Soviet Udmurtia (1938)

Newsreel №81314, 1 part, duration: 0:10:43
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:V.F. Aristov
Camera operators:Mansur Barbutli, A. Saidov


The issue is dedicated to the preparation for the elections to the Supreme Soviets of the RSFSR and the Udmurt ASSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A flock of sheep on the pasture.

A collective farm herd of cows grazes on the riverbank, a shepherd lights a cigarette.

Horses at the hitching post.

The groom strokes the horse.

The pigsty sets the feed for the pigs.

Pigs eat from the feeder.

A piggy is holding a piglet in her arms.

The women's field team goes to work, a truck passes by, a flowering cherry tree.

A poster calling for the elections of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

The faces of collective farmers listening to an agitator conducting political information.

The agitator explains to the collective farmers the structure of the supreme authorities of the RSFSR, the faces of the collective farmers.

The face of a female agitator.

Collective farmers listen to the agitator.

The postman goes to the collective farm "Red October" of the Debessky district.

The postman walks down the village street.

Handing newspapers to one of the subscribers, newspapers and magazines in the postman's bag.

The postman enters the gate of the local polling station.

A sign with the name of the site on the gate.

The postman gives the woman a newspaper.

Classes at collective farm educational courses.

Collective farmers read the words they wrote down in a notebook.

The pioneer shows the letters to the old man, teaches him to read and write.

Panorama of new houses on one of the streets of Izhevsk.

Types of the building in which the central polling station is located.

A poster above the entrance to the polling station.

The polling station of the Stalin district.

Portraits of Stalin and Voroshilov above the entrance to the polling station.

A poster above the entrance.

A sign with the name of the room for filling out ballots.

Panorama of voting booths.

A poster in honor of the Red Army.

A bust of Stalin and ballot boxes in the voting room.

Checking electoral lists, issuing ballots, people come to the table and check the presence of their surnames in the lists.

The face of an employee of the election commission.

Search for the last name of the next voter in the list.

An election poster at the depot of the Uvinsk-Uzginsky railway.

Processing of parts in depot workshops, workers at machine tools.

The street clock shows 15.00.

The mechanic examines the locomotive horn, steam escapes from the horn.

Depot workers are sent to an election meeting at the end of the shift.

Party Secretary P.I. Kuznetsov speaks at the meeting with a report on preparations for the elections.

Workers and machinists listen to Kuznetsov's report.

A meeting of the wives of workers and employees of the Izhstalzavod, dedicated to the elaboration of the Election Regulations, the faces of the participants of the meeting.

The agitator reads out the text of the Election Regulations.

The participants of the meeting listen to the speaker.

Ready-made motorcycles in the assembly shop of a motorcycle factory.

Panorama of the pre-election meeting in the assembly shop of the plant.

Agitator E.R. Meshuris conducts a conversation on the issues of the electoral law, the faces of the workers.

Panorama and views of the election rally in Debessy.

The faces of the rally participants.

Candidate for deputy of the Supreme Council of the Udmurt ASSR, Secretary of the district committee of the CPSU (b) I.Z. Deryugin speaks from the rostrum with an election speech.

Banners with slogans in the hands of the rally participants.

Candidate for deputy - flax farmer of the collective farm "Electro" A.G. Bogatyreva makes a speech.

The rally participants applaud.

Panorama and views of the rally.

Residents of Izhevsk go to an election rally, carry portraits of Stalin and Molotov.

An election poster on the wall of the house.

Panorama of the election rally in Izhevsk.

View of the rally podium.

Participants of the rally with a portrait of Stalin in their hands.

Panorama of the stepped rostrum for the rally participants.

A worker speaks at a rally with a speech in honor of Stalin and Molotov.

Panorama of the rally, the participants of the rally vote for the adoption of the resolution.

Calendar: 1938

Locations: Udmurtia [754] Izhevsk [890]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

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