XX years of October (1937)

Documentary №81317, 1 part, duration: 0:12:08
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:K.H. Pozdnyakov
Screenwriters:A.T. Efremov
Camera operators:A.T. Efremov, I.A. Zajcev


The film tells about various aspects of the life of the Mari ASSR and the achievements of the republic to the 20th anniversary of the October Revolution.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the field after harvesting.

Harvesting of grain by horse harvesters in one of the collective farms of the Mari ASSR.

Binding of sheaves.

Sheaves stacked in stacks.

Transportation of sheaves to the threshing machine by horse-drawn transport.

Collective farmers work on the grain flow, a panorama of the grain flow, the threshing process.

Collective farmers throw sheaves into the threshing machine.

Loading bags of grain onto carts.

Pupils of the younger group of one of the kindergartens on a walk in the countryside.

Children and educators are returning from a walk, a view of a part of a wooden kindergarten building, a slogan on the wall.

Children have lunch in the fresh air.

A herd of collective farm cows on grazing.

Cows chew grass.

Milkmaids go to milk cows in the field.

The process of milking by hand, milkmaids at work.

Draining the freshly milked milk into cans, the accountant keeps a record of the number of milk yields from each cow.

Panorama of the collective farm apiary.

The beekeeper extracts the honeycomb from the hive.

Extraction of honey from honeycombs.

Tractor on plowing.

A tractor driver is driving a tractor, a foreman is sitting next to him.

Plowshares turn over layers of earth.

Measuring the depth of the furrow.

The heads of the collective farm inspect the measuring ruler, evaluate the results of measurements.

Machine operators in the field at the combine do industrial gymnastics.

Ears of ripe wheat.

A team of mechanics carries out preventive maintenance in the field for the maintenance of tractor mechanisms.

Harvesting with the help of a trailed combine harvester.

Trailer-harvester at the helm.

The reel of the combine rotates.

The ground grain is poured out of the sleeve of the combine.

The cart chuckles with grain moves next to the combine.

Straw falls out of the hopper of the threshing combine on the move.

Trailed combine harvester at harvest.

Harvesting with a tractor mower.

Women knit sheaves.

Collective farmers in the field during a break dancing to the accordion, the faces of collective farmers playing Mari folk instruments.

Extraction of logs from the water, delivered by a sawmill.

Loggers at work.

Transportation of logs from the water using a special chain conveyor.

Types of conveyor parts.

Rolling logs off the conveyor.

Mechanized stacking of logs in stacks.

View of the pumping tower.

Operation of the mechanized equipment of the coastal woodworking enterprise.

Types of wooden buildings of the enterprise.

Delivery of logs inside the workshop using a chain conveyor.

The production process of processing timber.

Interior view of one of the workshops of a woodworking enterprise.

Workers are piling a sawn-off log hump.

Mechanized stacking of boards in stacks.

Forest landscape.

Panorama of a part of the village of Marbumstroy (from above).

Two-storey wooden residential buildings of the village.

Children play by the flower bed.

View of the new school building.

Panorama of a part of the Mari sulphate-pulp and paper mill.

Types of buildings of the plant under construction.

A team of masons is masonry.

View of the construction part of the plant (from above).

Rebar workers at work.

Panorama of the building of one of the buildings of the combine.

Mari embroidery masters at work, a panorama of the working room.

The faces of the masters.

Samples of embroidered patterns.

Women's dresses decorated with Mari national embroidery, worn on mannequins.

Girls jump into the water from a wooden tower.

Panorama of a part of the territory of the water station (from above), people are boating.

The boy launches a model airplane.

The model is in flight.

The audience watches the flight of the model, the faces of the pioneers.

Preparation of the aircraft model for launch.

The girls are reading a magazine.

Children on a walk in the park.

Kids ride pedal cars and bicycles.

A young photographer at the camera.

Performance of the children's amateur orchestra of string instruments, children dancing on the lawn to the accompaniment of the orchestra.

View of the sanatorium building - the former castle of Count Sheremetev on the bank of the Volga.

Vacationers at the entrance to the sanatorium

View of the part of the territory in front of the sanatorium building.

Views of the territories adjacent to the sanatorium, vacationers during a walk.

Panorama of the pond shore.

People go to rest on the bank of the Volga.

A steamer going along the Volga.

People ride rowing boats.

Swimming in the Volga.

Young people are relaxing on the beach.

People walk along the paths of the park, relax, lying in hammocks.

People on the shore of the pond.

An elderly man and a girl are reading books while sitting on a bench.

A game of cricket.

Calendar: 1937

Locations: Mari El Republic [748]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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