Moscow, Seasons.. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Kryakvin E.

Script writers: Senchakova G.

Operators: Kryakvin E.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


A lyrical story about the Soviet capital in various seasons.


Geography and Nature | Towns and countries

Temporary description

1h. - Moscow. Kremlin. Pedestrians. New. Zoo. Children of the rides in the park. In the studio - the artist. Red Square. 2h. - Autumn landscape. The facade of the Bolshoi Theater. A scene from the ballet "Angara". Natalia Bessmertnova, Vladimir Vasiliev. In the schoolyard teacher with the students. Goalkeeper on the field. Building. The leaves on the streets. 3h. - Snow. Skiers on jumps in Luzhniki. Cinema "October". Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki. Snow-covered streets. Swimmers in the pool "Moscow". 4h. - Icicles. Court in the ice. Flowering branch. Flowers. Next plane in the sky.

Reel №1

Aircraft flies over Moscow - the general plan.

Moscow - an outline, removed from the aircraft.

Kremlin - an outline, removed from the aircraft.

Tourists on a bus - the average plan.

Directions to the stone bridge, past Manezh, on Revolution Square - general plans.

Artist draws on the balcony of the hotel "Metropol" - the general plan.

Crimean bridge - the general plan.

Pedestrians on the streets of Moscow - the average plan.

Young men and women on the streets - the average plan.

It takes a man with a camera - the average plan.

The woman - the average plan.

New homes - the overall plan.

Panorama from the buildings on the MSU - the overall plan.

New areas of Moscow - the average plan.

Tulips - close-up.

Boat on the pond - the general plan, removed from the top point.

Swans on the water - close-up.

Zoo - an average plan.

Goldfish in an aquarium - a close-up.

The boy looks at fish - close-up.

Teddy bear in a cage playing ball - the average plan.

Playground young - bear jumps into the water, a lion cub plays with a toy - medium, large plans.

The girls at the zoo - the average plan.

Olympic figure bears - close-up.

Shield with the inscription "Channel" - close-up.

Panorama with water rowing canal to the podium, podium labeled "Finish" - the overall plan.

Pedestal - the average plan.

Rowing canal - the general plan.

Hang gliding in the air - the general plan.

City beach - the general plan.

Fountains in the city squares - medium, large plans.

Riders in the park - the overall plan.

Flowers in the park - the average plan.

Girl in the park - the average plan.

Sculpture in the Park - close-up.

Children on the rides, attractions - medium, large plans.

Flowers in the Alexander Garden, a garden fence - medium, large plans.

Old street of Moscow - the overall plan.

Artist's Workshop - an outline.

The face of the artist - a close-up.

Drawing of an old Moscow street - close-ups.

Kalinin Avenue - the general plan.

Flowers at the window - close-up.

Apples between window frames - close-up.

Pumpkin, pomegranates, peppers, pears on sale - big plans.

Apples on the scales; view of the buyers - the average plan.

Sold - close-up.

Dealer farm market puts the tray bunch of onions - A panorama.

Parsley in the balance - close-up.

Seller puts grapes in a shop window - the average plan.

Windshield car - close-up.

The girl stops the car on the street outside, gets in the car, the car goes - average plans.

The fallen leaves on the pavement - close-up.


Basil's Cathedral - the general plan.

Red Square - an outline, removed from the top point.

Check out the star of the Spasskaya tower, the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin - the overall plan.

Draws a young man - the average plan.

Kremlin, the Great Stone Bridge - the general plan.

Birds in the sky - an outline.

Reel №2

The Kremlin, autumn landscape, panorama of yellowed trees - the overall plan.

Yellow leaves on the trees and on the pavement - large, medium plans.

Autumn Garden - the average plan.

Autumn landscapes of Moscow - the average plan.

People walking down the stairs of crossing - the average plan.

MSU - the general plan.

Quay - the overall plan.

The fence of the park - close-up.

Highway - an overall plan, shot from above.

Pigeon on the street - close-up.

Birds on the lawn of the park - close-up.

Moscow streets were covered with fallen leaves - a common, average plans.

Kalinin Avenue - general plans.

Cars - close-up.

Underpass - the average plan.

Posters theaters - close-up.

Quadriga at the Grand Theatre - close-up.

Auditorium, a chandelier - the general plan.

A scene from the ballet "Angara", dancing folk artists of the USSR Natalia Bessmertnova and Vladimir Vasiliev - large, medium plans (synchronously).

Bessmertnova and N. Vasilyev bows - the average plan.

The audience applauded - the overall plan.

Red rowan in the school yard - close-up.

School yard, the children play - the general plan.

Teacher at the blackboard - close-ups.

Pupils at their desks (Class 3-4) - close-ups.

Panorama from the trees to the stadium - the average plan.

Boys dress up in the stadium - A panorama.

Boys play football - big, medium plans.

Construction worker - close-up.

Construction of Olympic facilities - a common, average plans.

The designers at the model of the Olympic facilities - large, medium plans.

Moscow - the general plan, filmed from a helicopter.

Construction - close-up.

Construction workers - large, medium plans.

Concrete slab - close-up.

Operating a crane hook engages the bracket plate - close-up.

Frame covered stadium - the general plan.

Girl-builder - close-up.

The streets of Moscow - panorama.

The leaves on the pavement - close-up.

Moscow River - the general plan.

Tug on the river - the average plan.

Quay - the overall plan.

Passing Sweeper - panorama.

Rain drops on the glass and the machine frame - big plans.

Stand in the rain girl and a boy - an outline, removed from the top point.

Boulevard, wet bushes - large, medium plans.

Passers-by on the street, a woman with a dog - big, medium plans.

Passers umbrellas - a common, average plans.

Passing cars - the overall plan.

Reel №3

Corner building on Dobryninskaya area, shot through the roofs of the houses - the general plan.

Snow-covered roofs - the general plan.

Moscow courtyard - an outline.

Cat on a tree - the average plan.

Snow on the ground - close-up.

People rush for - the average plan.

One of the side streets near Smolensk Square, is the building in the distance on Kalinin Avenue - the average plan.

It takes a group of children from kindergarten - the average plan.

Winter forest - an outline.

Old Moscow lanes, Square - Middle plans.

Are women - the average plan.

Children slide down hills on skis - panorama.

Muscovites at the observation deck on the Lenin Hills - the average plan.

Skiers ascend the ramp - a common, average plans.

Young skiers are preparing for ski jumping, jumping boy - a common, big plans.

CMEA building - a common, average plans.

Spruce branches - close-up.

Entrance to the subway - the average plan.

Cinema building - the overall plan.

On street passing snowblower - close-up.

Monuments of ancient Russian architecture, domed churches, icons - different plans.

Novodevichy Convent - the overall plan.

Kremlin chimes - close-up.

Kremlin - Panorama.

Snow-covered trees - big plans.

Red Square, the temple of "Basil" - close-up.

Kremlin towers - large, the overall plan.

The streets of Moscow in the winter - the average plan.

Sverdlov Square - the general plan.

New Year carnival - mummers dance, tree on the street; accordionist playing and delivers a bear Parsley, clown, mummers play around them, children ride their ponies - medium, large plans.

In the basin of the "Moscow" three girls perform acrobatics in the water - the average plan.

Swimming athletes - middle distance.

Moscow boulevards in the winter - the average, the overall plan.

The boulevard is a young couple - the average plan.

Sculpture "dolphin" on the banks of the Moscow River - close-up.

Circuit (fence) on the waterfront - close-up.

Bushes in the snow - close-up.

Winter Moscow - the general plan, filmed from a helicopter.

Reel №4

Winter Moscow - panorama, shot from the top point.

The Kremlin wall - the general plan.

Snowman - the average plan.

Icicles hang - close-up.

Kremlin - an outline, shot through the trees.

Housing buildings - the overall plan.

Birch - close-up.

Tug on the Moscow River, the flag on the stern, the bow anchor - a common, middle ground.

The wreckage of ice drifting boat - the overall plan.

Break the ice - the average plan.

Buds - close-up.

Girl sitting on the bench - the average plan.

The girl on the beach - the average plan.

Birds on the ice - the average plan.

A man with a boy on the banks of the river - the average plan.

Passersby look at the birds sitting on the trees - the average plan.

Galochi nests in trees - the average plan.

Old Park - the general plan.

Panorama from the portfolio on the boy's face that draws in the park, the hand with a pencil, drawing, the boy's face - a common, big plans.

Earrings at the foot poplar - close-up.

An old man on a bench reading a newspaper - the average plan.

Sparrow - close-up.

The girl's face - close-up.

They run two puppies - the overall plan.

Pigeon - close-up.

The boy wears rollers - medium, large plans.

Boy tightens the nuts on the wheel of a bicycle, a hand with a spanner - close-up.

Parents with children in strollers walking in yards and gardens - the average plan.

Puddle, walks through a puddle dove - medium, large plans.

Young leaves on the trees - A panorama.

Children play in the park - the average plan.

Muscovites on the streets and squares of the spring - medium, large plans.

Baby with a pacifier in a wheelchair - close-up.

Spring Street, sparkling windows buildings - medium, large plans.

Flowers on the Square - close-up.