Rethinking. (1988)

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Producer Kazan newsreel studio

Director: B. Maksimov

Script writers: Yu. Alaev

Operators: E. Gabdrahmanov

Recordist: A. Hramova

Other authors: V. Pranov


The film tells about how to change people's views on the history of their country in the conditions of perestroika and glasnost, the search for ways of managing in the context of renewed traversed by a country road.

Restructuring | Policy

Reel №1

The pioneers of the party during the Lenin class at school.

Portrait of VI Lenin on the chalkboard, the teacher leads the lesson of Lenin.

The faces of the children.

Children answer questions about Lenin, a girl reads the answer from the textbook.

Pioneers laying flowers to the monument to Lenin.

Brass band plays.

Pass athletes with banners.

People on the streets of Kazan.

Souvenirs with the image of Lenin in the window of the store, the price tags under the Souvenirs.

Poster with Lenin on one of streets of Kazan.

People on the streets.

Young people talking about a new look at the history of the country and the party, about the need to appeal to the sources in the current epoch of glasnost (synchronously).

The veteran of the October revolution, Silvanovich Nazar Pavlov stands at the entrance to a private house in Kazan.

Photos Pavlova among his colleagues at the service in the militia.

Bookcase in N house.



Pavlov talks about the reasons for his arrest in 1937, the fate of his family after his arrest, the wife's attempts to secure his release, the liberation of the camps, the lack of offense for the game (synchronously).

The interior of the rooms in the house N.With.


Pavlov is on the street.

Portrait Bukharin N. And. on the table among the Newspapers and magazines.

The head of the political club they.

Bukharin KAMAZ V. Pesigan during the next meeting talking about the political Rodley Bukharin in Soviet history, the aims of the club (synchronously), members of the club.

The announcement of the schedule of classes political club to them.


View of the building of the Kazan flax to them.


A statue of Lenin in the courtyard of the factory, the panorama site.

The types of the idle workshops of the plant, encased machines.

The texts of newspaper publications about the plant.

The old plant workers talk about the impossibility of deprivation of the enterprise named after Lenin.

Shift foreman nagumanova talks about injustice in the deprivation of the plant named after Lenin (synchronously), the production process in the factory shops.

Director of the plant said about the difficult socio-economic situation of the enterprise, to stop the fall and the beginning of production growth in recent years, the need for technical re-equipment of the plant as a whole, the confidence of the team in the execution of its tasks (synchronously).

The production process in the factory shops.

Plant workers go to work.

The faces of the students of vocational schools.

View of one of the houses built by the mill for workers 16 years ago.

View of the building of city administration Brezhnev (Naberezhnye Chelny).

The types of city streets.

View of the facade of the main building of the plant KAMAZ.

Assembling cars on the Assembly line of KAMAZ, the faces of the workers, new trucks off the Assembly line.

Assembling engines.

Idle plant equipment.

Workers play checkers, the persons playing.




The Republic of Tatarstan [752]


Spring [825]

Industry; Childhood and youth

Reel №2

Road transport on the road, the trees in the snow.

The participants of the meeting of labor staff of KAMAZ in the hall, Director General of KAMAZ N. And.

Beh said from the podium on the way out of the crisis (synchronously), working person.

View of one of the buildings of the company.

Operation of test stand, testing of load-bearing parts.

View of the plant for Assembly of personal computers.

Minicar "Oka" on the street Naberezhnye Chelny.

Exhibition of cars.

"Oka" cars during the rally.

Winter landscape.

Professor S. V. Chrysostom, working in a rural school math teacher, going to class, of the building Ilinskoy high school.

A sign with the name of the school.

The Chrysostom talks about the reasons why he went to work as a teacher (synchronously).

Certificate of merit, awarded Zlatoustova.

Of Chrysostom conducts classes in computer science.

Trucks enter the territory of state farm "the vegetable Grower" of Zelenodolsky district of Tatar ASSR.

Panorama equipment yard of the farm.

Head of unit of machine I. Arzhanov interviewed.

View of birch forest, the panorama of the territory of the farm.

Alhanov tells about methods of work of managers on their subordinates (synchronously).

Technology in machine yard.

Machine operators prepare equipment for spring work.

View of the greenhouse complex farm.

Flowing stream melt water.

Types of student rally against the construction of nuclear power plants.

The collection of signatures against the construction.

Representatives of the student faction of the academic Council of the University of Kazan talk about their requirements, about the prospects of the student government (synchronously).

Students at the rally.

View of the Assembly hall of the University.

Painting of a revolutionary gathering of students of Kazan with participation of V. I. Ulyanov.

A memorial plaque in honor of V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin).

The monument to V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin) in Kazan.

The face of industrial and agricultural workers, students, production processes in various enterprises.

Portrait Of V. I. Lenin.


Beh Nikolaj Ivanovich -- scientist, economic scientist




The Republic of Tatarstan [752]


Spring [825] Winter [823]

Industry; Agriculture; Education