Monuments on the graves of soldiers with the words, different cenotaph with the NDP in Russian and other languages.

Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow.

Chronicle 1941-1945.:

explosions, gun fire from the Germans, the Germans on horseback, the Germans are captured, passing APC Germans looked through binoculars.

German prisoners, broken Nazi swastika.

Keitel signs the capitulation of Germany.

The Nazis shot at the truck, the soldiers are shot.

Are soldiers on the destroyed city in the burned village, along a dirt road.

Soldiers go to the sleepers.

The soldiers pulled the gun.

Soldiers dig out of the mud gun, pull the wagon out of the mud, timber sawing, digging, pulling out the horses out of the water, build the crossing, the soldiers wading river crossing.

Photo: Soviet soldier and a German general.

Various photos of sleeping soldiers.


The soldiers dragged the gun, fired from the gun.

Respond to questions announcer Cavaliers soldier Order Glory of three Badigin M., Tikhonov, I. Chertkov, C. Eldar, Finogenov, Sergeev, N. Sheremet (synchronously).

Reel №3

Answer to the question of narration (synchronous) Knights of the Order of Glory A. Huseynov, N. Shchekanov, Volkov.

Tells about the war Hakan Yakin (synchronously).

Chronicle 1941-1945.:

dead soldiers, explosions.

The soldiers eat in the trenches, soldiers sews coat, repairing boots.

Soldiers wash in the river, smoke, read the newspaper, trim.

Soldiers shave strokes, sews.

Soldiers sit on the tracks of the tank, tank rides, shoot a gun, explosions.

Wounded frontline cameraman.

There is fighting, running, shooting soldiers.

Funeral with full military honors (coffin on a gun carriage guns, escorted the soldiers).

Photo: Ferry, broken equipment, the soldiers in the bath, tank pull the wounded out of the tank, the soldiers at the tomb of his friend.

Answer to the question announcer Badigin M., I. Pryadkin, Makeev, V. Vorobiev, Hakan Yakin, M. Japaridze Kurkevich K., R. Papayan (synchronously).


Reel №4

Photo: Soldiers driven machine gun, are the troops smiling soldiers, soldiers with orders.

Newspaper in 1943 with a decree on the establishment of the Order of "Glory."

Order in the chest.

Soldier's tunic with stripes for wounds.

Chronicle 1941-1945.:

there is fighting, the soldiers tied up the wounded, the various plans dressings and transport wounded, gospitele doctors placed the wounded man, who dresses nurse the wounded.

The planes dropped a bomb, exploding buildings, ruins.

Photo: Soldiers clean up the river, there is a formation of soldiers in camouflage, pulling tool, the soldiers are the ruined city, feet in boots, soldiers lying on a sled in the boots, soldiers are boots, the boy's face.

On the Presentation Order of Glory says (synchronously) Tastandiev T., M. Badigin, S. Terekhin, V. Amirfanov.

No injuries say (synchronously) P. Porfiryev, Finogenov, S. Eldar.

Reel №5

Photo: are soldiers in camouflage, they write on the walls of the Reichstag.

Different fotovstrechi soldiers winners.

Faces of the soldiers.

Female nurses.

The girl sees the letter.

A soldier writes a letter, read the letter.

A woman reading a letter.

Chronicle 1961-1969 gg.:

CDS, on the podium first secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, a minute of silence.

People at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the veterans of the war.

The story of the war of the Order of Knights "Slava" A. Huseynov, Makeev, R. Papayan, S. Terekhin, I. Sergeev, Akinshin, N. Sheremet, V. Naldin, J. Rose, B. Alifanov, T. Tastandiev (synchronously).

Chronicle 1941-1945.:

are tanks, shoot guns, fly planes, shoot "Katyusha" is a train with guns.

Woman standing outside the loudspeaker.

At the post woman examines letters.

Go through the village wounded soldiers, a woman soldier watered milk, weeping women, PNRM. the soldiers, a woman is nursing a soldier.

Women cross the river to wade, bring shells.

Reel №6

Chronicle 1941-1945.:

the boy climbed over the fence, carrying sled runs a child.


Women and the girl at the table in the street.

Children go to the destroyed school.

Crying girl.

Girl in the street near the stove to cook.

Girl and boy are in big sandals.

Children in the snow driven boat with weapons.

The boy with a bicycle.

Children playing with broken equipment, the children have guns.

Soldiers hug children, feeds the child soldiers, tank puts the boy in a tank hatch, soldiers from the basement.

A soldier talks to the public.

Fascist hijacks women prisoners.

Destroyed / railway

Are soldiers.

Captured Russian.

The soldier fires a rifle, a machine gun, an old soldier.

Are soldiers.

Photo: boy on the tank, the broken gun.

Feeds the child soldiers.

Three birches.

Various photos of soldiers.

Says Vorobyev (synchronously).

Says V. Naldin (synchronously).

Quay of Moscow (top).

Novgorod (top).

Kalinin (top).

Town Square


Victory Square in Minsk.

Kiev Vladimir Hill, domes of the cathedrals, the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

Quay Sevastopol.

Reel №7

Chronicle 1941-1945.:

officer issues a membership card, a soldier awarded membership card.

Welcome to the party. exhibition of captured equipment, people visiting the German technology (1944) Soldiers fired from a gun, bring bombs and explosions.

Passing tanks.

Fly planes.

Shoot "Katyusha".

Broken equipment on the battlefield.

Ruined Reichstag.

Photo: welcome to the party, are soldiers, soldiers in combat positions, the soldiers in the battle, the soldiers have guns, the barbed wire.

Soldiers on crutches at the trophy gun.

Exhibition of German guns captured.

Soldiers and commanders.

On the streets of fleeing soldiers and commander.

On joining the party and Komsomol remember Knights of the Order of Glory Akinshin A., N. Sheremet, T. Tastandiev (synchronously).

About the end of the fighting in the war talk K. Kurkevich, Hakan Yakin, Finogenov, K. Mamedov (synchronously).

Talk about the war I. Vanacha, I. Pryadkin, S. Terekhin, Finogenov (synchronously).

Monuments: cannon on a pedestal, tank, plane, "Katyusha".


Reel №8

Knights of the Order of Glory B. Alifanov, Makeev, I. Baranov, S. Baskakov, Vorobyev, J. Chertkov, A. Akinshin talk about the war (synchronously).

Knights of the Order of Glory at the Kremlin wall, a plaque on the Kremlin wall (Rokossovsky, Konev, Zhukov).

Chronicle of 1945: 24.06.45 -

Victory Day parade on Red Square.

Soldiers throw Nazi banners at the Mausoleum.

Chronicle 1941-1945.:

Battlefield with broken appliances, the ruins of the city by the river.

Are soldiers, road signs.

Photo: fleeing soldiers, a photo of the newspaper - the destroyed German tanks, road signs.

Wheat field.


Overgrown trenches, craters in the forest.

River (with motion).

Reel №9

Chronicle 1941-1945.:

the ruined city, on the field, in the winter woods, etc. are soldiers.

Rewarding the soldiers at the front, at the hospital.

Funeral of soldier closed the coffin, crying fighting friends, grave.

The soldiers on the steps of the Reichstag.

Photo: 2 soldiers smoke in the Reichstag, the soldiers in liberated Berlin, smiling soldiers, soldiers with an accordion.

The soldier with the Order of Glory, a group of soldiers.

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