Serve my Homeland 08/01/2004 (2004)

Telecast №81529, 1 part, duration: 0:26:00
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Galkin Boris

Reel №1

Plots of the program:

1. Our reportage.

Barencevo sea.

Neutral waters.

The destroyer's board Admiral Ushakov.

July 2004 The reconnaissance aircraft flies around the structure of our ships.

Says Alexander Turilin, commander of the division of missile ships CSF. Destroyer in the sea.

Armament of the ship.

Start of the torpedo.

Tests of a long-range missile cruise missile.

Engine compartment of the destroyer.

Says Vladimir Khrushev, commander of the boiler plant team.

The sailors in the cockpit.

Destroyer in the sea.

Start of missiles.

Guest of the program: Vladislav Nikitin-First Deputy Chief of the Main Staff of the Russian Navy, Vice Admiral.

He speaks of permanent long-distance and medium-range marches of our ships and congratulates everyone on the Day of the Navy.

2.Suzhet from Nizhny Tagil on the exhibition of military equipment.

A volley of installations "Grad".

The tank testing site.


Pantone-laying machine.

Overcoming the water obstacle.

Tank support vehicle (BMPT).

Tank 72M. Armament of the tank.

Tanks on the march.

Tanks T-80 and T-90. Sergey Suvorov, candidate of military sciences, speaks about the technical characteristics and armament of tanks.

3. To the Day of the Airborne Forces.


The Chronicle.

Kosovo 1999 Column of Russian paratroopers.

Teachings on the parade ground.

Skydiving from an airplane.

Exercises in the Far East "Mobility 2004".

Testing a new machine gun.

About the device says the instructor.

A new version of Dragunov's sniper rifle for the airborne troops.

Says Alexander Shushukin, deputy. commander of the 76th Airborne Division.

New mobile communication systems "Granite" and "Aquiduct".

Airborne landing.

4.Suzhet to the Day of the Marine: Ryazan Regiment of the Airborne Forces.

Taking the oath in part.

Says Sergei Odinokov, Private, participant in the experiment of the "SO" program.

Workshop of the Khrunichev plant, where Sergei worked.

Building in the barracks.

Assignment of military rank Sergei - Junior Sergeant.

Soldiers in general physical training classes, practice hand-to-hand combat techniques, pull themselves up on the horizontal bars, undergo training before parachute jump, learn how to properly lay the parachute (or lay the parachute).

Jumping from the airborne paratroopers airborne: paratroopers land on the field.

Calendar: 08/01/2004

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