"Quiet" Americans.. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E., Makhnach L.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Kiselev V.


The film tells about the subversive activities of the CIA.

Foreign policy

Reel №1

Entrance to the building of the studio in the United States.

Film zvukomontazhnom on the table.

Employees of foreign film archives at work.

Those former CIA Director William Colby and Helms R.

Those former deputy director of the CIA Bissell and Braydon.

Face former CIA Angleton, Hunt.

Person agent nicknamed "male."

Those former CIA Mehyu R., S. Giancana

CIA Director Turner played with the dog.

Cuban airlines plane takes off from the airport on the island of Barbados in 1976.

Recording talks crew and controllers of an explosion on board.

Portraits terrorists blow up the plane, Bosch and Carriles.

Panorama mourning rally in Havana (the top).

F. Castro speaks at a memorial meeting (synchronously).

Panorama memorial meeting (above).

Castro continues to speak (synchronously).

Panorama memorial meeting (above).

Panorama building the CIA. The emblem of the CIA. The employees of the central office are at the service of the CIA.

Employees in the workplace.

The work of technical equipment of one of the research department of the CIA. Employees and veterans of the CIA during a banquet in honor of the 30th anniversary of the CIA.

Those participants banquet.

Photo A. Dulles Maps covert operations by the CIA and US military plans aimed at the destruction of the USSR. Portrait of Dulles.

Newsreel 1940: rifle training employees of US intelligence.

Shooting at targets from a moving car at high speed.

Training in the dash.

CIA officers shoot at targets with machine guns.

Classes in material part, the study of one-way glass transparency.

Film development texts.

Veteran CIA Sishel gives interviews (synchronously, in English voice-over).

CIA swear.

Reel №2

CIA Director Turner played with the dog.

The head of the statue of President Lincoln.

Newsreel 1965-1972 years: the American soldiers in Vietnam.

American armored vehicle enters the Vietnamese village.

Runs woman with a baby in her arms.

Moves an American tank.

American planes bombed the territory of North Vietnam.

The victims of US aggression in Vietnam.

The brutal treatment of prisoners by US soldiers during Operation "Phoenix".

There is a CIA director William Colby Colby gives interviews (synchronously).

Bullying US soldiers over the locals.

Beaten Vietnamese women and children.

Parents of children with corpses killed by the Americans.

Colby gives interviews (synchronously).

Vietnamese young men and women in US custody.

Photo of an American soldier, aiming at children.

Member of the "Phoenix" Osborne gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1965-1972 years: American soldiers passing by was killed Vietnamese women.

Osborne continues to give interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1965-1972 years: the wounded American soldiers.

Loading the wounded to the helicopter.

One of the CIA gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1965-1972 years: the American soldiers near the body of their dead comrade, wrapped in a tarp.

Panorama of the American military cemetery.

Vietnam War veteran on crutches.

Dispersal of demonstrations in the United States in the CIA operation "Chaos."

Police detain protesters and beat them with batons.

A participant of the anti-war movement Ansei N. gives interviews (synchronously).

People on the street.

A woman crossing the street in a stream of cars.

The woman's face.

Employees of the CIA during the banquet.

Former CIA agent Angleton gives interviews (synchronously).

Types of high-rise buildings in a city in the United States.

Listening and recording device mounted in the phone.

People crossing the street at an intersection.

Cars on the city street.

View of one of the neighborhoods of New York City (above).

CIA during the wiretapping.

Listening devices in the hands of the CIA. Installation of bug in the phone.

Face Angleton.

People walking on the street.

Angleton gives interviews (synchronously).

The former director of the US Post Office Granovsky D. speaks at a press conference (synchronously).

CIA during shooting training.

CIA Selsani talks about new kinds of weapons, which is equipped with the CIA (synchronously).

CIA officers shoot at targets during shooting drill.

Selsani continues to give interviews (synchronously).

CIA officer at the shooting range with a rifle in his hands.

Selsani continues to answer questions about the new types of weapons (synchronously).

Those veterans of the CIA. Employees of the CIA during the banquet.

Key words



William Colby - American statesman






Summer [824]

Wars, conflicts and disasters

Reel №3

Cover of the book, written by a former CIA agent Agee Agee F. goes out and gets in the car.

Agee rides in the car.

Agee gives interviews (synchronously).

Typewriter bugging detectors, donated Agee CIA. Agee talks with journalists sitting in the car.

Agee's face.

View the streets of London.

Agee, sitting in the car, gives interviews (synchronously).

Types streets of London.

Agee in the car next to the driver.

The building is the headquarters of US intelligence in Germany.

Announcer "Radio Liberty" reads the text before the microphone.

Driving broadcast "Radio Liberty" in Munich.

Access to the radio "Freedom" and "Free Europe".

Employees of the station are in the building, and placing checkpoints.

An employee of "Radio Free Europe Grinevskaja AM radio works on the texts.

View of one of the corridors station.

Employees of the station at work.

Grinevskaja gives interviews (synchronously).

Employee station for drafting the next broadcast.

A general view of one of the editorial rooms.

The editorial staff gather for a meeting.

Grinevskaja gives interviews (synchronously).

Certificate of Polish intelligence officer Chekhovich, who worked on the "Free Europe" under cover.

Chekhovich talks about the checks that he had been subjected before being allowed to work on the radio (synchronously).

The complex of buildings in Zorndorf for defectors from the Socialist countries.

Inside view of the residential camp.

Conversations with in the camps in Zorndorf.


Chekhovich talks about his work on the radio (synchronously).

Chekhovich shows brought them to the CIA secret instructions for radio "Free Europe".

Type one of the secret file cabinets "Free Europe".

Writing text next broadcast.

Announcer reads the text before the microphone.

Powered recording equipment.

CIA building at Langley.

The metro station "abessive" in Paris.

The windows of the building next to the subway.

The apartment windows, which put the CIA in a secret school of Paris.

International organizations

Reel №4

The editor of the international department of the newspaper "L'Humanite" Yves Moreau gives interviews (synchronously).

Texts of the articles "L'Humanite" of spying for the CIA French Communists.

Moreau gives interviews (synchronously).

People and cars on the streets of Paris.

View of the headquarters building of the Communist Party of France in Paris.

Cars leave the Central Committee building.

Objects of the CIA spy on the streets of Paris.

View of the building of the Communist Party of France.

Former deputy director of the CIA Braydon talks about surveillance of communists in France (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1948: Communist demonstration in Italy.

P. Togliatti of the floor.

General view of the meeting (above).

People on the streets are arguing about the candidates in the next elections.

Right-wing and neo-fascist march in Italy.

Those marchers.

One of the leaders of the Italian fascists Prince Borghese V. gives interviews (synchronously).

Meeting of Italian neo-fascists.

He speaks from the podium.

Participants of the meeting with the Italian national flags in their hands.

The streets of Italian cities.

Nazi slogans on the walls of houses.

One of the leaders of the Italian fascists Almirante gives interviews (synchronously).

Almirante among students.

Student riots in Italy.

Tables and chairs are flying out of the windows.

Fascist rally students.

Braydon gives interviews (synchronously).

Cartoons for the CIA.

Braydon gives interviews (synchronously).

The consequences of the explosion of the Italian Underground trains arranged by the CIA. Crackdown.

Photos of victims of police brutality in Italy.


Palmiro Togliatti - Italian politician Valerio Borghese Yunio - Italian military and political leader






Summer [824]

Political figures; Demonstrations; Rallies

Reel №5

People at the funeral of the victims of the Italian Communists.

One of the leaders of the Italian fascists Kastrezatti F. says about his attitude to the Communists (synchronously).

The funeral of the victims of police brutality in Italy.

Those people at the funeral.

The funeral procession moves through the city streets.

Anti-fascist demonstrations in the cities of Europe and Latin America.

Italian journalist Rosello K. gives interviews (synchronously).

Buildings Swiss banks, through which is funded by the CIA. Photo H. Davis

Newsreel 1951-1952 years: demonstrations in Guatemala.

The face of President Arbenz of Guatemala Mr.

Arbenz and US President Eisenhower during talks in Washington.

Anti-American demonstration in Guatemala.

Arbenz among the demonstrators.

Arbenz amend the construction plan.

Eisenhower of the floor.

Portrait of N. Davis - US Ambassador to Guatemala and a CIA agent.

Newsreel 1954: a coup in Guatemala, burning buildings.

View of the burning village.

Chilean journalist Alexander Rojas speaks about CIA activities in Chile and the role of Davis subversion (synchronously).

Newsreel 1970: demonstration in Chile.

Rally in support of Allende C. Introduction Allende as president.

Participants of the rally at the stadium applauded the president-elect.

Face Allende.

Children welcome Allende.

Those children.

Allende of the floor.

Allende sign documents.

Photo Building Company "ITT".

Photos of former CIA director McCone Dulles.

Newsreel, 1973: Street view of a Chilean cities.

People go to the grocery store.

Traffic jam on the road during a strike of truck drivers in Chile.

The participants of the strike at its truck frames alternate with texts orders of the CIA with respect to the situation in Chile.

Riots in Chile.

Loading injured in coach "ambulance".

Portrait Davis.

Newsreel, 1973: CIA Director Helms passes R.

Braydon gives interviews (synchronously).

Helms says the oath with his hand raised.

Portrait Helms.

Newsreel 1953: riots in the coup in Tehran.

Reset statue from a pedestal.

Those rioters.

One of my colleagues Helms gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1973: shelling La Moneda Palace in Santiago during the coup.

People were running down the street.

The helicopter in the sky over Santiago.

Palace of La Moneda under fire.

Tanks, armored vehicles patrol the streets of Santiago.

Burning Palace of La Moneda.


Jacobo Arbenz Guzman - Guatemalan state and political figure Dwight Eisenhower - American statesman and political figure Salvador Allende - Chilean statesman and political figure Richard Helms - American statesman, scout


1951-1952 1954 1970 1973


Guatemala Washington Iran Chile


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

History of Latin America; History of foreign countries; Rallies; Demonstrations; Political figures

Reel №6

Former CIA official tells about the events in Chile in 1971-1973.

Shooting a gun.

Portrait of Chilean General Schneider R. Newsreel 1970: gun carriage with the coffin of General Schneider on the streets of Santiago.

Those people crying.

People are standing on the sidewalk, watching the funeral procession.

The guard of honor and the people on the square in Santiago during the funeral of General Schneider.

R. Helms gives interviews (synchronously).

Articles in newspapers F. Castro.

Newsreel January 1959: moving the tank with the soldiers in the armor.

Castro welcomes soldiers Cuban revolutionary army.

People on the streets of Havana welcome revolutionary fighters.

Castro responds to a greeting.

General view of the meeting in Havana (the top).

Photos Dulles A. The US military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The building is the center of the CIA in Miami.

Newsreel, 1961: the mercenaries are preparing for the landing in Cuba.

A man walks down the street.

Mercenaries are preparing ammunition for heavy machine gun.

CIA operative Howard Hunt named "Eduardo" playing table tennis.

Sabotage in Cuba, people run away from the bombings.

Helping the wounded.

Solid industrial enterprise.

Hunt gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1960-1961 years: Castro is surrounded by people.

People welcome Castro.

Castro welcomes people gathered for a rally.

Panorama of the rally (above).

Hunt gives interviews (synchronously).

Hunt plays table tennis.

Former CIA officer gives interviews on Hunt (synchronously).

Photo Hunt.

Former CIA officer gives interviews (synchronously).

Hunt and the agent named "Male" is removed from a police van in handcuffs and led into the courthouse.

Those veterans of the CIA during the banquet.

Newsreel April 1961: American mercenaries, who were taken prisoner at the Bay of Pigs go on the road with their hands up.

A captured American mercenary.

US President D. Kennedy of the floor.

Former CIA Deputy Director Bissell comes into his office.

Bissell's face.

Bissell gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1961: Kennedy and Eisenhower out of the doors of the building.

Bissell gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1961: Kennedy's face.

American mercenaries are preparing ammunition and equipment.

Former CIA agent gives interviews (synchronously).

Photos of the leaders of the American mafia in the pages of a magazine.

S. Giancana walking down the street past the shop windows.

Photos CIA liaison with the Mafia Maheu R. Maheu gives interviews (synchronously).


Fidel Castro - Cuban statesman and political figure John Fitzgerald Kennedy - American statesman and political figure Dwight Eisenhower - American statesman and political figure


01.1959 1960-1961 04.1961 10.1970


Havana Cuba Washington Chile


Autumn [826]

Political figures; Armed conflicts

Reel №7

Newsreel, 1974: Street in Miami.

Giancana comes to building the center of the CIA in Miami.

The sheriff says the killing of Giancana (synchronously).

Giancana's body on a stretcher carried out of the house and put the stretcher in the van.

The mercenaries of the CIA in training camp.

Bissell gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1968: Senator Robert Kennedy of the floor.

Kennedy Assassination of Robert Kennedy People over the wounded R.

Photos of Martin Luther King Jr., who was killed with the assistance of the CIA. Former CIA officer gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1976: explosion of the Cuban airplane airline.

Portraits of passengers killed in the explosion, an honor guard at the graves of the dead.

Coffins covered with a Cuban national flags.

Messages in the newspapers about the death of a Cuban passenger plane, the portraits of the dead.

CIA in the mask gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1976: People walk past the coffins with the bodies of those killed in the explosion of the aircraft during the farewell ceremony.

Persons passing people.

CIA says he spent about recent operations (synchronously).

Those people passing by the graves.

CIA continues to give interviews (synchronously).

Entry into the territory of CIA headquarters.

Type of territory and headquarters buildings.

Employees are at the service of the CIA.

The door to the office of CIA Director Turner.

Turner plays tennis.

A person in a mask of a CIA agent.


Robert Francis Kennedy - American statesman and political figure


1968 1974 1976


USA Cuba


Autumn [826]

Political figures