Sight 12/04/2000 (2000)

Telecast №80721, 1 part, duration: 0:39:03
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov

Reel №1

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Participants of the competition for the role of the host program Oleg Gurov, Alexei Markov and Vadim Feinblum represent each other, talk about themselves and their work, their studies, goals they want to achieve.

Oleg Gurov brings his democassette to the radio station "Our Radio", looking for a room for listening.

Gurov talks about the prospects of broadcasting his songs with a radio station employee Philip Galkin.

Mikhail Koziev ("Our Radio") talks about the forthcoming listening to songs on the tape brought by Gurov, the prospects of broadcasting songs, his methods of selecting musical compositions for the air.

The participants of the transfer in the studio discuss issues of mass musical creativity, about young people who want to work in show business, about ways to "break through" in the activity of interest to a person.

Alexei Markov talks about the desire to work in the field of film business, chooses the genre of cinema he is interested in, explains his choice.

The plot of the young people coming to Moscow.

Young musicians Tanya, Sergei, Volodya and Sasha, who came to Moscow from Feodosia and Donetsk, perform at the Arbat.

Musicians talk about the necessary style of clothing and hairstyles for staying in Moscow.

The interior of the workshop is fashion designer - designer Olga Krivitskaya, who came to Moscow from Kemerovo.

Olga speaks about the psychological conditions of life in Moscow, gives advice.

The author of the plot Alexey gives recommendations on spending the night in the Moscow entrance.

The view of the square of the Belorussian railway station and the adjacent streets (from above).

Alexey talks with non-resident young people detained by the police for lack of registration.

Participants in the program discuss the conditions under which you can stay in Moscow.

The plot of a young man who repeated the tricks Copperfield.

Video chronicle: David Copperfield performs the trick with levitation.

Oleg Valentin Brylkin's mother tells of the infatuation of his son with the tricks and tricks of Copperfield.

People on the streets of Osh, Chelyabinsk region.

Chronicle from the family archive Brylkin: Oleg Brylkin demonstrates the trick with levitation in the hallway of the apartment and on the abandoned construction site.

Neighbors Brylkin try to explain the tricks of Oleg.

The cameraman who conducted the survey tells of his impressions.

Types of shop of a machine-building plant.

Manufactured by the factory moored on trial trials.

Director of the plant Vladimir Shanguin speaks about the types of products manufactured by the plant and equipment for performances by Oleg Brylkin.

Speech Brylkin to the audience during the tour of the Oshinsky district.

Oleg Brylkin (Dixon) speaks about his vital interests, the absence of "star fever", the desire to surprise and amaze the audience (synchronously).

Brylkin prepares for the next performance, checks the equipment.

Fragment of the speech by Brylkin (Dixon) together with assistant Julia.

Julia talks about working together with Brylkin, and personal relationships with him.

Oleg demonstrates one of the tricks.

A guest in the studio Oleg Brylkin talks about engaging in tricks, about his abilities and the possibilities of an illusionist, about the desire to meet with Copperfield, about the sensation during performances, shows a trick with elastic bands.

Calendar: 12/04/2000

Locations: Moscow [820]

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