Provocation. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Konovalov V.

Script writers: Polonskiy D.

Operators: Makarov V., Petrosov R.

Anouncers: Petrov V.


About our Olympic hopes, V.Yashchenko - a World recordsman in high jumping.

Temporary description

Training and competition in high jump two world record holders - Vladimir Yashchenko and Vilma Bardauskene.

Reel №1

A young boy runs through a meadow, jumping from a small cut in the hands of his father - CU. (Rapid).

Another boy runs through the meadow jumping over a ditch - MS.

The boy in the stadium setting the bar at a low altitude and jumps - MS.

Young athletes run into the water - MS.

World record holder in high jump Vladimir Yashchenko jumping off the length - MS.

World record holder in long jump Wilma Bardauskene trains at the stadium: running, jumping, performs a variety of warm-up exercises - MS.

Yaschenko trains in the hall with a bar - LS.

Wilma Bardauskene run in the relay - CU., (Rapid).

B. Bardauskene warming up before a jump in competition in Prague (European Championships in Athletics) - CU.

Wilma jumps - CU., MS. (General shooting and rapid).

Shoot photographers - MS.

Wilma is after the jump - MS. (Rapid).

Yaschenko stands in the water - CU.

The guys run to the water - MS.

Stadium in Prague, where the European Championships in Athletics - LS.

Athletes preparing for the high jump - LS.

At the stadium sits Yaschenko - CU.

V.Yaschenko lies on the field - MS.

Passes Soviet athlete Igor Grigoriev - MS.

Jacek Vshola jumps, the bar falls - MS. (Rapid).

Jumping another athlete takes height - MS.

Yaschenko preparing to leap, jump and overcome the bar to a height of 2 m 15 cm at the second attempt - MS. (General shooting and rapid).

Cheering spectators - MS.

The judge sets the bar at a height of 2 m 35 cm (record Yaschenko).

Yaschenko sits on the field - LS.

Jumping Yaschenko, height is not taken - LS., MS. (Evening).

Yaschenko and B. Bardauskene while collecting Podolsk walk in the meadow, tearing flowers, catching butterflies - MS., CU.

Athletes in training, Wilma takes sneakers, shakes the sand out of them - CU., PNRM.

Children run to the water - CU.

Yaschenko goes around the stadium - MS. (Rapid).

B. Bardauskene running through a meadow - CU. (Rapid).