Lenin On The Italian Square.. (1977)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Monglovskiy U.

Script writers: Prozhogin N.

Operators: Akkuratov E.

Composers: Kosmachev I.

Anouncers: Suslov E.

Text writers: Prozhogin N.


The film tells about the amazing story of the monument to Lenin on a square of the Italian town Covriago.

Towns and countries

Temporary description

The ruins of ancient Rome. Coliseum. Capitol Hill. St. Peter. Tourists on the square. City Cavriago. Passage through the streets. City Hall. The opening of the monument to Lenin. Archive. Folders on the shelves. The building section of the Italian Communist Party. Newsreel. Day demonstration. Pass the Fascists and Mussolini. Defeated apartment. Torture of prisoners. A. Hitler and Mussolini. Pass Brigades fighters. A monument with the names of the victims. Peasant family home antifascists worms. Partisans. When Cavriago city from the Nazis. Rally. Speaker mayor. Children go to school in kindergarten. Strike workers knitting factory. At the meeting of the Italian Communist Party in favor Berlinguer. Classes in party schools. Girls and boys distribute newspapers. Komsomol meeting.

Reel №1

Reporting in Rome - the ruins of old houses; The Colosseum; Capitol Hill, monuments.

Stairs to the Plaza de España.

Passers-by on the streets.


Peter's Basilica.


Tourists on the square in front of the cathedral.

Italian landscapes, flowering tree.

Cavriago city in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna.

Road sign with the word "Parma, Cavriago."

Report on the streets of Cavriago; passers, riding bicycles, truck.

City Hall.

Photos of City Hall.

Newsreel 1970 .: People in the area.

The orchestra.

Unveiling of monument to VI Lenin in honor of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

The participants applauded.


Distribute and read magazines devoted to VI Lenin.

Putting the city archives, folders on the shelves.

Records of Soviet Russia, Lenin, the October Revolution.

People are looking documents.

The newspaper "Ordine Nuovo".

First Secretary of the Communist Party of photos in Cavriago Angelo Dzantiyev.

Drawing - A Dzantiyev before his execution.

A place of death Dzantiyev.

Bust A. Dzantiyev.

The building section of the Italian Communist Party, the people in the building.

Photo: May Day demonstration beginning of the 1920s.

Drawings: armed workers; May Day demonstration.

Newsreel 1930 g .: Ride trucks with the Nazis; Nazis are led by Mussolini.

Fascists harness newspapers and books.

Street Cavriago.

The house where during the Nazi dictatorship was placed underground printing.

Newsreel 30-ies .: pluck newspaper; the defeated apartment; lying dead; snapped the handcuffs; torture prisoners; building; Mussolini on the balcony; are fascists; Hitler and Mussolini.

Go International Brigade soldiers who fought in Spain.

Newspaper Brigades "Volunteer of freedom."

Photo soldiers - residents Cavriago.

Icon Battalion.


Photo Fortunato Belloni, a hero of the Battle of Huesca.

Says Luciano Grossi, former commander during the Civil War in Spain.

Communist former guerrilla Cesare Rossi among comrades.

Diploma and Awards C. Rossi.

Photos: partisans on patrol in the forest, pass; moment of the battle.

Former guerrilla Giuseppe Tedeschi is on the field, stands at the graves of comrades lay a flower to the monument.

Monument with the names of the dead guerrillas.

People at the monument.

The memorial wall with the names and pictures of those killed in the city of Reggio Emilia.

Reel №2

Worms family home, where during the war found refuge to escape from captivity Soviet soldiers.

Family photo Worms.

Order of the Patriotic War, medals brothers Worms.

Monument to fallen brothers Worms, names and bas-reliefs on the monument; people at the monument.

Photo: smiling guerrillas, people run with the banner in the day of victory, the people on the balcony, the rally in Cavriago.

Town Square in Cavriago.

The meeting of the Municipal Council, says the mayor-communist.

Report on the streets Cavriago.

Children in a school bus, play in the playground.

Children in the dining room of the kindergarten.

Agricultural Cooperative: tractor-trailer; man raking hay; barn; cornfield.

Striking workers at the Knitting Factory, diverge, sit on bikes.

Photo: people sing; shooting demonstration on the square in 1960; car with the police; explosion; killed and wounded; people from the dead bodies.

Communist Giuseppe Curti in the square.

Demonstrators; People in the area; rally; was the General Secretary of the ICP E. Berlinguer.

Classes at the Party School in Cavriago.

Mayor Giovanni Cavriago fleece says about Lenin.

Bust VI Lenin in the building of the ICP. Youth spreads communist newspaper "Unita".

Says the secretary of the section of the ICP Cavriago comrade Barbieri.

Komsomol meeting.

Posters - dedicated to VI Lenin and others.

Monument VI Lenin.

Plaque with the inscription "Area VI Lenin. "