Non-black earth.Approaching the truth (1981)

Documentary №80071, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:25
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:B Maksimov
Screenwriters:D. Hohlov
Camera operators:A. Dimich
Anouncers:M. Uljyanov
Sound mixer:R. Nureev
Other authors:R. Koposov


The film is dedicated to the problems of agriculture in the Mari ASSR and their solutions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of part of the territory of the VDNKH.

Samples of grain crops in one of the pavilions.

The faces of the tourists, the guide talks about the exhibition.

Combiner N.D. Andreev, agronomist N. N. Stepanova, tractor M. Y. Sidorenko talking about the reasons for the backwardness of some rural households from the others, on the role of head of the economy and the degree of organization of production to achieve production success (synchronously).

Fragments of ENEA and interior views of the pavilion with the agricultural exhibition.

View Of The Volga.

Face of the first Secretary of the Communist party C. C. Zilina.

Zhilin during a tour of the fields.

Harvesting corn on the farm "Semyonov in the Mari ASSR.

Zhilin talks with the organizer of the farm.

Panorama dairy and livestock breeding complex of the farm.

The production process at the state farm dairy, milk packaging "pyramid".

Zhilin speaks with the Director of the dairy.

Zhilin enters the building of the district Committee.

Zhilin tells about high-yield agriculture, factors affecting agricultural production, the outflow of population to the city (synchronously).

The car rides on a country road.

Zhilin talks with the Chairman of the collective farm "Pobeditel" Kislitsyn.

Face Kislitsyna.

Kislitsyn holds a meeting of the kolkhoz.

Kislitsyn talking to the driver during a detour of the economy.

Kislitsyn says the main difficulties in their work (synchronously).

Panorama of construction at the farm, Kislitsyn inspects the construction site.

The types of collective farm of the manor.

Passing tankers.

Kislitsyn writes for the fuel farm.

Rural landscape.

Red flag over the Moscow Kremlin.

Kolkhoz Chairman B. D. Gorbunov at the meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

View of the meeting room in the Kremlin.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Mari ASSR V. I. Romanov talks about Gorbunova and his merits (synchronously).

River landscapes.

The types of Central manor of collective farm.

Mosolov Kosmodemyanskoy in the area.

Romanov talks with Gorbunov.

View of the building of the collective farm office.

View of the construction of a kindergarten, hunchbacks, talking to workers-builders.

Rural landscapes, a herd of grazing.

Cows chew grass.

Fodder for cattle in the winter.

Smachivanie hay in stacks.

Sunset, Gorbunov during the meeting.

Gorbunov speaks about his work, difficulties in the management of the farm, the ways of acquiring materials for construction on the farm, ways of making a profit (synchronously).

Rural landscapes.

Calendar: 1981

Locations: Mari El Republic [748]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Gorbunov in the field.

View of the construction of the Cheboksary hydroelectric power station.

Harvest at the farm Gorbunova, combine the work.

Minibus rides on the road.

The types of the fields of the collective farm "Banner of labor" in the Chuvash ASSR.

Wooden houses, pile of firewood.

View of the building of the collective farm office.

Meeting of the kolkhoz, members of the Board.

Daily work on the farm.

Collective farm Chairman E. A. Andreev talks about his work, about the productivity of land (synchronously).

View of part of the farm.

Andreev gives interviews to journalists, shows photographs, photograph Andreev.

Andreev tells about the methods of farming used in the kolkhoz (synchronously).

Rural landscapes.

Pasturing horses.

Loading of manure into the truck.

Kinds of wooden farm buildings for animals and machinery.

Pasturing horses.

Harvesting hay on the farm.

Agricultural machinery in the area under autumn rain.

Citizens help the collective farmers to harvest.

View of potato field.

Chairman of the kolkhoz "Victory" A. E. Evtikheev tells about the reasons why urban residents are not involved in the harvest (synchronously).

Evtikheev talking with the worker of the farm.

View of the farm.

Evtikhiev driving car during a tour of the fields.

Harvesting forage crops.

The export of crops from the field.

Evtikheev talks about the difficulties of farming, ways of solving the problems, use the brigade method of labor organization (synchronously).

The rural streets, the daily life of farmers.

The unloading of cars of grain.

Truck on a country road.

The name of the collective farm all-Union Board of honor.

Panorama of the Central manor farm.

The meeting chairmen of collective farms, the faces of the participants.

Evtikheev tells about the education of farmers and decent wages (synchronously).

The types of farm fields, a car on a country road.

Secretary of the Communist party Zhilin said the challenges the party bodies in search of good organizers and managers of agricultural production (synchronously), the cover of the book Zilina "At the head of the masses."

The types of farm fields Nechernozemie.

Tractor plowing.

Calendar: 1981

Locations: Mari El Republic [748] Chuvash Republic [757]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Spring [825]

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