The Virgin Soil Of the Ancient Nepal.. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kopalin V.

Script writers: Kopalin V., Sturua M.

Operators: Kopalin V., Myakishev G.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.


About reforms, which took place in Nepal during recent years.

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Temporary description

Kind of Nepal with the aircraft. Mountain valley. Forest. Forest Stream. River. Road in the mountains. Movement of vehicles on a mountain road. Peasants working in the rice fields. Nepalese villages. Farmers network of fish. Farmer leads an elephant to drink. Peasant women carry water in jugs, wash and prepare food. Hindu temple of Pashupatinath on the banks of the river on the steps of the Temple lit a fire. Buddhist temples in the mountains and in the city. Sculptures of Buddha in the temple walls. The oldest Buddhist temple in Nepal - Swayambhunath. Types of Kathmandu. Citizens on the streets. Bath Street, men wash clothes. Street tailor, barber, merchants. Pottery, masks, carpets on the shelves of street trading. The women weave the carpet. The buildings of the Royal Palace and Parliament. King of Nepal Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev and the members of the royal family in the palace. Prime Minister of Nepal Tulsi Giri at work in the office. Aircraft at the airport. Tourists get off the bus. New road bridge. Construction of road east-west. Construction of residential houses. Buildings and production plants of a cement plant, a factory farm equipment, tobacco factory in Janakpur, a sugar factory in Birgunj. Nepalese and Soviet specialists in the turbine hall hydropower. Exhibition of Soviet books in Kathmandu. Opening of the festival of Soviet films in Kathmandu. A solemn meeting on the twentieth anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Nepal and the USSR supported the chairman of National Panchayat Ram Hari Sharma and Soviet Ambassador to Nepal Udumyan; the podium: the members of the royal family, Prime Minister of Nepal Gulets Giri. Bookmark the new Soviet Embassy in Nepal. Nepali artist Bangdel working on a painting in his studio. Girls perform Nepali dance. Students at the school building.

Reel №1

Children flying a kite.

Mountains, a village at the bottom of a mountain, forests, glen, a road in the mountains, peasants farm their holdings, situated on the mountain slopes, paddy fields, countrywomen farming fields.

A Nepal village which is situated on the riverside (people dressing grain, fishing, washing clothes, laying them on the waterside for drying.

An old man grinding a knife with a knife sharpener.

A country girl carrying a jar of water.

A peasant family at home.

An evening landscape.

An ancient temple in the mountains.

The temple Pashupatinanath – a piligrimage centre for Hinduses.

A bonfire on the steps of the temple.

The Bagmati River, on which the temple is situated.

A panorama of the temple Svayambunath – the most ancient temple in the whole Buddhist world (mural decorations, monkeys near the temple)

Nepal’s capital city – Katmandu.

People in the streets, children swimming in the river, baths on the street (Baladju district), a market (customers near fruits and vegetables, pottery salesman, masks, carpets)

Women reeling yarn, weaving carpets

A hotel building in the downtown.

Reel №2

The Narayanhiti Darbar Palace – the royal residency.

The present king of Nepal – Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Deva, and members of the royal family.

The building of National the Parliament, Nepal’s prime minister – Doctor.

Tulsi Giri.

A plane lands at the airport, tourists coming out of the bus.

A new highway, a new bridge.

People constructing building.

A bricklayer bonding a wall.

An agricultural equipment factory in Birgandja (built with technical assistance by the USSR)

Workers near machines at the department.

Production of the factory.

A cigarette factory in Djanakpur (also built with help of the soviet experts)

Workers near machines at the department, packs of cigarettes on the conveyor, packed blocks.

A hydroelectric power station on the mountain river Panauti, the machine hall of the station, Nepal and Soviet specialist are talking.

A panorama: Arun Giri, who have received education in the USSR, is director of the power station

A sugar plant in Birgandja.

Nepal and Soviet specialists are talking

The opening of a Soviet book exhibition.

Visitors near a book stand.

Soviet actors on the stage (Soviet film festival took place in Nepal’s capital).

The audience is applauding

A gala meeting dedicated to the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Nepal and the USSR. Royal family members, the prime minister, community representatives are taking part in the assembly.

The Chairman of the Nationa Panchayat [parliament] Ram Hari Sharma and the USSR ambassador Udumyan delivering speeches.

The audience is applauding.

Laying of the foundation stone of the Soviet embassy in Katmandu.

The distinguished Nepal painter Bangdel in his studio.

The artist’s paintings.

Girls in national costumes are performing a Nepali dance.

Views of Nepal.

The capital.

Pupils are walking after classes