The Composer Anatoly Novikov. (1977)

Documentary №8012, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:40
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Pavlov A.
Screenwriters:Polyanovskiy E.
Camera operators:Gorbatskiy V., Minaev A.
Anouncers:Tatarskiy V.


A reflection film about the creative life of the oldest Soviet composer, USSR People’s Artist.

Temporary description:

Composer A. Novikov works for piano, sings the song "Roads" with the poet LI Oshanin says (synchronous) of his youth, about creativity, work on the song "Check out the guerrillas" with SY Lemeshev, converses with students enrolled in the People's singing school at the Central House of Artists. There have songs AG Novikov "Vasya Cornflower", "Anthem of Democratic Youth", "Darkie", "Football", "My Motherland".

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

80-year old composer Anatoly Novikov is the field of rye - panorama.

Near Moscow landscape - panorama, hitting the road.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Soviet soldiers moving river, pulled gun, go through the mud - different plans.

Truck in the mud - the average plan.

Are tanks on the field - the general plan.

Soldiers climb the mountain - the average plan.

Female soldiers watered milk - the average plan.

Go to the men, among them a girl, boy - the average plan.

Soldiers are among the ruins - panorama.

A.Novikov and poet Leo Oshanin the piano (at the country house Novikov), singing the song "Roads" (synchronous) - different plans.

Christmas tree branch with rain drops - close-up.

Leaves with rain drops - close-up.

A.Novikov under an umbrella passes through the park, write a melody - a common, average plans.

Hands writing on paper - close-up.

A.Novikov composing at the piano and singing the song (synchronous) - medium, large, plans, impact.

Landscape Ryazan region - meadows, trees - panorama, are women in traditional costumes, sing.

Women in traditional dress in the house, TAT - the average view, close-up.

Hands with bobbins, a panorama of lace - close-up.

Potter at work - A panorama.

Pitcher with the NDP "Skopin" - close-up.

City Skopin - panorama (removed from the upper point).

The house where he was born and lived AG Novikov - panorama, impact

B / w.

Photos of family members Novikov - the average plan, departure.

Olga A. Novikov (wife of the composer's brother) tells the AG Novikov (synchronously).

Pigeons on the roof, the panorama around the house with the inscription "1910" - the average plan.

AG Novikov tells of his family (synchronous) - close-up (in the garden in the country).


Speech of the Red Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army: buglers play, conducted by AV Alexandrov, chorus and soloists sing a song A.Novikova "Vasya Cornflower" (synchronous) - different plans.

Competition ensembles military districts: choir on stage performing the song "Vasya Cornflower" (synchronous) - an outline.

AG Novikov jury - different plans.

Window with flowers, the rain outside the window - panorama.

AG Novikov and singer SJ Lemeshev at the piano in the country in Novikov interviews (synchronously) - the average plan.

Notes of the song "Departure partisan" - close-up.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The title page of notes with an inscription by Novikov - close-up.

SY Lemeshev talks with AG Novikov sings (synchronous) - medium, large floor plans.

AG Novikov is (simultaneously) - the average plan.

Panorama of flowering trees - the average plan.

Panorama of a dry tree - the average plan.

Inverted tree (multrabota) - the average plan.

The sky, the sun shines through the clouds - the general plan, departure.

Veterans of the war on May 9 in a park at the Bolshoi: women with awards going to a circle dance - panorama.

AG Novikov in the audience - is, talking - panorama.

War veterans (with orders for military and civilian) present songs AG Novikov (synchronous) - the average plan.

Flags on the columns of the Bolshoi Theatre, the panorama of the audience - the average plan.

Veterans sing the song "Roads" (synchronously), conducts A.Novikov - panorama.

On the tree hang nameplates units - panorama.

Girl gives flowers pilot - a war veteran - the average plan.

War veteran holds a photo of the front a friend - a close-up.

Looks young - big plans.

AG Novikov at home by the fire - close-up, departure.

Singer Yelena Obraztsova on stage performs "Arioso mother" (music by Novikov) (simultaneously) - the average plan.

The inscription on the monument "Eternal glory to the fellow who gave their lives for their country in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.", A panorama of the Order of Glory - A panorama of the photos of the war dead - the general plan (night).

Panorama of a flowering tree - an outline (night).

Festival of Youth and Students - flying doves - panorama.

Newsreel 1947:

Hands on piano keys - close-up.

Young AG Novikov plays and sings "Hymn of Democratic Youth" (synchronous) - the average plan.

Participants at the World Youth Festival in Prague are the flags - the overall plan. (1947).

AG Novikov welcomes the participants of the festival - the overall plan.

Raising the flag - the general plan.

Pass the participants of the International Youth Festival in different countries, waving bear banners, greeting visitors - different plans.

Stadium, the parade of the festival - the overall plan.

Pigeons fly over the Kremlin - the general plan.

Russian landscape - field, road - panorama.

Panorama of the birch - the average plan.

Soloists and Choir.

Pyatnitsky sing a song Novikova "Love Meets Earth" (synchronously) - Medium large panorama.

Novikov and conductor in rehearsal - the average plan.

Rotaru soloist sings "Darkie" (synchronous) - close-up.

Soffits, the panorama of the audience - the average plan.

Tambourine in hand - close-up.

The audience applauded - the overall plan.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

S. Rotaru sings Novikova "Darkie" (synchronous) - different plans.

The audience applauded - panorama.

Pipe - close-up.

Hand with the bow - close-up.

Hand turns notes - close-up.

Conductor Yu Silantyev rehearsing with the children's choir of the Palace of Pioneers.

The choir and soloists performing guys, "football song" Novikov (synchronous) - different plans.

AG Novikov is present at the rehearsal - close-up.

AG Novikov said of musical education (synchronous) - close-up.

Entrance examinations in the People's Choral School at the Central House of Artists: Applicants at the door that says "Quiet!

Exams go "- the average total plan.

Rector of the school AG Novikov and other members of the selection committee talk with incoming (synchronous) - close-up.

Pianist at the piano - close-up.

Examinees sing, dance - medium, large plans.

AG Novikov rehearsing with singing school student, she sings a song Novikova "Black Birch" (synchronous).

Dacha Novikov - the general plan (shot from the top point).

Garden (shot through the window) - panorama.

Novikov works at the desk - the average plan.

Photo by Novikov in the years of life (multrabota) - large, medium plans, departure, panorama.

Framing plans: working with the pipe gushing oil; worker assembles parts, working at the control panel, go to the builders, the celebration of May 1 - are athletes, the demonstrators.

Concert in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses - Pioneers perform "March of the Communist Brigades" Novikov, AG Novikov, accompanied on the piano (synchronous) - average total plan.

Applaud the pioneers and Novikov, shake hands with him - the average, the overall plan.

Moscow, the Kremlin - the general plan, departure.

AG Novikov receives flowers - the average plan.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR NV Podgorny presents AG Novikov Gold Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor and the Order of Lenin - the average plan.

AG Novikov screw the order - the average plan.

Birch (photographed from the movement) - panorama.

Summer landscape - haystack, trees, field - panorama, impact.

Panorama of a flower

AG Novikov walking with grandchildren in the forest - large, medium plans.

Orchards in bloom - panorama (removed from the upper point).

Roads - A panorama (filmed with motion).

Movie №0

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