By the law (2004)

Documentary №81131, 1 part, duration: 0:10:16
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:D. Hohlov
Other authors:I. Rahmatullin, I. Azimov, K. Morozov, V. Vlasov, R. Gladkova, A. Salmin, E. Guschin, N. Morozov, V. Korablev, S. Gubin, D. Morozov, I. Kryuchkova, E. Kalinina, R. Shigalova, E. Shakirova


The film tells about the investigator Renate Shahmuradova from Nizhnekamsk, about the peculiarities and difficulties of the investigator.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Solemn delivery of keys from apartments in the city, senior Lieutenant of justice Natalia, Masuk.

The participants applauded.

A pointer to the entry in Nizhnekamsk.

A meeting of investigators.

The faces of the investigators.

Investigative actions in the garage cooperative.

Investigators in the offices at work.

View of the courtroom, the judge enters.

The investigator read out to the judge the justification for taking the defendant into custody pending trial.

The hearing in court, face judges.

Escort buttoning cuffs on the hand and takes of the defendant.

Girl-the investigator reviews the documents sitting in the courtroom.

Winter landscape.

Investigator R. Shakhmuradov with my son during winter fishing.

Shakhmuradov goes to the crime scene.

Examination of material evidence and belongings of the suspects in the robbery of the store.

Description of weapons seized.

Shakhmuradov rides in the car.

The Types Of Nizhnekamsk.

View of the prison corridor.

Inmates in prison.

Shakhmuradov arrives at the service Department for investigation of organized criminal activity at Zakamskaya area, a sign with the Department name.

Shakhmuratov talking on the phone.

Face Shakhmuradov browsing another investigation case.

Shakhmuradov on the service, behind the scenes is his story about the work of the investigator (synchronously).

Shakhmuradov behind the wheel of a car.

Women investigators questioned the defendant in prison.

Shakhmuradov said about the merits of female investigators (synchronously).

Women investigators pass the test on shooting from a pistol.

Faces of women.

Shakhmuradov behind the wheel of a car.

Leaves the investigation of the case with photos.

Shakhmuradov is studying the matter.

Investigators for the daily work, the preparation of case for transfer to court.

Shakhmuradov during a trip to the city of Nurlat in the case of the theft of oil.

Inspection of tankers.

The trucks on the road.

Shakhmuradov confers with colleagues.

Viewing filmed.

Shakhmuradov greets inspectors, inviting them to the premises of the Department.

Senior group inspectors General-the major of justice Bazanov meets, Shakhmuradov during the meeting.

Shakhmuradov plotical during the holidays in the village.

Shakhmuradov talks about the difficulties of the investigator, arose the desire to quit (synchronously).

Road sign at the entrance to Naberezhnye Chelny.

Fragments of real-time imagery of withdrawal of the weapon have detained members of a local gang.

Shakhmuradov leveled the Board with an ax.

Road signs, the trees.

Waves lapping on the Volga shore.

Shakhmuradov and his colleagues during corporate party in the restaurant.

Shakhmuradov and his colleague at the Desk in the office.

Shakhmuradov talking with a colleague.

View of part of one of the quarters of the city (above).

Calendar: 2004

Locations: The Republic of Tatarstan [752]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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