Reputation.. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gutman I.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Tunnels and stations of the Moscow metro "Kuznetsky Most".

Metro passengers go through transitions and go to the escalators.

The person on duty at the escalator.

Passengers go through transitions and sit in the car.

The train departs from the station.

Passengers in subway stations.

Interior views the station "Pushkinskaya".

Stub ladder transitions at the station.

Workers metrostroevtsy descend into the mine.

Cage stops.

Working out of the cage and go on their land.

Drifters at work.

Passing part of trolleys.

Index in the tunnel.

Workers are being built on the tunnel structure drives trolleys.

The shift engineer Kononykhin MS gives interviews (synchronously).

Drifters in the tunnel.

Bucket underground excavator is gaining ground.

Face area commander.

Head section discusses operational issues with the engineers.

A team of drifters at work at the crossing at the station "Gorky".

Used soil into trucks by means of the conveyor.

Face driver ended trolleys.

General view of the construction site of the tunnel.

Builders at work.

Installation of concrete structures wall station.

Builders, fitters at work.

The composition of the trolleys going through the tunnel.

Surveyor been surveyed in the tunnel.

Those drifters.

Setting explosives to blast a tunnel bridge.

Face sinker.

Blasted bridge.

Drifters visiting the vaults of the tunnel after the explosion of the bridge.

Miner reported by telephone the successful explosion of the bridge.

Expansion of the tunnel arch bridge at the site using jackhammers.

Drifters congratulate each other with the bow of the tunnel.

Metro train driver in the cab.

The passengers in the car.

Type one of the stations of the Moscow metro.

The passengers on the escalators and subway stations.

The metro station "Mayakovskaya".

The person on duty at the station.

The driver in the cab of the train.

Train at Fili metro line.

View of the Moscow River from the car subway train.

Excavation for a new subway station.

Those workers behind the scenes interview with Brigadier sounds drifters Novozhilova PA (synchronously).

Novozhilov gives interviews (synchronously).

Construction of a new section of Metro Line.

Types of construction site.

Work on the construction of a new metro station.

Welders at work.

Laying rails.

Veteran Metrostroi Yatskov IA gives interviews (synchronously).

Laying rails in the tunnel, the workers face.


Reel №2

Young workers in the construction of the station "Novogireevo."

Installation of concrete blocks, those workers behind the scenes interview with chief sound construction and installation management Yancheuski KS (synchronously).

Yanchevskii gives instructions to the workers.

Operating during installation of concrete structures plant.

Welders at work.

View airport "Sheremetyevo", the planes on the tarmac.

Face Yancheuski KS Yanchevskii gives interviews help the Indian metro builders (synchronous).

Aircraft at the airport "Sheremetyevo".

The metro station "Mayakovskaya".

The passengers on the escalators.

Passengers at stations of the Moscow metro.

Passengers at the metro station "Pushkinskaya".

Those passengers.

Station "Kuznetsky Most", "Skhodnenskaya", "Barrikadnaya."

Passengers on the escalator down, are included in the train cars.

Sharing experiences with the Polish Institute in metro builders "Metrogiprotrans."

Chief engineer of the institute Alihashkin VA It tells of whole-sectional finish in the construction of the metro (synchronously).

Polish builders listen Alihashkina.

Alihashkin goes on to say (synchronously).

Employees of the institute for the work on the design of new metro stations.

Discussion of project drawings.

Installation of concrete tunnel sections of a new subway line.

Brigada Stepanova PE in the installation section of the tunnel.

Installation of the sections by crane.

Those workers and engineers.

General view of the construction of section of the tunnel.

Treatment of different types of finishing stone at "Mosmetrostroy".

Masters factory prepared elements of grilles.

Grinding of marble slabs in the factory shop.

Cutting marble slabs on a special machine.

Finished slabs.

Brigadier finishers Korenkov VS gives interviews (synchronously).

Sketch the lobby of the new station.

A team of decorators at work on a new subway station.

The passengers included one of the subway stations.

Passengers at the station "Kuznetsky Most".

The driver in the cab of the train.

Types station "Kuznetsky Most".

Passengers on the crossings and stations of the Moscow metro.

The opening of the station "Pushkinskaya".

The first secretary of the Moscow City Party Committee, VV Grishin of the floor during the opening of the station "Pushkinskaya".

People listening to the Grishin.

Grishin continued performance.

Grishin cut the red ribbon, congratulated the workers of the subway.

Green light.

The person on duty at the station.

Passengers sit on a train ride on the escalators.

The train arrives at one of the subway stations.

Passengers pass through the turnstiles.

Passengers at stations of the Moscow metro.

Types station "Pushkinskaya".

It takes a train.

View of the station "Kuznetsky Most" from the cab of the train.


Viktor Grishin - statesman and political figure





Traction; Political figures; International cooperation