Years Egual to Centuries (The Polar Lights). (1978)

Documentary №8130, 5 parts, duration: 0:48:26
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Geleyn I.
Screenwriters:Novogrudskiy A.
Camera operators:Durandin V., Izvekov V., Marfel E., Myakishev G., Orlov U., Poluyanov A., Frez I., Shmakov N.
Composers:Botyarov E.


A story about life of small people of the Soviet North District.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Mountain landscape - filmed from a helicopter.

Riding a reindeer herder.

Go hunters.

Looks hunter, the hunter on the ice.

Kola Peninsula - landscape.

Landscape with the river.

Says Doctor of Historical Sciences V. Uvachan a lecture to the students (simultaneously).

Listen to the students of different nationalities.

Northern Lights.

Racing dog sleds.

Chronicle: Looks people.

Hunters are medsedya.

A hunter shoots a bear, the bear falls.

Women pounding mallets on a log.

A dying woman.

Shaman with wood in the hands of God.

Fall deer.

With the wind flies yurt roof.

Kid smoking a pipe.

Dancing shaman.

Dogs run.


Discounted head dead deer.

Northern Lights.

Chronicle 1917: Storming of the Winter Palace.

A poster with the NDP "The arrest of the interim government."

Soldiers at the Winter.

Is a column of sailors.

Go soldiers.

A poster with the NDP "Decree of the world."

In the newspaper "Izvestia" Promotion "Decree on the ground."

Northern landscape.



The sun's reflection in the water.

Chronicle 1920-1929 gg.: The Ussuri taiga camp udogeytsev.

Build a tent-tent.

Dancing shaman.

Woman with things in the node goes into the tent.

Bear in the woods.

Stolen hunter.

Hunter kills bear.

A hunter with a spear is a bear.


Look hunters.

Dancing shaman.

Looking woman.

A hunter shoots a bear skin.

A woman with a child out of a tent, goes into the woods.

A man sits down to the fire, lights up.

A woman with a baby in her arms.

Boy smoking a pipe.

Hands swaddled baby.

Downloading child.

Swinging cradle.

A child playing with a dog.

A boy swims in a boat.

The birds in the air.

A boy throws a stone at a bird.

Falling Bird.

Looking girl.

Demonstration on May 1.

Evenki in national costumes.

People, children smiling, watching, talking.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo: Uvachan with her mother and brother.

The first pioneers of the North.

Uvachan - schoolboy.

Chronicle 1920-1929 gg.: Shaman at the bedside.

The first club forest reindeer.

The woman at the phonograph.

Listen to the herders.

Women learn to read and write.

Looks orderly.

Doctor talking with residents.

Sick woman.

Dancing shaman.

The doctor listens to the child.

The doctor comes out of the yurt.

Residents ride on a reindeer.

Northerners radio.

Projectionist at the projector.

Watching people.

The screen shots taken in 1923 in Moscow on the first All-Russian s / s exhibition - an exhibition delegates, presidium, watching people.

Reindeer, camel.

Photo: Portrait of Lenin.




Winter landscape.


Northern Lights.

Palace in the town



Building Institute.


Leningrad - LS. Plan.


B. Uvachana Komsosmolsky ticket.

Photo Uvachana.

News: there is a train, locomotive pipe.

Fishermen on the bank of the river.

Old son hands up.

Looking girl.

Fishing village.

A man with a gun.

Boy smoking a pipe.

A young man with a national hair-braids.

Father says goodbye to his son, the son sits in the boat.



Leningrad - removed from dvideniya.

The Institute of the North.

Riding a tram.

Photo: Students in the audience.

Uvachan in the audience.

Chronicle: the audience, the students, the teacher writes on the board, the students in the workshop, the student draws.

Uvachan says (synchronously).

Work Nenets K. Pankov, award in the late 30's the highest award at the World Exhibition in Paris.

PNRM. from paintings Pankov.

Chronicle 1941-1945.: Artist K. Pankow.

Crumbling building from vzvyva.

Explosion, a soldier runs, shoots, there is fighting, the wounded.

Photo: Portrait of a student Ince, who died defending Leningrad.

Watching women grave.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chronicle: The Warriors have a wreath.


Delegates to lay a wreath.




Residents of the village by the river.

Waves, fishermen in boats.

Says a former pupil Ince, son of a fisherman, Sulungu Onenko (synchronously).


Flying helicopter.

Landscapes, shot from a helicopter.

Explosions in mines.



Norilsk: street in the city.


Flowers in the greenhouse.

Grow tomatoes.


Car rides, careers, the local airfield sits aircraft, passengers descend the ladder, among them Vladimir Uvachan.

Photo: Portraits Uvachana.

Uvachan with herders.

Uvachan talking to farmers.

Uvachan talking with residents.

Moscow: Uvachan says (synchronously).

Ride reindeer.

Rides hunter.

Oil derrick.


Looking reindeer.

Helicopter on the background of the oil rig.

Moscow River.

Photo Uvachana.

Kremlin: listening in the audience.


Uvachan listening.

Uvachan talking to delegates.


Uvachan says (synchronously).

Books Uvachana.

Hunter goes on a stag grazing deer, winter landscape.

Listen to students.

Uvachan says (synchronously).

Weather station in the North.

The girl writes to the device.

Throw probe.

Northern Lights.



Spring landscape.

Forest, flowers and berries.

Leningrad - Landscape with the Neva.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Leningrad: the Neva is a rocket.

Neva embankment.

Street of Leningrad.

Charles is Taksami Cand.

Says Taxi.

Utensils of the North, sculptures depicting the spiritual masters.


People around the campfire.

Dancing girls.

Flying seagull.



Photo: Portrait of Charles taxi.

Woman says (synchronously).

The settlement in the North.

Dissertations on playing taxi.

The members of the Academic Council.


Says Taxi (synchronously).

Fishermen casting a net.


The boy with the dog.

The girl smiles.


People on the banks of the Amur.

Fishermen at sunset.

The members of the Scientific Council congratulates Chunera Taksami thesis.

Fishermen pulling net.

A boy carries fish.

At the port there are fishing boats.

Chronicle: sea waves, are drowning, funerals, crying man, the sea gull, the fisherman with children at home, face fisherman.

The girl, a fisherman.

Fisherman with children at home.

Hand to make a drawing with pencil on bone.

Chukotka: Fur Seals.

Chukchi master carvers of bone, a woman at work.

Face master hand of the master.

Products made of bone.

A herd of deer in the winter.

Reindeer race.

Passing cars on the highway.

Leaping deer, deer legs.

Plane takes off.

Photo: Portrait of Charles taxi.

Is a column of cars.

Helicopter in the air.


Looking boy.

People at the bus.

Equip a boat for diving research, people in boats.


Walking excavator. bat.


Says Doctor of Philosophy VI Boiko (synchronously).




Promotion "Dudinka port."


Loading at the port.



Tree falls.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Tyumen oil rig in the winter - filmed from a helicopter.


LEP. BAM Construction.


Chronicle 70s.

Traveled Brezhnev in Siberia and the Far East.

Workers look.

The plant is Brezhnev.

Workers applauded.

Looks Brezhnev.

Industrial Landscape (autumn).

Construction of the plant in winter.

BAM Construction.

Radio announcer says (synchronously).


Children go to school.

Children on sleds.

Rides on deer hunter.

Hunter goes to the forest, charging gun shoots.


Roman noble hunter Yalogir.


Taiga - filmed from a helicopter.

Herder Anton Mukta.

Herder chops wood.

Barking dog, grazing deer, deer runs.

Amateur ensemble "Osiktakon" performed a dance.

Herder throws lasso the deer.

Draws a girl.

Drawing lesson in Evenk high school.

Children in class.


Children at the blackboard.

Flying helicopter.

A man looks out the window.

Grazing deer.

Herders tea. mailman distributes newspapers.

Herder with the radio.

Herders in the camp.


Remote control Bilibino.

Bilibino NPP. Computer room, porcelain insulators.


Hunter drinks tea.

Active volcano.

Pouring steel.

The taiga are working.

Northern Lights.

Of central Russia: Uvachan goes through the woods.

PNRM. from the river to Uvachana.

Northern Lights.

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