Here are the pies (2002)

Documentary №81133, 1 part, duration: 0:09:59
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:D. Hohlov
Other authors:N. Morozov, A. Vorobjev, V. Korablev, A. Dolbin, K. Kornilova, R. Erigin, I. Azimov, S. Gubin, R. Shigalov, A. Baranov, E. Guschin, S. Aleksandrova



The film tells about Shamil Habrieva, village precinct Ingul Baltasinskogo region of Tatarstan.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of a rural locality in the Balpasinsky district (top).

Rural summer landscape.

Panorama of the village of Ingulovo.

Rural district police officer Shamil Khabriev goes to the celebration of Sabantuy.

Khabriev distributes cars in the parking lot on the field.

Participants of sabantuy and Khabriev greet each other.

Competition of wrestlers.

Khabriev sits at the wheel of an official car.

The audience in the hall applauds.

Khabriev presents certificates to graduates of rural schools.

Khabriev among the graduates at the campfire.

Khabriev talks about his school years and favorite subjects (synchronously).

Khabriev cleans the weapon.

Album with Khabriev's army photos.

The building of the district police department.

Khabriev greets his colleagues.

Khabriev at a meeting of district inspectors of the district.

Faces of police officers.

Map of Balpasinsky district.

View of the road section at the entrance to the village of Ingulovo.

View of the village in winter (from above).

Khabriev's children make a snowman.

Khabriev's wife at work in the post office.

Khabriev is walking along the road.

View of the village mosque.

Khabriev talks to his fellow villagers.

Khabriev and his assistants pass by the building.

Khabriev talks with his assistant Mulakhmetov.

Khabriev gets into an official car, driven by Captain R. Khaziev.

Arrival of Khabriev and his assistant at the collective farm.

Khabriev talks to people.

Khabriev inspects the cowshed, talks with the cowman.

Khabriev talks with the chairman of the rural cooperative Zakirov.

Khabriev examines photos from the life of the village, made by Zakirov.

Zakirov in his office at the table with a camera in his hands takes pictures of Khabriev.

Khabriev examines the house, sheds and vegetable garden, behind the scenes, Khabriev's story about the arrest of the criminal sounds (synchronously).

Khabriev and his assistant on the highway check the documents of the drivers.

Khabriev checks the work of the village store, examines the goods.

Khabriev leaves the store.

Young people at the entrances to the village club before the disco.

Boys and girls dance in the club, Khabriev talks with a DJ.

Khabriev conducts a preventive conversation, checks the documents of suspicious citizens.

Khabriev is in the front seat of a company car.

The faces of Khabriev's children, wife, and parents.

Khabriev's mother pours milk from a bucket.

Khabriev's children walk along a rural street.

Khabriev during the meeting.

Khabriev talks about being sent to Chechnya (synchronously).

Khabriev and his family at the table.

The personnel of police officers who arrived for service, at the building of the village police station in Chechnya.

Distribution of personnel by location.

An armored personnel carrier passes by.

Khabriev shows off his awards and trophies after a Chechen business trip.

Photos of Khabriev during his service in Chechnya.

Panorama of the village of Ingul in winter.

Winter rural landscape.

Festive feast in the house of Khabriev in honor of his 35th birthday.

The faces of Khabriev and the guests, the guests say toasts.

Khabriev is walking along the road.

Khabriev dances in a meadow with fellow villagers during sabantuy.

Calendar: 2002

Locations: The Republic of Tatarstan [752]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

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