Sight (1999) 08/16/1999

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Anchorperson: Lyubimov Aleksandr, Bodrov Sergej

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Special edition of the program: "Russian in Paraguay".


Irina Obukhova and Alexei Koslunikov, the program's moderators and reporters, are discussing the topic of the program.

Why they decided to shoot it about Paraguay.

It turns out that the Paraguayans have a lot in common with the Russians.

There lives a large number of our compatriots.

And they have a great interest in their homeland.

Chronicle and photo of emigration.

November 1920. General of the Tsarist Army Ivan Timofeevich Belyaev became the first Russian, who set foot on the land of Paraguay in 1924.

Departure of emigrants from Russia.

Landing on the ship.

History first.

About Vsevolod Kanonnikov, his fate, the family of a white officer.

Photo and chronicle of those years.

He is remembered by his son Svyatoslav.

Street in the name of the general in the capital of Paraguay.

He was awarded this honor for his exploits in the war with Bolivia.

His son is today the head of the sea port.

He has 11 children.

The second story.

About Natalia Sryvalina, civil engineer, honored builder of Paraguay.

More than 30 years she taught at the local university.

Now she has her own construction company.

Natalia shows her company and talks about her fate.

Her son Michael speaks about life in Paraguay, also a civil engineer.

Natalia is at the construction site.

Together with her friend she is engaged in charity.

History of the third.

About Victor Tsvetkov.

His father was a participant in the Russo-Japanese War, an artilleryman, a colonel.

Victor has lived here for more than 50 years.

He married when he was over 70. Zhenya is 27 years old.

They have three children.

History is the fourth.

About Elena Miroshnichenko.

She came from Kiev.

Master of Sports in figure skating.

First she lived in Mexico, performed in an ice show.

Then I moved here.

Now she is the second assistant accountant.

She helped N. Sryvalin.

She leaves no hope of returning to the big sport.

The plot of the Paraguayan capital city of Asusion.

Streets and urban architecture.

A story about the life of the Paraguayans.


Plans of the capital from the sea.

Fishermen on boats.

History is the fifth.

About the general of imperial army Ivan Timofeevich Belyaev.

The first Russian arrived in Paraguay in 1924. The grave and monument of the general.

About him speak and remember the local Indians, for whom he did much.

They consider him a saint.

National dance of the Indians.

History is the sixth.

About Victor Butlerov, the son of Colonel George Butlerov.

Victor talks about himself, about his family.

About Russian officers, many of whom participated in the war with Bolivia.

Russian cemetery in Asusione.

History is the seventh.

About Alexey Tokmakov, personal pilot D. Dudayev.

I came here five years ago.

Now he is a postal worker.

Alexey speaks about himself, about life.

On the flight career.

He remembers the war in Chechnya.

I would like to return to the profession.

Chronicle of the events of the Paraguayan putsch in April 1999.

History is the eighth.

About Viktor Yakovlev, choreographer.

He talks about himself, about his profession.

About the difficulties in work.

Class in a ballet class.

Svyatoslav Kanonnikov, who dreams of creating a Russian settlement "New Russia" in Paraguay, says.

Photos and video of Russian people who lived in the recent past and live today in Paraguay.