Gymnastics. Olympic Hopes. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Script writers: Rybakova A.

Operators: Kuzminskiy S.

Text writers: Itskov I.


About young gymnasts who are to perform at the Olympic Games of 1980 in Moscow.

Olympics 80 | Different kinds of sports


Temporary description

1 hour - Gymnast M. Filatov in training. Crying gymnast. Gymnast H. Kim and E. Mukhin perform exercises. Helsinki, rewards Soviet gymnasts. Speech gymnasts at the Olympics. Says V. Markelov. 2 hours - Markelov perform exercises. AN Andrianov in training. Says Titov. Gymnast L. Latynina, O. Korbut, E. Mukhin perform exercises, training gymnasts.

Reel №1

The gymnast E. Mykhina at coaching.

Masha Filatova perform the free exercises.

Young gymnasts are coaching.

A girl cry.

Nelly Kim at coaching.

Nelli Kim on the contest performs an exercise on skids, balance beam, free exercises.

Camera man shoots.

Monitor screen.

Contest hall.

Nelly Kim in the contest hall.

Mykhina and Filatova in the contest hall.

Chronicle of different years: Helsinki – banners, Soviet gymnasts V. Chykarin and M. Gorokhovskaya on the podium.

On a podium Soviet sportsmen stand: Olympic champion B. Shakhlin, the two times Olympic winner L. Latunina, U. Titov, M. Voronin, V. Klimenko, the Mexiko Olympic Games winner N. Kychinskaya, O. Korbyt.

Congratulations to the Montreal triumpher N. Andrianov.

The USSR flag is raised. L. Tyrisheva on the podium, goes round the hall, medals on Tyrisheva’s breast.

Press photographers in a gym.

Gymnasts are preparing for the contest.

Preparation of skids.

Gymnasts watch performance of the Romanian gymnast Nadya Komanechi.

Komanechi does an exercise on a balance beam.

Tyrisheva watch the performance.

Mykhina does exercises on a balance beam, free exercises.

Komanechi in a gym.

Gymnasts on a podium, on the first step is Mykhina, camera-man shoots, Mykhina gives an interview.

Gymnasts congratulate Mykhina.

Klimenko congratulates Mykhina.

Mykhina in a gym.

Press photographers shoot. V. Markelov in a gym.

Markelov gives an interview.

Markelov prepares to performance on the Europe Contest, does an exercises on rings.

Gymnasts watch Markelov’s performance.

Reel №2

Markelov does free exercises.

Markelov on a podium.

Olympic champion N. Andrianov on a training.

Andrianov’s wife L. Byrda with a son watch the Adrianov’s coaching.

Andrianov trains with young sportsman, gives an interview.

Young gymnasts on coaching in a school for young athletes in Vladimir.

Trainings of a men team of artistic gymnastics.

An interview with U.E. Titov.

Newsreel: Latunina performs an exercise on a balance beam.

Korbut does somersault on a balance beam.

Another gymnast does an exercise on a balance beam.

Newsreel: Soviet gymnast performs a vault.

Mykhina executes a vault.

Another gymnast performs a vault. A. Tkachev performs an exercise on a horizontal bar (Tkachev’s passage).

Mykhina does a complicated “Korbut’s loop” on skids.

Young gymnasts are on training on a bench.

Gymnasts perform a jump over vaulting horse, exercise on skids, on balance beam.

Gym in Chelyabinsk.

The Olympic emblem.

Gymnasts perform an exercise on skids.

Gymnast perform an exercise on skids, on skids, on horizontal bar, free exercises.

Coach watches.

Klimenko watches the Mykhina training.

Mykhina and Klimenko at the gym.

A. Tkachev. G. Krusin. M. Filatova. A. Dityatin.

A coach massages a gymnast’s hand, talk with young gymnast.

Young gymnasts N. Shaposhnikova, S. Agapova, T. Arzhannikova, S. Zakharova, N. Urchenko, L. Najmyshina prepare at the bench.

Mykhina at training.