Communists Of Portugal. (1976)

Documentary №7804, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:02
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Monglovskiy U.
Screenwriters:Ignatev O., Monglovskiy U.
Camera operators:Akkuratov E., Bgancev I.
Composers:Kosmachev I.
Anouncers:Kolychev U.


About theheroic guerrilla work of Portugese Communists.

Temporary description:

Current affairs documentary. The film draws upon the foreign newsreels. Portugal. The rally at the stadium. Supports A. Cunha (synchronously in Portuguese). Congress of the Communist Party of Portugal in 1974. Supports A. Cunha. Participants in the congress hall, the podium. Photos of members of the Communist Party of Portugal. Books by Cunha. Typography. Bookshop Publishing House "Avante". Director of the publishing house, a Communist DH Lawrence gives an interview (synchronously in Portuguese), A. Cunhal present at the XXV Congress of the CPSU in Moscow. Speech by Cunhal at the Congress of the CPSU (synchronously). Landscapes of Portugal. Workers, peasants at work, at a demonstration rally. Building industry. Bank. Apartment houses of the rich and poor districts of Lisbon. The procession of priests. Bishop serves JS Saraiva. Prison Fortress. Singing. Personnel news: a demonstration of the Portuguese fascist views of the city of Lisbon (traffic, pedestrians, outdoor cafes), fighting the armed forces of Portugal against civilians during the revolutionary movement, the anti-fascist forces fighting Soviet forces during the Second World War.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Meeting of workers at the stadium, flags and banners.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Portugal Alvaro Cunha in the office gives interviews.

Newsreel 1920's .: Portugal, Nazis pass; President lifted onto the deck of a warship, greets officers.

Report on the streets of old Lisbon (chased cattle, people in the restaurant, the workers at the port, fishing boat near the shore).

Prison building.

Newsreel 1950-1970-ies.

Demonstration of steelworkers.

Newsreel 1941 - 1945: fleeing soldiers; shoot guns; explosions; defeated German technology; are captured by the Germans.

Portugal after the April Revolution of 1974 .: rebellion of Right Forces (machine gun, the soldiers sit in the car).

On the street Communist A. Dias Lourenço said.

OpenCards Chief Directorate of Security (PIDE); archive documents on the floor.

The first Congress of the Communist legal Portugal after the overthrow of fascism: the delegates in the hall handing out ballots; The cameraman shoots the work of the congress; The podium A. Cunha,  listening in the hall; Presidium of the Congress (on the podium - editor in chief of the central organ of the Communist Portugal - newspaper "Avante!" - Antonio Dias Lourenço); in the hall and on the podium applauding.

Delegates vote.

Camera prison hatch in the ceiling, the water on the floor, damp walls.

Photo: Tarrafal cemetery, grave Bento Gonçalves - the first secretary general of the Portuguese Communist Party.

Portraits of Communists who died in the struggle against fascism: B. Gonçalves, Jose Gregorio - a member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee, Ferreira Marques, Alfredo Diniz - Member CC Catarina Eufemia, Militao Ribeiro, Maria Machado, José Moreira, Candido Martins, Estevan Giraud, Manuel da Silva Ferreira Soares.

The death toll of the Communists; list of donations.

Theoretical work B. Gonçalves; A brochure Cunhal; first the illegal issue of "Avante!"; underground rooms theoretical journal "Militant".

Fishermen pull network; women work in the field; worked as a loader in the port, working lunch; street of the city; slogan on the wall of the house; seagull flying over the sea, surf wave.

Tomb Communist Catarina Eufemia.

Fortress-prison Peniche, the fortress walls.

Figure diagram 10 prisoners escape in 1959, headed by A. Kunyalom. A. Lawrence printing of the newspaper "Avante!", Running the printing press.

Newspaper in the hands of the people who read on the street.

Buyers in the bookstore, stands with books.

Photos Communist Manuela Kedesha. M. Kedesh talking with men.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Pass demonstrators with red flags.

Member of the Union of Communist Students Maria Rafell talking with friends on the street.

Newspapers and pamphlets - underground publications of the Communist Party.

Portraits Communists killed by fascists: the writer and artist Gomes Pereira Dias Coelho.

Photo: People at rallies and demonstrations. A. Cunha in his youth.

Newsreel 1970 .: The war in one of the former Portuguese colonies (Africa) are Portuguese soldiers; soldier has a foot in the door at home; set fire to a bundle of straw; burning village; Portuguese sneaked wounded soldier.

The April 1974 revolution - the soldiers, shouting people, demonstration, carnations in their hands.

A. Cunhal lissabontsy meet on the street; A. Cunha at the factory, the workers applaud.

Newsreel: Moscow, 1935: 5 Kim Congress acts Bulgarian communist Georgi Dimitrov, the delegates in the hall.

Portugal: meeting of workers demanding agrarian reform.

Fascist rally, he spoke.

Working indoors party cell.

Hands get a gun out of the closet.

Are armed people.

Burning building of the Communist Party.

Man throws from the balcony door.

Rioters ripped each other bottle.

The fire at the building of the Communist Party; burn the flag; drunken thugs; sneaked wounded.

Report on the streets of Lisbon.

Descend the ladder ship Portuguese soldiers returning from the colonial war; meet their relatives.

Rural landscape, grazing sheep; estate of the landowner.

The yard passes landowner.

The building of the cooperative; Rally for agrarian reform peasants; farmers talk; says the woman.

Catholic holiday: are priests, people praying; Bishop says.

Rally at the stadium communists chanting.

A. Cunha in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses to the delegates and guests of the 25th Congress of the CPSU, talking with cosmonaut Alexei Leonov; of the floor.

Chant Communists Portugal; supports presidential candidate PPC O. Patou; acts A. Cunha; in the hall and on the podium singing "Avante!"

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