Telescope 10/28/1995 (1995)

Telecast №81093, 1 part, duration: 0:52:05
Production: VID
Anchor:Dmitrij Krilov

Reel №1

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Rating of TV channels for October 18.

The heading "Portrait": Leonid Yakubovich at home.

The TV presenter talks about working at auctions and in the "Field of Miracles" program, about the love of the stage and about the differences between screen images and real people.

(using excerpts from the "Wonderland" program)

The favorites of the public about celebrities:

Comments by Evgeny Steblov on the work of Leonid Yakubovich.

Mikhail Zadornov about the love of friends and talented people.

"Gossip column":

ORT Director General Sergey Blagovolin talks about his love for cars.

The new face in the program "Rush hour" - Andrei Razbash.

The big secret of Tatyana Komarova, the TV presenter does not have a make-up artist.


Director Leonid Pchelkin on the completion of the filming of the series "Petersburg Secrets".

Yuri Nikolaev on the preparation for the presentation of the children's prize for achievements in creativity and the draft of a new television program.

The heading "The Fool himself": the opinion of critic Henri Vartanov about the concept of the "One on One" program; answer leader Alexander Lyubimov.

"Children's playground": visiting host Alexey Koslunikov, a conversation about the role of the subjects being developed in the journalist's life.

The section includes excerpts from the "Vzglyad" program reports about the future of disabled Vasily Kotegov from the Perm region and surgeon Anatoly Skvortsov from Budennovsk.

Alexander Kalyagin and Konstantin Raikin on modern Russian television.

"Gossip column":

New television project of Elena Sargsyan.

Kirill Legat on the development of a new ORT channel design.

Under the heading "Aerobatics" the program begins to show a series of essays based on the article by Georgy Kuznetsov "The Role of the Seven Dwarfs" on the main occupations of journalism on television.

Essay number 1: a reporter (author Andrei Antonov).

Differences in the work of Russian and Western reporters, as well as about what should be a reporter, argue Jonathan Sanders (CBS), Elena Kozenkova (ITA), Alim Yusupov, Irina Zaitseva, Elena Masyuk and Nikolai Nikolaev (NTV), producer of the Moscow branch of CBS Skip Rosenberg.

On a visit at the program director Samari Zelikin with memoirs on the close friend, director-documentalist Aleksey Gabrilovich.

Nominations in the Golden Cranberry Award for the worst achievements in the work on television: the advertisement of the firm "Torgrade," the clip for Irina Saltykova's song "Gray Eyes", the French television series "Helen and the Boys."

In the preparation of the issue, fragments of the program "Blue Ogonek", 1962, were used.


Maslyakov A.V. -- TV presenter, producer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Peljsh V.E. -- musician, singer, actor, TV presenter, producer. Yarmoljnik L.I. -- theater and film actor, producer, TV and radio host. Yakubovich L.A. -- actor, screenwriter, writer, TV presenter, People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Steblov E.Yu. -- theater and film actor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, theater teacher, writer, TV presenter. Zadornov M.N. -- writer-satirist, playwright, humorist, actor, member of the Union of Writers of Russia. Blagovolin S.E. -- Doctor of Economics, General Director of ORT (1995-1997). Razbash A.L. -- cameraman, director, TV presenter, producer, one of the creators of TC "VID". Komarova T.M. -- TV journalist, correspondent, commentator, columnist, presenter of the information program "Time". Nikolaev Yu.A. -- Russian TV and radio host, actor, producer, People's Artist of the Russian Federation. Pchelkin L.A. -- director of theater, film and television, People's Artist of the RSFSR. Vartanov A.S. -- doctor of Philology, Professor, film critic, journalist, television critic, member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia. Lyubimov A.M. -- TV journalist, producer, TV presenter, vice-president of the Academy of Russian Television. Kalyagin A.A. -- actor and director of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the RSFSR. Rajkin K.A. -- theater and film actor, theater director, teacher, professor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, head of the Moscow Theater "Satyricon". Legat K.E. -- director, producer, author of TV programs, General Director of the company "Special Purpose Television", member of the Board of the National Association of Broadcasters of Russia (NAT). Nikolaev N.V. -- Russian TV journalist, reporter, TV presenter, producer, rock musician, author and host of the program "Independent Investigation". Masyuk E.V. -- journalist, TV presenter, public figure. Zelikin S.M. -- documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR and the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

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