theme 11/04/1995 (1995)

Telecast №79631, 1 part, duration: 0:39:12
Production: VID
Anchor:Mendeleev Dmitrij

Reel №1

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Theme of the transfer: Missing.

Epigraph of the program.

The host represents the participants of the program Fedoshchenko Vasily, Dubyagin Yuri, Victor Kosyanenko.

Fedoshchenko Vasily answers the questions of the presenter:

Who is considered to be missing?

Where do people go?

Which people are lost more often by age, professional,

social trait?

Victor Kosyanenko answers the question of the presenter:

Where do you need to address your relatives about the loss of a person?

The plot: about the missing people, about the Bureau of accidents.

Says Albert Klikushin - head of the Bureau of Accidents.

Phones of the investigation department.

Kosianenko Viktor, Fedoshchenko Vasily and Dubyagin Yury answer the questions of the presenter:

Is it possible to file a statement about missing people not to relatives?

In which case is a criminal case initiated?

The representative of the Prosecutor General Yury Zakharov speaks about prosecutor's checks.

The spectator tells about the criminal case.

Dubyagin Yuri says what to do when selling an apartment.

The plot: about the missing people from the risk groups after the privatization of housing.

Says Vasily Kuptsov, the head of the MUR.

Says Sergei Bagaev, General Director of the company "Babylon".

Fedoshchenko Vasily and Dubyagin Yury answer the questions of the presenter:

Who except the state bodies can be engaged in search

the missing people?

How long does the search take?

What should be done to search for missing people was carried out,

as fast as possible?

The plot: on forensic examination,

Says Vladimir Zharov, head of the forensic medical examination bureau.

Says Oleg Korovinsky, the head of the department of the ETC.

Viktor Kosyanenko speaks about forensic expertise and the work of the morgues and the forensic center.

Expert - criminalist from the audience speaks about the problems of forensic scientists.

The spectator speaks of the modern slavery of people.

The plot of the modern slavery of children is the story of the boy Victor Martynov.

A foreigner is talking about her missing daughter.

Fedoschenko Vasily answers the question:

Who is involved in the search for foreigners in Russia and abroad?

Is the style of tracing different in America and in our country?

Viktor Kosyanenko speaks about a unified approach in the US search system and statistics.

The plot: about the receiver of the children's distributor.

Viktor Kosyanenko, Fedoshchenko Vasily and Dubyagin Yury answer questions.

How effective is the appeal to the mass media in cases of people searching?

How often do people from state search agencies go to private investigative bodies?

How often do people lose in connection with the criminal organ transplantation?

The leader says goodbye to the audience.


Fedoshchenko Vasily Nikolayevich - colonel of militia, head of the search department of the Department of Internal Affairs of Russia. Dubyagin Yuri Petrovich-Colonel of the Militia, President of the Association of Russian Tracing Children. Kosyanenko Viktor Petrovich-head of the search department of Moscow.

Calendar: 11/04/1995

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