Responsible for the Future. (1977)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zenyakin A.

Script writers: Kondrashov S.

Operators: Baykov V.

Composers: Denisov E.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


A reflection film about the responsibility of culture for the future of the planet, for the future of humanity. The film draws upon the Central State Archive of Cinema of the USSR.

Persons of arts | Wars, conflicts and disasters

Reel №1

Speaker V.L.Hara.

The audience sing along.

Photo V.L.Hary.

The Moscow meeting of writers and public figures, people talking in the lobby.

Meeting of Writers in the office.

Says Turkish writer A.Nesin.


Fragments of interviews with famous writers and poets: English poet E.Mitchell.

Cypriot poet E.Pianidu.

Soviet writer K.M.Simonov.

American novelist U.Saroyan.

Writers of the Round Table. K.M.Simonov smokes a pipe.

German writer says Kant.


Alternating: the microphone A.A.Voznesensky poet, faces writers, F. Goya paintings.

Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: watchtowers and guard concentration camps.

The oven in the crematorium.

Corpses of camp inmates.

The rain is falling, road work "wipers" (shot from the cabin).

Driving on the road.

Cars on the streets of the ruined city.

The view from the car on the road, people and tanks on roadsides.

Overturned and burnt-out vehicles.

The car goes around a man with a stick.

F. Goya painting.

R.Santi painting "Madonna and Child".

Icon Rublev "Trinity."

Leonardo da Vinci's "Madonna Litta".

The alternation of paintings, murals, sculptures, prints, drawings.

Street views, picture-relief on the wall of the building.

The fragments of bas-relief.

Tells K.M.Simonov.

Portrait AABlock.

Chronicle of the First World War: Panorama of the battle area, thundering explosions.

Alternation: Soldiers near the guns, explosions.

German tank A7VU. The soldiers in the trenches.


View of the front-line area of ​​the aircraft above ground swimming smoke.

The soldiers on the ramparts.


Jara Martinez VL - Chilean poet, theater director, a singer, a dancer, a political activist. Simonov KM - Writer, poet, scriptwriter, a public figure, Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy secretary general of the Union of Soviet Writers. Ascension AA - A poet, writer, painter, architect. Nesin A. - Turkish novelist, playwright, essayist. Mitchell E. - English poet, novelist, playwright, journalist. Pianidu E. - Cypriot poet. William Saroyan - American writer of Armenian origin, novelist, playwright, Pulitzer Prize. Vidal YU.L.G. - American novelist, essayist, playwright, cultural and public figure. Kant G. - German writer, Vice-President of the Union of German writers, public figure, member of the Academy of Arts.


1970s 1941-1945 1914-1918


Moscow Chile Russia Germany

World War II; The First World War; Literati; Visual Arts

Reel №2

Portrait AABlock.

Chronicle of the revolutionary events: Marching militias.

View of the Neva.

Hours at night by the fire.

Go soldiers behind them riding armored vehicles.

An armed detachment.

The streets are filled with soldiers, soldiers riding in a truck.

The troops sent to the Smolny.

Photo AABlock.

Poems AABlock on a background of clouds.

Talk AABlock and Mayakovsky.

Photos Mayakovsky.

Campaign posters and drawings.

Pictures of graphic artists, part of the image shows the transition from negative to positive.

Department of Russian literature in a foreign bookstore.

The man at the desk in the reading room. "Decree on Peace" on a newspaper page.

Leaf People magazine in the store.

Foreign literature devoted to the revolution.

Chronicle of the early XX century: The rally in the square banner above the crowd.

At the meeting there D.S.Rid. D.S.Rid refers to someone behind the scenes looks at the newspaper, taking notes in a notebook.

Writers talk at the round table.

Arrival of a train.

From the train leaves A.Barbyus.

A.Barbyusa Solemn meeting at the station.

People on the platform meet arriving train.

From the train leaves F.V.Nansen. F.V.Nansen is the platform to meet and accompanied by journalists. F.V.Nansen sits in the car.

Hungry winter in the Volga region, destroyed homes.

Groups of children and adults on the streets, queues for food.

People go out of the house, sitting on the porch of children with bowls.

The man pulls out a spoon and try the food.

Camel carts.

Types of Leningrad.

A column of people accompanies a military band.

The crowd at the Theater Square in Moscow.

Actors Theater, at the head of the column before entering the demonstration.


Photo Sergei Eisenstein.


The frames of the film "Battleship" Potemkin "(1905).

Photo Vertov (D.A.Kaufmana).

Frames of film "Three Songs of Lenin" (1934).

Lenin speaks at a rally.

The crowd welcomed the leader.

National flags on the building.

The emblem of the X International Film Festival in Moscow.

Says Senegalese writer and director U.Semben. S.F.Bondarchuk among colleagues.

A fragment of an interview with the Italian director B.Bertoluchchi.

Stands with photographs.

Members and guests of the festival in the lobby.

Japanese filmmaker tells K.Sindo.

Alternating: The guests of the festival, an interview with Sergei Gerasimov.


Block AA - Poet, writer, essayist, playwright, translator and literary critic. Vladimir Mayakovsky - Poet, playwright, screenwriter, director, actor, artist, editor. Reed DS - American journalist, writer and war correspondent. A. Barbusse - French writer, journalist, social activist, a foreign honorary member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Nansen F.V.-YA. - Norwegian skier, skater, polar explorer, doctor of zoology, the founder of physical oceanography, political and social activist, humanitarian, philanthropist, Nobel Peace Prize in 1922. KS Stanislavsky - Theater director, actor, teacher and reformer of the theater, the creator of the actor, the founder of the Moscow Society of Art and Literature, founder of the Moscow Art Theater, People's Artist of the USSR. VI Lenin - Revolutionary, statesman and political figure. Sembene W. - Senegalese film director, screenwriter, actor, writer and public figure. B. Bertolucci - Italian film director, playwright and poet. SF Bondarchuk - Actor, film director, screenwriter, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, winner of an Oscar and a Golden Globe. K. Shindo - Japanese film director, screenwriter and producer. Gerasimov SA - Film director, screenwriter, actor, playwright, teacher, professor, member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor.


1970s 1910s-1930s


Moscow Leningrad USSR

The revolutionary events of 1917; Movie; Directed by movie; Theatrical figures

Reel №3

Chronicle 1930: Panorama of Red Square in Moscow.

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky. R.Tagor on Red Square.

Lenin Mausoleum. R.Tagor meets with the Communists.

Visit to Russia D.B.Shou writer walks in the park. D.B.Shou posing for a sculptor.

Panorama forecourt. D.B.Shou out of the car.

At the station, a crowd of people accompanied the writer.

D.B.Shou in the village.

Writer with the camera. D.B.Shou talking with people.

Dinner al fresco.

Writer of children. B.D.Shou and G.D.Uells Koltushi village in the Leningrad region.

G.D.Uells visiting Pavlov, writer and academician family posing for a group photo.


People go to the Lenin Mausoleum.

The sentries at the entrance to the mausoleum.

G.D.Uells with accompanying leaves the mausoleum.

Construction of the Dnieper.

Celebrations to mark the completion of the 1st phase of construction.

Those workers.

All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers.

Alternation: applause, participants and guests of the congress.

On the podium Gorky.

Those delegates.

Talk Gorky and R. Rollan.

Writers strolling in the park.

Alternating: the flag of the Third Reich on the background wall of a building, a massive book burnings in Germany.

Alternation: a top view of a crowd of people, Adolf Hitler speech.

Marsh crowd. P.T.Mann reading a book.

Einstein gets up from the table and puts the book on the shelf.

Scientist walks around the office with a pipe in his mouth.

Above the stadium bleachers fly military aircraft.

Animation: the crowds, the slogans, the seizure of territories on the map of Europe, Hitler's picture.

Drop bombs from the plane.

The explosions, burning houses.

Crumbling buildings.

Painting by Pablo Picasso's "Guernica".

Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: Last minute rural houses.

Man on the gallows, people put a ladder on the street spreads smoke.

Screams elderly woman.

People near the burning houses.

View of the Peter and Paul fortress with water.

People halt window (wartime blackout).

Shostakovich is working on the creation of the Leningrad Symphony.

The composer lights a cigarette.

The name of the symphony.

The composer at the piano.

People were running down the street.

Clouds of dust under the crumbling wall of the building.

Lit House.


Traces of fire monuments.

Panorama of the battle zone.

People leave the city.


Wall clock in a ruined house.

Family carries belongings on a two-wheeled cart.

A column of people going through the ruined city.

Girls wash on the ruins of the house.

Girls come from home, arranged in downed Nazi plane.

Soldiers smoked at rest.

Writer A.A.Fadeev at the front. I.G.Erenburg in the squad.

Tvardovsky read poems to the soldiers.

Alternation: Soldiers cook on a fire, the soldiers on vacation.

The photo.

Drawings of Lithuanian graphic artist S.A.Krasauskasa.


R. Tagore - Indian writer, poet, composer, artist, social activist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. DB Shows - Irish playwright, writer, public figure, one of the founders of the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925. G. Wells - English writer, publicist and public figure. Pavlov IP - Russian scientist and physiologist, founder of the science of higher nervous activity and Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine 1904 (1st Russian Nobel laureate). Gorky AM - Writer, editor and publicist. Rolland R. - French writer, public figure, scientist and musicologist, Foreign Honorary Member of the USSR, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915. A. Hitler - the founder of the totalitarian dictatorship of the Third Reich, Chancellor and Fuhrer of Germany, the supreme commander of the armed forces of Germany during World War II. Mann PT - German writer, essayist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1929. A. Einstein - theoretical physicist, social activist, a humanist, an honorary doctor of 20 leading universities of the world, members of the Academy of Sciences, Foreign Honorary Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. DD Shostakovich - Composer, pianist, teacher, professor, music and public figure, Doctor of Arts. Fadeev AA - Writer and public figure. IG Ehrenburg - Novelist, poet, essayist, translator, photographer, social activist. AT Twardowski - Writer, poet, journalist and editor in chief of the New World.


1930s 1941-1945


Moscow Leningrad Leningrad region USSR Germany

World War II; Literati; Composers

Reel №4

Drawings of Lithuanian graphic artist S.A.Krasauskasa, off-screen sounds poem Tvardovsky "I killed underneath Rzhev."

War memorials in the cities of the USSR.

G.A.Yokubonis working in the studio.

Interview with the sculptor.

The monument "Mother PirДЌiupiai."

Memorial in Khatyn.

Chronicle 1945: Panorama Square, a massive people's prayers.

Burning candles.

People dismantled candles and sticks.

A woman cries near the wall with the names of the dead.

Monument Sadako Sasaki in Hiroshima.

Mourning ceremony on the day of memory of victims of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nuclear explosions.


The participants of peaceful demonstrations, Panorama Square.

Applause auditorium.

On the podium Zh.F.Zholio-Curie. A.A.Fadeev and L.Aragon.

Pablo Picasso.

At the microphone P.Robson. E.Kotton among the spectators.

Applause people. R.Kent answers the questions of journalists. P.Neruda. I.G.Erenburg. N.K.Gilen Batista.

The cabinet includes A.Zegers.

Japanese singer A.Seki. A.E.Korneychuk shakes hands with women.

Turkish poet N.H.Ran. I.Blyum with someone. D.D.Bernal on the podium.

Speaker M.F.G.E.Nimeller.

A column of demonstrators.


Beaker with brushes opposite a fragment of the picture.

Italian artist R.Guttuzo.


French cartoonist Zh.

Effel at work.


Says U.Saroyan.

Alternating: the participants of the Moscow meeting of writers, performance Ch.T.Aytmatova.

Yu.L.G.Vidal talks about war and peace, about the relationship between East and West.

The American Newsreel different years: the military act in the stands.

Tearful woman in the crowd.

American soldiers before being sent to Vietnam.

A soldier adjusts his gear.

A soldier walks through a reed.

The soldiers on a country road.

The soldiers escorting a woman with children.

The troops in the devastated village.

Spraying toxic substances from the plane.

Drop the bomb.


Weeping women and children.

The wounded an elderly woman on the ground.

Washington, the White House.

The walls of the White House held a protest demonstration, veterans of the Vietnam War to speak out strongly on government policies and discarded military awards.


Jokubonis GA - The Lithuanian Soviet sculptor, People's Artist of the Lithuanian SSR, People's Artist of the USSR. JF Joliot-Curie - French physicist and public figure, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1935. Fadeev AA - Writer and public figure. L. Aragon (Andrieu L.-M.) - French poet, novelist, member of the Académie Goncourt, party and public figure. P. Picasso - Spanish painter, sculptor, graphic artist, theater artist, ceramist and designer. Robson P.L.B. - American singer, actor, human rights activist. E. Cotton - French public figure, chairman of the Union of French women. Rockwell C. - American artist, writer and public figure. P. Neruda - Chilean poet, diplomat, politician, senator, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971. IG Ehrenburg - Novelist, poet, essayist, translator, photographer, social activist. Guillen Batista NK - Cuban poet. Zegers A. (Radwan N.) - German writer, chairman of the Union of German Writers, a member of the German Academy of Arts. A. Sackey - Japanese singer, choral conductor, public figure. AE Korneichuk - Ukrainian Soviet writer, political activist, academician of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. Run NH - Turkish poet, novelist, screenwriter, playwright, social activist, winner of the International Peace Prize. I. Blum - Belgian social activist, a member of parliament. JD Bernal - English physicist, sociologist of science, public figure, a professor at Cambridge and the University of London, a member of the Royal Society, foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Niemöller M.F.G.E. - The German theologian, pastor of the Protestant Evangelical Church, President of the World Council of Churches. R. Guttuso - Italian painter, graphic artist, honorary member of the USSR Academy of Arts. Jean Effel (F. Lejeune) - French cartoonist. William Saroyan - American writer of Armenian origin, novelist, playwright, Pulitzer Prize. Aitmatov CH.T. - Russian and Kyrgyz writer, diplomat, Hero of the Kyrgyz Republic, the People's Writer of the Kyrgyz SSR Academy of Sciences of the Kirghiz SSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. Vidal YU.L.G. - American novelist, essayist, playwright, cultural and public figure.


1950s-1970s 1945


USSR Germany Italy France USA Vietnam Japan

History of foreign countries; Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Literati; Artists; Sculptors

Reel №5

Cadres of political meetings.

Aircraft carrier at sea.

Powered radar.

Fighter rises into the sky.

Aircraft in the grid run, hit, explosion.

The launching of rockets.

Helsinki, cars drove up to the building and stopped at the entrance.

Pan-European conference of OSCE of 1975.

The signing of the Helsinki Final Act.

Press photographers.

Applause participants.

Panorama of the Moscow Kremlin.

Applause participants Kremlin meeting of workers of culture.

Serves writer G.M.Markov.

Audience numbers.

General view of the hall.

International meeting "The Writer and the World" in Sofia.

The meeting opens a French writer E.Bazen.

K.M.Simonov among the participants and guests of the meeting.

Alternation: a fragment of an interview with E.A.Evtushenko writers talking during a break.

Fragment of speech E.A.Evtushenko.

Chronicle of different years: Women and children go through the desert.

Protests of workers on the plantation, a woman brandishing a policeman.

The soldiers dragged through the grass killed.

The person wounded.

Dog Rocks on the man.

Alternating the photos and newsreel footage of popular unrest in various countries, demonstrations, arrests and riots in the streets.

The session devoted to the struggle for peace.

View of the Kremlin.


Lenin Prize Ceremony Greek poet Ya.



Ritsos speaking at the podium.

The award ceremony L.Aragona Order of Friendship of Peoples.

Drawings of Lithuanian graphic artist S.A.Krasauskasa.

Moscow Kremlin.

American skyscrapers.

Streets of London.

Eiffel Tower, people on the streets of Paris.

Residents of cities around the world.



LI Brezhnev - State and party leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, the General Secretary of the CPSU. Markov GM - Writer, public figure, Hero of Socialist Labor. E. Bazin (Herve-Bazin ZH.P.M.) - French writer, president of the AcadГ©mie Goncourt. Simonov KM - Writer, poet, scriptwriter, a public figure, Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy secretary general of the Union of Soviet Writers. EA Yevtushenko - Poet, novelist, director, screenwriter, actor, publicist. Ritsos Ya - Greek poet and political activist. L. Aragon (Andrieu L.-M.) - French poet, novelist, member of the AcadГ©mie Goncourt, party and public figure.


1960s 1975 1977


Moscow Bulgaria Finland England France USA

Literati; Foreign policy; International organizations