Obsession (1981)

Documentary №80054, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:54
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:E. Maksimov
Screenwriters:V. Strelkov
Camera operators:N. Morozov
Other authors:D. Hohlov



The film tells about the research in the field of light music, the work of student design office "Prometheus" on introduction of strobe lights in various areas of everyday life.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

People walk along the Boulevard, workers cut down dead tree branches.

Panorama of square in Kazan, the people come into the building.

Light-music in the view of science fiction.

The performance of the Symphony of light on the screen, the performers at the console.

Cosmonaut A. A. Leonov talks about the light, its prospects and its application during a long-duration space flight (synchronously).

Lumiere on the screen.

The paintings on the space theme, written by Leonov.

The staff of student design Bureau (SDB) "Prometheus" at work on the creation of animated works, internal views of the premises and equipment.

Newsreel, 1961: preparation of the lighting design for the evening student performances of the Kazan aviation Institute and the Moscow Conservatoire.

The performance of Scriabin's "Prometheus" with lot of light, faces the audience.

Students and teachers working on the project of the Palace of light.

Mounting film for use in the cinema Lumiere, personnel news interspersed with modern survey of the employees of SKB "Prometheus".

Work on the musical film is the music by G. Sviridov.

A fragment of the music of the film, one of the staff talks about the difficulties in work and the shortage of film.

Newsreel, 1970: light and musical theater under the open sky, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Victory, the faces of the students that control the light.

Installation of equipment on the bell tower.

Lumiere accompanying chimes.

Advertising publication dedicated to the Kazan.

Auto light setting in the restaurant, people dancing before the stage.

Lumiere at the disco, the face of dancing young people.

The General meeting of employees of SKB "Prometheus".

People talk about the need to develop new strategies and research for the next twenty years, this demonstrates leadership in the development of the lights and the inadequate funding of projects (synchronously).

Applied light and music installation at one of the exhibitions.

Examples of use of light installations in the home, medicine, education.

View of control room of an industrial enterprise.

Light device designed to alert the operator about the accident.

Meeting of SKB "Prometheus", the participants of the meeting arguing with each other.

One of the participants speaks about the research in the field of dynamic light and the results achieved (synchronously).

The faces of the participants.

A sign with the name of SKB.


Leonov Aleksej Arhipovich -- cosmonaut

Calendar: 1981

Locations: The Republic of Tatarstan [752]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Employees of SKB "Prometheus" are working in the library, make extracts from specialized publications.

The production process in the printing.

Cabinet with light and music microfilm collection.

Visitors to the Museum of light music.

Face of the guide.

Employees of SKB dismantled letters.

The types of the courtroom a conference on the Lumiere.

Rotates the record.

Children in art class at school.

Visitors view an exhibition of children's drawings.

Employees of the SKB to discuss current issues at the General meeting.

Light the image.

Rector of Kazan aviation Institute, Professor Y. V. Korzennikov says about the scientific prospects of research in the field of light music (synchronously).

Diplomas and medals, awarded SKB "Prometheus" for his work in the field of light music.

Presentation of the staff of SKB of the award of Komsomol of Tartary them.

Musa Jalil.

Employees of SKB.Employees of SKB carried the box with the film of the building of the regional Committee for cinematography.

The entrance to the Institute of chemical and photographic industry.

Employees of SKB daughter.

Employees of SKB are preparing for the spectacle of sound and light on the ruins of the Ancient Bulgars.

View of the Kazan Kremlin.

Employees of SKB in the square at the Kazan University, the monument to V. I. Ulyanov.

The combination of the lights and the jets of the fountains.

View of one of the night streets of Kazan.

View of the building of the Kazan youth centre.

Preparing for a concert of light music.

Work light and music equipment.

The President of the student Council SKB V. Golovkov said the work of SKB, the embodiment of ideas in life (synchronously).

Engineer Evgeny Gorbunov during commissioning of the equipment.

E. Gorbunova speaks about the lack of qualified personnel (synchronously).

Artist N. Almeev suggests opportunities in conducting experiments with light-music, the role of the artist in the creation and performance of music works (synchronously).

Musician I. Vanechkina said the work of a musician with new material light on the need for training Cvetomuzyka.

Leading engineer V. Bukatin talks about technical difficulties (synchronously).

Student A. Shumilov speaks about his introduction to the art of light music (synchronously).

Senior researcher R. Saifullin talks about the future of light music (synchronously).

The head of the SKB B. M. Galeev spoke about the determination to develop the direction of research in the field of light music (synchronously).

The launch of the spacecraft.

Astronauts in orbit.

An artificial Aurora Borealis over the city, created with strobe lights.

A sign with the name of SKB "Prometheus".

Employees of the SKB pass by the building of the Institute.

The transformation of the light image.

Composer G. V. Sviridov speaks to the need for full support of research in the field of light music (synchronously).

The employees of SCB are on the streets of Kazan.


Sviridov Georgij Vasiljevich -- composer

Calendar: 1981

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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