Boris Prorokov. (1977)

Film-document №8003 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:29, Black-white to collection Price category A

Part 1 digitized in HD 0:09:30

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kristi L.

Script writers: Kristi L.

Operators: Averbukh M.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.


Works, diaries, reminiscences of the artist. It tells about works of Boris Ivanovich Prorokov, a laureate of the Lenin Prize.

Visual Arts

Culture and Arts

Temporary description

1-2h. Of the artist B. Prorokov. Cartoons. Memoirs of contemporaries: Yuri Zhukov, M. Dudin and others to participate in the defense of the artist Peninsula Hanko, etc. The post-war life of an artist, an exhibition of his paintings.

Reel №1

Boris Prorokov, a painter, is working in the studio.

Prorokov’s illustrated diaries.

A self-portrait, paintings and sketches of B. Prorokov.

The visitors are looking at the pictures.

Leonid Soifetis, a painter, is speaking about Prorokov in his workshop.

The photographs of the young Prorokov.

Prorokov’s caricatures on writers.

Yuty Zhukov, a painter, and Michael Ludin, a poet, are speaking about Prorokov.

“Komsomol’skaya Pravda” newspaper [“Young Communist League Truth”] dated back to the 1932 year.

Prorokov’s caricatures in the newspaper.

A picture of B. Prorokov and M. Dudin together.

The map of the Gangut peninsula.

A newsreel of 1941-1945:

The battles at Hanko Island in the Finnish bay – the commanders observing the map;

a mariner is drawing;

a radio operator, a soldier near the gun, commander is looking through the binocular;

planes in the air are dropping bombs;

explosions on the sea surface and on the land;

soldiers and mariners are serving the guns;

a soldier bandages a wounded man;

cutters in the sea: a shell flies over the water;

a ship explodes;

a cutter in the sea;

a signalman is waving a small flag;

a mariner shoots an abyssal bomb;

a blast behind the cutter.

Newspapers with the military pictures (caricatures) of Prorokov.

A picture: the mariners are reading the newspaper.

B. Prorokov is wearing a military uniform, B. Prorokov and L. Soifertis; the Hanko peninsula.

The meeting of war veterans, which fought on the Hanko peninsula.

The German captives.

Fascist portraits drawn by B. Prorokov.

Reel №2

A newsreel of 1941-1945:

Soviet soldiers are driving along the Berlin streets on a tank; destroyed streets; Soviet soldiers are taking pictures; the Reich chancery building (in- and outside views); a nameplate on the building; the Hitler’s office; the blank with Hitler’s facsimile and Prorokov’s caricature.

A picture: Prorokov is wearing military uniform; B. Prorokov and L. Soifertis in Berlin.

The paintings of B. Prorokov from the series named “It must not happen again!”

B. Prorokov in his workshop, reviewing his paintings and sketches.

A branch of the tree, planted near the Beethoven’s grave, is inside the book.

A picture: B. Prorokov is drawing, playing violoncello, sick Prorokov in his bed.

Prorokov near the portrait of Mayakovky in his country house.

Prorokov’s country place – the terrace, the garden, the trees in the garden.

Satirical paintings of B. Prorokov.

The visitors at the exhibition in front of the paintings of Prorokov.

L. Soifertis, M. Dudin, his daughter and B. Prorokov with his wife at the exhibition.

U. Zhukov is talking about B. Prorokov.