The Meeting With Norway (1977)

Documentary №8005, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:15
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Rychkov B.N.
Screenwriters:Rychkov B.N.
Camera operators:Maksimov L.
Anouncers:Kolychev U.


The story about Norway - a northern neighbor of Soviet country, its history and present time.

Temporary description:

Norway. Landscape: the sea, a waterfall. City of Oslo, Town Hall, the building of the Royal Palace; monuments: Swedish King Carl Juhani, Norwegian navigator R. Amundsen, F. Nansen, Soviet soldiers who perished during the liberation of Norway from invaders. Frogner Park in Oslo, decorated with sculptures by the sculptor G. Vigelanna. On the street Oslo is the Royal Guard. Newsreel: arrival by Fridtjof Nansen in Soviet Russia (1922). Museum Nansen Bigde on the island, not far from Oslo. Vessel Fridtjof Nansen "Fram". Newsreel: Norway's liberation by Soviet Army in October 1944. City Skien, a monument to the dramatist Ibsen, farmhouse Vensten, in which he lived; grave H. Ibsen. Oil derricks in the oil fields in the North Sea. Visiting Norwegian Prime Minister T. Brashteli in the Soviet Union, negotiations with LI Brezhnev. Interview Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway K. Frydenlund (synchronously). Soviet ships in the port. Power Vigeland Brugg and Klosterfoss built by the Soviet Dam. Interview the owner of the firm "Vigeland Brug.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Winter landscapes of Norway.

Norwegian Sea.

Little Falls.

Highway (autumn).

Tanker at sea.

Travel around the city of Oslo.

Schooner, the town hall.

The clock on the town hall.

On the streets of the city is the Royal Guard in ancient costumes.

The building of the Royal Palace, the guard at the building faces of the soldiers.

Monument to the Swedish king Carl-Johan.

Report on the streets of Oslo.

Sale of fish in the harbor.

The boy had a gun.

Boat moored.

Norwegian Amundsen monument navigator.

Old Master Drawings dedicated to sailors.


Monument to Professor Oceanology, the great explorer Fridtjof Nansen.

Painting of F. Nansen crossing Greenland on skis.

Winter Leningrad.

The museum building in the Arctic.

Hall of the museum; exhibits.

Newsreel 1922 .:

Train stops; Nansen, who arrived in Russia, out of the car, giving autographs, runs from occurring on the platform; sits in the car; the car drives off.

Nansen ship "Fram" (photo).

Museum, built for the ship "Fram" near Oslo, on the island.

The car enters the tunnel.

Newsreel, 1941-1945 .: Explosions; destroyed building factory in Norway; ruins; rises gun.

Soviet officers over the map; warship, the captain on the bridge; smokescreen; fleeing soldiers, snipe.

The Soviet soldiers are, talk with the Norwegians.

The rise of the Norwegian flag.

Norwegians at the monument to Soviet soldiers.

Monument - a sculpture of a Soviet soldier.

Laying wreaths at the monument.

The car leaves the tunnel.

Report of the city of Skien.

Monument to the great Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

The house in which he lived H. Ibsen; plaque on the house.

Ibsen House Farm Vensten, window, door.

Oak - the same age as Ibsen.

Tomb of Ibsen.


Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The man with the dog feeding birds on the pond in the Frogner Park.

Clean fallen leaves.

Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park, the monument - the figures of women, children and elderly.

Children playing in the park, swinging on a swing.


Hands sew network.

Schooner on the water.

Monument to whalers in the town Sandorerd.

Industrial landscape.

The search for oil on the seabed: the schooner on the waves; prepared diver, scuba diver jumps into the water; work on the water.

Oil in the sea; burning oil; oil rig is lowered into the sea.

Report of the city, advertising, signs in foreign languages, banks and other buildings.


Trade in fish.

1974 Moscow.


Meeting LI Brezhnev, who arrived in the Soviet Union Norwegian Prime Minister Trygve Bratteli; negotiations.

Interview Norwegian Foreign Minister Knut Frydenlund.

Soviet cars "Lada" in a Norwegian port.

Map with signal lights.

Hydrostation "Vigeland Brug", built with Soviet constructors.

Workers at the controls.

Tablet with an inscription on the equipment "Made in the USSR."

Hydroelectric turbine hall.

Interview the owner of the company "Vigeland Brug" Mr.


Highway; field.

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