The Bolshoi Theater, the Two Hundredth Season. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Karpov B.

Script writers: Karpov B., Kiselev A.

Operators: Kiselev A., Kiselev S.

Anouncers: Bondarchuk S.


The cinema story is about the world-known Bolshoi Theater, about the Theatre's present life and its history, about a pleiad of wonderful artists - opera and ballet soloists.

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Temporary description

The building, auditorium, foyer, lobby Bolshoi Theater. Scenes from operas: "Ivan Susanin", "Sadko," "Eugene Onegin, Prince Igor, Boris Godunov," "The Queen of Spades", "Khovanshchina," Legend of the Invisible City Kityazhe "," Semyon Kotko. Scenes from the ballets: "Don Quixote, Swan Lake," Angara "," Dawns Here Are Quiet "," Ivan the Terrible, "" Anna Karenina "," Spartacus, "" Giselle, Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker . Cast: singers - IK Arkhipov, TA Milashkina, AP Ognivtsev, VA Atlantean, A. Eisen, G. Oleinichenko, T. Tugarinova, G. Borisova, N. Grigorieva, A. Piavko, E. Raikov, ballet dancers - NI Bessmertnova, VV Vasiliev, M. Lavrovsky, M. E. Liepa, E. Maksimova, M. Plisetskaya, M. V. Kondratiev, L. Samenyaka, A. Godunov, M. Kryuchkov, M. Trembovelskaya, N. Pavlova and others. The solemn meeting devoted to 200 anniversary of the Bolshoi Theater, the theater director GL Ivanov accepts congratulations from the director of La Scala ", the Cuban ballerina A. Alonso, the French choreographer Serge Lifar. First Secretary of the CPSU MGK V. Grishin, the theater presents the Order of Lenin. Group Theater photographed. Entrance examinations for the Moscow Ballet School. Chief conductor Yu Simonov, conductor MF Ermera, chief director of BA Pokrovsky, chief choreographer Yuri Grigorovich, chief choreographer AV Rybnikov, the main artist NN Zolotarev at rehearsals. Exhibits of the museum theater. Archival photographs of the history of theater. Tours of the corpses of the theater in Kiev and Leningrad.

Reel №1

Squares and streets in the center of Moscow (afternoon, evening).

The Moskva River (evening).

The facade of the building Bolshoi.

Ball scene from the opera "Eugene Onegin".

Square in front of the theater.

Bolshoi Theatre building (the top point).

People read the bills, buy tickets.

Empty room - boxes, chandeliers.

Beethoven Hall, front lobby.

Prints and photos of the original building of the theater, the old Moscow.

Scenes from the opera "Ivan Susanin".

The museum's displays Bolshoi.

Conducted by Mark Ermler.

Grimiruetsya singer G. Oleinichenko and other artists.

Sketches of scenery for the opera "Ivan Susanin".

Cast-iron fence in front of the Conservatory, a monument to PI Tchaikovsky.

Monuments AS Pushkin and NV Gogol in Moscow, MI Glinka in Leningrad.

Scenes from the opera "The Maid of Pskov", "Eugene Onegin" and "Prince Igor."

Reel №2

Scene from Mussorgsky's opera "Boris Godunov", Pimen performs Valery Yaroslavtsev.

Scene from Borodin "Prince Igor", in the role of Tatiana Yaroslavna Tugarinova.

Listening audience.

Sketches for the opera "Prince Igor", "Mermaid", "The Queen of Spades", "charge", etc.

The audience, including the French choreographer Serge Lifar, the exhibition of theater artists.

Suit of Boris Godunov.

NN Theodore and the other artists in workshops at work.

Artist and costume designer at work in the studio.

Chief conductor Yuri Simonov, chief director Boris Pokrovsky, chief choirmaster A. Rybnov rehearsing the opera "Sadko".

Landscapes of Russia: wheat ears, the fog over the river, the dew, the stork.

Lighting in the theater.

A scene from the opera "Prince Igor."

Reel №3

A scene from the opera "The Legend of the City of Kitezh" by Rimsky-Korsakov, the party prince Vsevolod - Yevgeny Raikov, the party of Prince George - Mark Reshetin.

Listen to the Hall.

Landscapes of Russia: the church, shot through the reeds, reeds in the river, the forest, birch.

Scenes from Tchaikovsky's opera "Queen of Spades": Songs and Dances of Pauline (singer Galina Borisova), exit governess (singer Nina Grigorieva), the ball scene from the opera "Ivan Susanin", soloist - Honored Artist of the RSFSR L. Trembovelskaya.

Trembovelskaya performs gypsy dance from ballet Minkus' Don Quixote. "

Russian Dance from Tchaikovsky's ballet "Swan Lake" performed by Maya Kryuchkov.

The audience in the lobby, in the hall of the Bolshoi, applaud.

Dance of the Little Swans from the ballet "Swan Lake", soloists Lyudmila Semenyaka and Alexander Godunov.

Reel №4

L. Semenyaka and A. Godunov in a scene from the ballet "Swan Lake."

Mounting sets for the ballet "Angara".

Bolshoi principal choreographer Yuri Grigorovich, composer Andrew Eshpai, artist Simon Virsaladze soloists Vladimir Vasiliev, Natalia Bessmertnova, Mikhail Lavrovsky, conductor Algis Zhyuraytis a rehearsal of the ballet "Angara".

A scene from the opera Molchanov K. "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", the party elders Vaskova performed by Alexander Vedernikov (synchronously).

Fire scene from the opera "Simeon Kolko" by Prokofiev.

N. Bessmertnova performs the role of Anastasia in the ballet "Ivan the Terrible" to the music of Prokofiev (synchronously).

Scene from the ballet by Rodion Shchedrin's "Anna Karenina" (Anna - Maya Plisetskaya, Vronsky - A. Godunov Karenin - Tikhonov).

Poster "Sadko".

Viewers go to the PDR.

Bolshoi Theatre (evening).

Spectators at the columns are in the theater, in the lobby, in the hall.

AN Kosygin and the Swedish delegation to the government box.

The lights go out in the hall.

Vladimir Atlanta (SADC) and Tamara Milashkina (Volkhov) in the dressing room before the show, singing in a scene Fair (synchronously).

Reel №5

Fair scene from the opera "Sadko" (synchronous), sing B. Atlantis, Zurab Sokilava Yuri mazurkas.

Preparing the scenery for the play, checking lighting.

Ballerina Struchkova R. and T. Golikova in the dressing room before the show.

Soloists Vedernikov and A. Eisen grimiruetsya before the show.

A scene from the opera "Boris Godunov", sings Boris Morozov (synchronously).

Singer Galina Kalinina preparing for the show, performed by Tatyana aria in the opera "Eugene Onegin" (synchronous).

B. Piavko soloist in the dressing room, gives interviews (synchronously).

Reel №6

Scene from Mussorgsky's opera "Khovanshchina" (soloists Irina Arkhipova and Vladislav Piavko).

The audience applauded.

Arkhipov in the dressing room.

Chronicle of 1956:

Photo by I. Arkhipova as Carmen.

The audience applauds.

A scene from Bizet's opera "Carmen," sung by Arkhipov and Italian singer Mario del Monaco.

Artists of the opera "Carmen" bows after the performance.

Conducted by Yuri Simonov.

Paris: Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, sculpture, opera house "Grand Opera."

Moscow: Sverdlov Square, the Bolshoi Theatre.

Scenes from the opera "Carmen", Carmen performs E. Obraztsova (synchronously).

Obraztsova is interviewed in the dressing room.

Preparing orchestra for the play.

A. Zhyuraytis conducts ballet "Spartacus" (synchronous).

A scene from the ballet Khachaturian "Spartacus," dancing M. Liepa (synchronously).

Reel №7

A scene from the ballet "Spartacus" dance Vasiliev and M. Liepa (synchronously), the bows, the audience applauded.

Liepa in the dressing room.

Soloist Marina Kondratieva preparing for the production.

Bows M. Kondratiev and M. Liepa.

A scene from the ballet Adam "Giselle", Giselle - Kondratiev, Count Albrecht - Liepa.

Sverdlov Square (top point).

Decorated in honor of the 200th anniversary of the facade of the Bolshoi Theatre.

In the service entrance of the theater includes Zhyuraytis A., N. Bessmertnova, Yuri Grigorovich, Nikolaeva-Tereshkova, O. Lepeshinskaya, S.Lemeshev.


The Bolshoi includes participants of various meetings and conferences.

The auditorium is decorated with posters.

Plaque dedicated to Lenin's speech at the theater.

Chronicle 30s. :

Sverdlov Square, the Bolshoi Theatre, the trams in the area.

Chronicle of 1925:

orchestra and gathered in front of the theater, the theater director LV Sobinov welcomed those present are members of celebrations, decorated with posters of the building.

Chronicle, 1941:

by the building of the Bolshoi Theater chase a herd of cows, a military patrol in front of the theater, Gorky Street driven balloon, people visiting the downed German plane on Sverdlov Square.

Newsreel 1950:

celebration of the 175th anniversary of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Applauding audience, Marshal Vasilevsky in the audience, on stage artists: I.Kozlovsky, M.Reyzen, Ivanov, S. Lemeshev, N.Obuhova, O.Lepeshinskaya, N.Shpiller, E. Geltzer, V.Kriger, artist F .

Fedorov, conductor Yu.

Fayer, Melik-Pashayev N.Golovanov.

Representatives of the theater.

Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko make birthday cake with 200 candles-mi, anniversaries extinguish candles E.Maksimova cuts the cake.

Reel №8

The ceremonial meeting in the Kremlin, devoted to the 200th anniversary of the Bolshoi Theatre May 26, 1976.

Troupe on stage, the audience applauded.

First secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee VV Grishin attaches to the flag of the theater a second Order of Lenin, hands GA Ivanov address, congratulated the artists.

Troupe is photographed at the St.

George Hall of the Kremlin.

Artists on Cathedral Square.

Visitors with children in the hall of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Students of the Moscow Choreographic School bowing before performances, performing "Waltz of the Flowers" from "The Nutcracker" (synchronous).

Entrance examinations in Ballet School Director School spend S. Golovkin and the other teachers.

Children dancing, examiners interviews with children (synchronously).

Ballet dancers Maya Plisetskaya, E. Maksimova, A. Godunov, Yuri Vladimirov, Tikhonov in the classroom.


Anniversary GS Ulanova: V.Vasilyev makes Ulanova of the box, bows Ulanova, Maximova and Vasiliev, audience applause.

U.S. tour: Ulanova bows after the show, leaving the stage with LM Lavrovsky.

Trailer of the ballet "Romeo and Juliet", dance Ulanova and A. Lapauri (synchronously).

Ulanova rehearsing with Maximova and Vasiliev, gives interviews (synchronously).

Paris by Night.

Maximova and Vasiliev in a cafe on a Paris street, pass by the Opera Square.

The audience in the summer theater Louvre.

Maximova and Vasiliev perform a scene from the ballet "Giselle" (synchronously), bows, backstage accept congratulations.

The audience applauded.

Reel №9

Touring artists of the Bolshoi Theater in Kiev: Kiev meet the artists at the station with bread and salt, in national costumes.

Director of the Bolshoi Theatre, GA Ivanov, fish and others on the platform.

Play and sing in Ukrainian bandura players (simultaneously).

Dnepr, Volodymyr Hill, the theater building them.


The audience in the theater applauded.

Bow Bolshoi artists, participants play "Khovanshchina."

Izhora steel rolling mill plant in Leningrad.

Artists of the Bolshoi Theater in the shop, preparing for a concert - drained piano.

In the shop of the plant singer Nina Grigorieva performs romance Rubinstein "Night" (synchronous).

Workers listen, applaud.

Bows members play "The Player".

Applauding audience in the Theater.


Conductor Boris Haykin.

Sunset over the Neva, the Admiralty building, bridges, canals, Neva during the white nights.

Marble statues in the museum park at Pavlovsk, Fountain "Samson" in Petrodvorets.

Editorial plans Leningrad.

Monuments and plates on the graves of Tchaikovsky, Borodin, Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov.

Singer A. Ognivtsev with his wife in the cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, on the graves of composers.

Scene from Mussorgsky's opera "Boris Godunov", performs the part of Boris A. Ognivtsev (synchronously).

Reel №10

Boris aria from the opera "Boris Godunov" performed by A. Ognivtsev (sihronno).

Theatrical costumes and props for the opera.

Ognivtsev grimiruetsya, dresses.

Photos Chaliapin Sobinova, Nezhdanova.

Pavlova and Gordeev in the dressing room.

Scenes from Tchaikovsky's ballet "The Nutcracker," performed the role of Masha Pavlova, Prince Gordeev (synchronously).

The audience applauded.

The chronicle of the 60s.:

Nadia Pavlova in the Perm Ballet School dances in the exam.

Photo: Pavlova with a diploma.

Nadia says goodbye to relatives, was traveling with her mother and grandmother in the car.

Pavlova with his teacher LP Sakharov in the dressing room.

Pavlov, Gordeev and MT teacher Semenov in Leningrad, pass on the street.

Volga, the trees on the bank of the road in a field - LS. (With motion).

Moscow: Red Square, the Kremlin cathedrals, Borodino Bridge, the hotel "Ukraine".

Bolshoi Theatre (evening).

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