Sight 1991 (1991)

Telecast №81104, 1 part, duration: 1:28:37
Producer VID
Anchor:Lyubimov Aleksandr, Politkovskij Aleksandr

Reel №1

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Special issue of the program "Vzglyad - Baltiya".

The plot of Riga.

The plot is about the political situation in the country.

On the situation in the country they say: Boris Yeltsin, Alexander Rutskoy, Valentin Bakatin, Yegor Ligachev, Garry Kasparov, Nikolai Travkin, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Music number (not represented).

Report from Nagorno-Karabakh Andrei Volkov and Alexei Krasnov (TV Samara) about the conflict.

Levon Ter-Petrosyan is the chairman of the Supreme Council of Armenia.

Chronicle of those days.

Guest in the studio: Andrei Volkov, journalist, one of the authors of the plot about Karabakh.

Topic of the conversation: Discussion of the plot.

Artist Mikhail Zolotovsky reads a monologue about the cat.

Drawings of the artist.

The plot of Elena Sarkisyan from Vilnius.

On the situation in the country.

About the work of the new Lithuanian television.

Attempts to shoot TV tower.

Interview with human rights defender Vladimir Bukovsky.

Topic: the situation in the country.

On the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, on the absence of real opposition.

About the Democratic Party of Russia.

The plot from Riga.

On the monument to Victor Alksnis, about Riga beer, about the city zoo and the factory of flags.


Discussion of the program topics with students of Latvian universities.

Music number.

Group "Alice". (not represented, no credits).

Interview with Rostislav Rostropovich, before the concert dedicated to the memory of A.D. Sakharov.

Fragment of the concert.

Variations on the Rococo theme. P.I. Tchaikovsky.


They say the deputies of Russia.

Fragments, phrases, quotes of their speeches at the congress of people's deputies.

Guest in the studio: Leonid Zhukhovitsky, writer.

Topics: Political situation in the country.

Privatization, Economy.

The plot from Minsk about a woman similar to the Gioconda (a picture of Leonardo da Vinci).

Guest in the studio: Aldis Chukolis, editor-in-chief of the Lithuanian magazine "Nash Krai", People's Deputy of the USSR,

Themes of the conversation: the situation in the Baltic countries, the consequences of the Bolshevik regime, national conflicts.

Igor Irtenev reads his poem.


Yeltsin Boris, Alexander Rutskoy, Valentine Bakatin, Egor Ligachev, Kasparov Harry, Nikolai Travkin, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Vladimir Bukovsky, Rostislav Rostropovich.

Locations: Latvia, Lithuania, Nagorno-Karabakh.

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