The Right to the Life.. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Troshkin V. P.


The film is constructed on materials of the American newsreel. The violence theme in the life of the American society exposes.

Towns and countries | Policy

Reel №1

Photo collage of human faces.

View of the hotel in New Orleans, from the windows of the upper floors there is smoke.

The police are hiding around the corner of the building.

The human figure on one of the balconies.

Police sniper in position.

Police are firing away.

People fleeing the shooting.

Arrives at the police armored vehicle.

Police officers in flak jackets fleeing the building.

Police shooting from the corner of the building.

Police cars in the street.

Helicopter over the hotel.

The police on the roof of the hotel to arrest criminals.

Loading the wounded in the car, "first aid".

Forms of the Capitol building.

The message in the newspaper about the new draft law on criminal offenses.

Part of the text of the bill in the English language.

General view of the conference room of the US Congress.

Congressmen during the meeting.

Photo Senator Chertcha.

Congressmen during the meeting.

Portrait Lumumba P.

Newsreel 1960-1961 years: Lumumba and his companions under guard is removed from the aircraft.

Related Lumumba in the back of a truck.

Bullying soldiers of Lumumba.

Rally in support of Lumumba in the Congo.

Lumumba welcomes the participants of the rally.

People greet Lumumba.

Lumumba speaks at a rally.

Lumumba responsible for greeting people from an open car.

Newspaper articles about the activities of CIA agents in the Congo.

Portrait of Lumumba.

Training on self-defense classes for women in the United States.

Demonstration secret shooting accessories.

Newsreel 1960: F. Castro goes to the podium during a meeting in Havana.

Castro speaks from the podium.

People welcome Castro.

Castro tries donated ponchos.

The demonstrators are holding banners with slogans and portraits of Castro.

Castro donated ponchos and hats.

Castro cuts cane.

Collection of sugarcane in Cuba.

Girls greet Castro.

Castro Street shakes hands with people.

Cars on the streets of Chicago.

Place a taxi driver, shut off the bulletproof glass, the driver sitting behind the wheel gives interviews (synchronously).

Taxi in the streets of Chicago.

Installing armored plates on the car body.

Newsreel 1970: Chilean General R. Schneider accepts congratulations.

Schneider gives interviews.

Staged footage of General Schneider's assassination on October 25, 1970.

Magazine Cover with a portrait of Schneider.

Newsreel 1970: The funeral of General Schneider.

The funeral procession on the streets of Santiago.

Chilean President Allende S. and his entourage are behind the coffin Schneider.

Girl throws flowers on the coffin Schneider.

Weeping women.

People on the streets of Santiago escorted the body of General Schneider.

Panorama mourning meeting in Santiago.

Fire presidential palace La Moneda in a military coup in September 1973.

Allende during one of the last performances of their fundamentals.

Some of the burning of the palace of La Moneda.

Interior view of one of the rooms of the palace burnt, soldiers inspect damage.

Frustrated by an artillery shell of the palace balcony.


Patrice Emery Lumumba - a Congolese statesman and political figure Rene Schneider Chereau - Chilean military leader Salvador Allende Goossens - Chilean statesman and political figure Fidel Castro - Cuban statesman and political figure


1960-1961 1960s 1970 09.1973


Congo (Democractic Republic) Havana Chile


Winter [823] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Political figures; Foreign policy; Crime and Accidents

Reel №2

View of the Statue of Liberty on the island of Manhattan.

The text of the "Declaration of Independence".

The solemn procession dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the United States.

Go drummers and brass bands.

Those marchers.

Animators dressed as Disney characters.

The solemn procession.

People remove what is happening on cameras.

Participant of festival shows tongue.

Passengers in the festively decorated tram.

Spectators take pictures.

Continuing the holiday, people on the streets.

The head of the Statue of Liberty.

Carnival procession in the streets of the city.

She speaks with gymnastic number.

Houston Police conducting excavations at the site found the secret graves of victims of crime.

View of one of the residential houses in the suburbs of Houston.

The police are conducting excavations in the yard.

Killer led to a police car.

The killer says to her mother on the radio.

Fingerprinting at the police station.

Arrested gone into the camera.

Prison guards on duty.

View the electric chair.

Kind of a prison corridor USA. The guard with a rifle bypasses perimeter.

Newsreel, 1969: a general view of the prison building.

View of wooden dwellings.

Module buildings where people settled, called "A family Manson."

Photo head of the sect of Charles Manson.

The leaflet with the portrait of Manson's sect.

Photos of members of the sect.

Portrait of the Actress S. Tate, murdered by members of the sect, published in the newspaper.

Photo Manson.

Photo Tate.

Newspaper clippings with reports of crimes "Manson Family".

Newsreel 1969: remaining at large members of the sect from their shacks.

Those members of the sect.

A woman from the "Manson Family" gives an interview in English (synchronously).

Photo of one of the members of the sect A. Fromm Fromm Photos arrest after a failed assassination attempt on the US President D. Ford rotates reel tape recorder.

Police officers are arrested in San Francisco Patricia Hearst.

TV presenter speaks into the microphone.

Hurst led to a police car.

Bank Building in San Francisco.

Customers of the bank are waiting in the queue.

Surveillance camera on the wall.

Photos Hurst at the crime scene made by an automatic camera.

The police conducted a special operation to arrest criminals in New Orleans.

Hurst led to the trial.

The defendant's lawyer gives interviews to journalists.

The police operation in New York.

The arrest of the suspects.

The police carried the wounded out of the passers-fire during a firefight with gangsters.

Harassment and arrest of a suspect.

The suspect was put in a police car.

Passing a police car.

An alarm at the police station.

Demonstration of special means of protection against robbers.

General view of the exhibition pavilion of the police.

FBI Director Kelly K. holds a press conference.

Reporters listen to Kelly.

Kelly speaks at a press conference.

Photos housewives and teenagers enrolled shooting.

Women in the classroom to teach self-defense techniques.






Summer [824]

Crime and Accidents; Prisons and camps

Reel №3


Reel №4

Newsreel 1969-1971 years: the members of the Ku Klux Klan in robes during the next meeting.

Member of the American fascist organization with a rifle.

Swastika on the balcony of the house.

Meeting members of the "Jewish Defense League."

Demonstration of the members of "the Jewish Defense League" at the Soviet Embassy in Washington.

The barrel and bolt action rifle.

Photo of members of "the Jewish Defense League."

Newsreel 1969-1974 years: the representatives of fascist and right-wing organizations in the streets of American cities.

Representatives wing of the Russian monarchist exile with double-headed eagle on the tri-color flag.

The meeting and procession of members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Lighting cross.

Photo of armed men.

Newsreel 1963: The funeral of President Kennedy's funeral procession D. moves on a city street.

Widow Kennedy passes.

People's faces.

Kennedy's coffin being taken to an artillery gun carriage.

The coffin was Congressmen go.

Those weeping women.

Marines provide a volley over the grave mourning Kennedy.

People on city streets during a "moment of silence".

Police demonstrate rifle from which Kennedy was assassinated.

The training of snipers.

Kennedy during a visit to Cape Kanaverell.

Start the American space shuttle.

Kennedy signed the document.

US warships in the campaign.

Photos of Kennedy.

Newsreel, 1963: Kennedy out of the car responds to a greeting.

People greet Kennedy.

Photo Kennedy with his wife and child.

Newsreel 1961-1963 years: Kennedy children.

Meeting at the airport Kennedy in Dallas.

People greet Kennedy.

Kennedy and his wife travel from the airport to the car.

Kennedy motorcade passes through the streets of Dallas (newsreels alternate depicting the leaflets with a picture of Kennedy).

The car Kennedy stroke increases after the shot.

The turmoil on the streets of Dallas after the assassination of Kennedy.

Photo of the committee members the Supreme Court of the United States, investigated the Kennedy assassination.

Newsreel 1963: police escort Lee Harvey Oswald.

Photo of the committee members the Supreme Court of the United States.

Newsreel 1968: The funeral of Robert Kennedy.

Police led away weeping women.

People in the church at the coffin with the body of Robert Kennedy

Women in the church.

View of the Capitol building in the evening.

Kennedy's coffin is carried to the grave.

General view of the cemetery with the grave of Robert Kennedy

Photo Kennedy family.

Newsreel 1968: Robert Kennedy during the election presidential campaign.

People shake hands R. Kennedy Court session.

The hall is accused mobster.

Cameramen are shooting.

The person accused.

View of the courtroom.

The assassination of Robert Kennedy.

Kennedy trying to administer first aid.

Photos from the scene of the murder of Robert Kennedy.

Detail of a sculpture of President Lincoln A. Lincoln Photos.

Photo collage of human faces.

Advertising gun shops.

Hands distort bolt action rifle.

Photos man with a rifle.

Weapons on store shelves.

Charging rifles and pistols.

Combat aircraft sits on the airfield.

Aircraft at the airport a US military base.

Types of American military bases in Europe.

Loading ammunition into tanks.



John Fitzgerald Kennedy - American statesman and political figure Robert Francis Kennedy - American statesman and political figure


1963 1968-1974


Washington Dallas USA


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Domestic policy; Political figures; Crime and Accidents

Reel №5

Map of location of US military bases on the Japanese islands.

American flag on a military base.

American soldiers at the base.

US submarines and ships off the coast of Japan.

Types of a US aircraft carrier.

Ships of the US Navy in the campaign.

Map of location of US military bases around the world.

The building of the Pentagon.

Type of equipment from one of the communication command centers of the Pentagon.

Classes in physical training in the US Army.

Those soldiers pulls up on the bar.

The soldier shakes the press.

Take off the American aircraft.

US Marines during class bayonet fight.

Photo American sergeant.

Start combat missiles.

A person with marine grinning mouth.

Start a cruise missile.

Classes bayonet fight.

Planes taking off from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

The exercises and maneuvers of the United States Army and Navy.

Training of soldiers' survival. "

Start rocket.

The soldier's face in the mud.

Start rocket.

Photos of US soldiers.

US Marines landed on the sea shore.

Portrait of A. Lincoln American soldiers on the streets.

Newsreel 1965-1973 years: fighting the US Army in Vietnam.

Helicopter gunner firing at ground targets.

Lights Vietnamese village.

Hands soldiers charging weapons.

Those soldiers.

Fighting in Vietnam (newsreels alternate with shots of Kennedy's funeral and anti-war demonstrations in the United States).

Portraits of American pilots shot down in the skies of Vietnam.

Newsreel 1965-1973 years: the funeral of Sergeant Taylor, who died in Vietnam, family members are at the tomb.

The coffin was set in the hearse.

Widow Taylor gives an interview (synchronously, in English, behind the scenes sound transfer).

Funeral Hall over the grave of Sergeant Taylor.

The graves of soldiers who died in Vietnam, the American military cemetery.

Relatives of those killed at the grave.

A child walks among the fresh graves.

People on the streets of one of the US cities.

Security cameras are installed on city buildings.

A police officer at the control cameras.

Security camera on the wall of the building.

People sit on benches in the park.

Speakers street musicians.

Security camera on the wall of the building.

People at the airport.

Police have remote cameras.

The girl held hostage by the robbers, the offender gets into the car, the girl runs away (recording cameras).

The police operation to capture criminals who have taken hostage schoolchildren.

Police released withdrawn children.

The arrest of the suspects.

Women's liberation.

Map of the New York City (above).

Flying seagull.

Types of road overpasses and road junctions (above).

View of the city block (the top).

Flying seagull.

Types of skyscrapers in New York (at the top).

View the coastal area of ​​New York at night.




Vietnam USA


Summer [824]

Armed conflicts; Military exercises and maneuvers; Army; Foreign policy