Serve my Homeland (2004) 25.01.2004

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Producer VID
On request Pervij kanal

Director: Mihail Evzirihin, Vladimir Shteryanov

Anchorperson: Boris Galkin

Operators: Konstantin Kryakov

Other authors: Andrej Kirisenko, Tatjyana Dyuzhikova, Eduard Solovcov

Reel №1

The plot of the adoption of new strategic nuclear missiles.

Videorecording: officer-rocket Yevgeny Pavlov at home is going on combat duty.

Demonstration of the stages of protection of the command post, behind the scenes Pavlov's story sounds.

Type of missile mine in the Saratov area.

The commander of the missile regiment reports to Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov about the interception for combat duty.

Ivanov congratulates the personnel of the regiment with interception for combat duty.

President Vladimir Putin greeted the officers.

Actions of combat crew during the training launch.

The launch of the Topol-M rocket.

The officers descend to the underground command post.

Captain Pavlov speaks about the daily service and duties of a missile officer.

Pavlov with his wife and child at home.

Pavlov talks about rest in his spare time.

Soldiers during the rest.

Dinner in the dining room.

Platoon of anti-sabotage struggle during the exercises.

The plot of the withdrawal of parts of the 14th Army from Transnistria.

Video chronicle: the utilization of military equipment in the early 2000's.

Shooting recycled tanks with a combat helicopter.

Export of military equipment and ammunition by rail, loading of ammunition.

The head of the ammunition storage department, Pavel Arabina, speaks of a negative attitude towards the withdrawal of troops from Transnistria.

Preparing the helicopter for the flight.

Checking documents at the checkpoint.

Russian peacekeepers during the exercises.

Local resident - military pensioner Alexander Zuykov talks about the fate of Russian citizens living in Transnistria, after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Sentry at the checkpoints.

President of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika Igor Smirnov speaks of high confidence in Russian peacekeepers.

The plot of the anniversary of the newspaper "Red Star".

The layout of the jubilee issue in the editorial office, the editor-in-chief gives instructions.

Discussion of the next issue.

Meeting of the editorial board.

Nikolai Efimov, editor-in-chief of Krasnaya Zvezda, talks about the professionalism of the newspaper's employees.

Leading editor Nina Donskaya demonstrates the book fund of the reference library and file numbers for different years, tells about authors who were published in the newspaper during the Great Patriotic War.

A correspondent of the newspaper in Chechnya, Andrei Pilipchuk, talks about the work of the military correspondent.

Solemn event on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Red Star and rewarding employees.

Production of the next issue of the newspaper in the printing house.

Training plot on the destruction of terrorists who captured the building.

Actions of fighters of the special forces unit during the destruction of the terrorist group.

The officer of the reconnaissance regiment speaks about the peculiarities of the battle in the settlement, the actions of the personnel during the seizure of the building, demonstrates the tactics of the battle.

The guest of the program - General Designer of the Topol-M complex Yuri Solomonov speaks about the exchange of information between Russia and the United States in the framework of the START Treaty, describes the characteristics of a non-secret nature, the features of the Topol-M complex, the operation of the missile systems after the launch and the defeat of the target, and its invulnerability from the US missile defense system.


Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich - state and political figure
Ivanov Sergey Borisovich - state, political and military leader
Smirnov Igor Nikolaevich - Transnistrian state, public and political figure




Saratov region



Army; Defense and internal security; Armament; Political figures
Biography; Policy