theme (1992) 04/17/1992

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Listjev Vladislav

Reel №1

Theme of the transfer: Our complexes.


Survey in the street.

Question: How do you feel about fat, thin, small and tall?

Guests of the program: Olga Evdokimova, Candidate of Biological Sciences.

Adolf Harasch, psychologist and linguist.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.Your attitude to some physical shortcomings in people?

2.How physical defects are hampered by excess weight or vice versa?

3.And how do you feel about unpopular names, surnames?

Fragment from the x / movie "In Love at Will".

Directed by S. Mikaelyan, 1982.

4. Did you have a desire to change your name?

5.How did you try to treat stuttering?

6.Your attitude to the advice of girlfriends to combat obesity?

7. What inconvenience are you experiencing because of excess weight?

The plot of Alexander Davydyuk.

Its weight is more than 200 kg.

He talks about his problems with such a weight.

8. What did you do to fight overweight?

9.What explains the choice of your profession?

The plot is about people of high and low stature.

10. What makes a person feel incomplete because of problems with weight, height, hair color, etc.?

11. Why do people want to be like everyone else?

12. Why are our people so tactless, aggressive making offensive remarks?

Fragment from the x / movie "12 chairs."

Director L. Gayday, 1977

Music number.

The song "Khokholok" is performed by Sergei Krylov.

Viewers in the studio share their views on the complexes.

The plot of the left-handers.

13. Why are we all used to compare and react aggressively, if something or someone does not look like us?

14.Who and what are the complexes forming?

Fragment from the film "For family reasons".

Directed by A. Korenev, 1977.