The USSR Fighting For Peace.. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Fedenistov M.


The story about the principles of Soviet foreign policy, the fight for peace.

Foreign policy

Reel №1

Game footage from x / film "October": shot, "Aurora", the storming of the Winter Palace.

Newsreel 1920: VI Lenin It delivers a report at the Tauride Palace in Petrograd during the session of Congress of the Comintern 2 July 19, 1920.

General view of the meeting in St.


Text "Decree on Peace" on 26 October 1917.

Newsreel 1920: Lenin was among the delegates at the Congress of the Comintern 2 Tauride Palace.

General view of the meeting in Petrograd in 1917.

People are digging a pit for the construction of the plant in the late 1920s.

Workers riveters at work.

Panorama of building of an industrial enterprise.

General view of the construction of the Dnieper.

Flying German aircraft.

Falling bombs.

The bombs exploding on the ground.

German troops moving on the road.

The face of a Soviet officer.

Volley of the artillery battery.

Attacking the Soviet tanks.

Gunners load a gun.

Exploding shells.

The tail on the ground burning German aircraft.

Tank with Soviet soldiers liberated the street passes through the city.

Fireworks in the sky over Moscow.

Those girls.

Fireworks over the Kremlin.

Persons female weavers.

Indoor plants species of plants in the USSR. Heavy tractors on railway platforms.

Steel plant of one of the factories.

Panorama of construction site industrial plant (above).

LI Brezhnev speaks at a meeting of the leaders of the socialist countries.

The participants take notes on sheets of paper.

Brezhnev reads the text of the speech.

Brezhnev and Castro F. welcome from the rostrum of the protesters Soviet-Cuban friendship.

Panorama rally.

Brezhnev during a meeting with Indian Prime Minister I. Gandhi and Le Duan, the leaders of European countries.

Soviet and American flags.

Fluttering state flags of countries participating in the meeting in Helsinki.

General view of the meeting hall (top).

Participants sit in their seats.

The members of the Finnish delegation.

View of the hall.

Brezhnev signed the Helsinki Accords.

General view of the hall (top).

The participants applauded.

Brezhnev and members of the Soviet delegation applauded.

Starts spaceship.

The astronauts during orbit.

Poster in English, announcing the tour of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Artists of the Bolshoi Theater on stage during the tour.

Speech by Soviet dance company abroad.

Speaker Soviet gymnast.

People in the gallery hall.

Tourists listen to explanations of the guide.

Flags of the Soviet republics against the backdrop of the Kremlin.

People go to the meeting of 25 Congress of the CPSU.

General view of the conference room in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Brezhnev, speaking from the rostrum.

Delegates listen to a speech Brezhnev.

Panorama of the presidium of the congress.

Delegates in the hall applauded.

May Day demonstration on Red Square.

View of Red Square during May Day demonstration (above).


Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich - statesman and political figure [841] Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev - statesman and political figure


1917 07/19/1920 1920s 1941-1945


Petrograd USSR Moscow


Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Political figures; International organizations; Construction; Industry; World War II; The German invasion of the Soviet Union ("Operation Barbarossa"), cross-border battles; Victory Day; International cooperation