A Route to the Ground.. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kraskov G.

Script writers: Platonov Yu.

Operators: Minaev A., Silin R.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


On the people of the rare trade - test parachutists, their hard, self-sacrificing labor. The film hero is A. Petrichenko, Merited Master of Sports, repeated Soviet Union and world champion.

Professions | Sport

Social life

Temporary description

The tester parachutes AA Petrenko on a plane with cadets before parachuting, AA Petrenko, cadets flying club skydive. Interviews cadet on his first jump with a parachute (synchronously). AA Petrenko instructs soldiers paratroopers before a jump with a parachute. Interviews Designer parachutes NA Lobanov (synchronously). NA Lobanov watches the flight of a skydiver Siskin, congratulates him on the successful test of the first parachute. A. Petrenko, and other test parachutes are trained in the pressure chamber.

Reel №1

AA Petrychenko - a decorated, Honored Master of Sports, repeated champion of the country and the world, test parachutes sitting on the plane.

Parachutist jumps; a group of paratroopers in the sky.

Paratroopers at the moment of landing.

AA Petrychenko talks with students in the classroom.

Cadet talks about his first jump.

Athlete lands on a parachute designed by A. Petrychenko.

On the airfield cadets fold parachutes.

Athletes paratroopers and AA Petrychenko on vacation: sitting around a campfire (evening).

AA Petrychenko deals with paratroopers: instructs.

Marines in training: jumping from the tower using the simulator, jump through fire, etc.

Soldiers with A. Petrychenko the plane.

Opens the door, running and jumping parachutists from the plane.

Reel №2

Airfield. A. Petrychenko in the design office.

Test parachute systems tells Doctor of Technical Sciences NA Lobanov.

Photo: NA Lobanov aviator helmet.

Newsreel 1930's .: Skydivers jump from an airplane wing.

Testers parachutes A. Petrychenko and finch in the plane.

In an experimental model of the parachute descends dummy on the ground - the designers near the parachute with a dummy.

With a parachute jump from an airplane test finch; after landing his congratulate the designers.

In the testing laboratory employees help A. Petrychenko dress suit and helmet for jumping from the stratosphere.

Testers in the chamber.

Testers in costumes jumping from the stratosphere in the plane; sky.

Jumping parachutists, skydivers in freefall parachute opens.

Pass testers parachutes.

Photo: paratroopers, make a jump from a height of 15 km.

Parachutist in the sky.