Vasiliyev From the Village Of Vasiliyev.. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kristi L.

Script writers: Kristi L.

Operators: Averbukh M.


About life and activity of Konstantin Vasiliyev, a painter, from village of Vasiliyevo, in the city of the Kazan Region.

Temporary description

Artist K. Vasilev among visitors to his exhibition at the Youth Center of Kazan. Photos and children's drawings. Vasilevo town on the Volga. Employment in the observatory.

Reel №1

Chronicle of 1975:

photo - girls' faces.

Painting by Konstantin Vasilyev in the exhibition hall.

Vasiliev among visitors in the youth center, the


Paintings Vasiliev.

Visitors talk with the artist.

Visitors walk up the stairs to the exhibition hall.

Vasiliev at the show in his paintings.

Photo Vasiliev.

painting "Waiting".

Other paintings of the artist.

Volga River.

House in the village Vasilevo in which the artist lived.

Room in the house.

Children drawing Vasiliev.

Photo Vasiliev from the family.

Boys in motor boats floating on the Volga.

Landscapes of the Volga.

self-portrait of the 20-year Vasiliev.

Chronicle, 1941-1945:

PNRM. the burning of Maikop.

The dog runs on a burning street.

It takes a German soldier with a machine gun.

Lit Maikop.

Photo: boy Vasiliev.

Paintings K. Vasilyev on military subjects.


Settlement Vasiliev.

A boy stands near a motorcycle.

Street of the village, walking chickens.

In the Garden - Mother Claudia Vasilyeva Parfenovna talking with friends son Gennady and Oleg Pronin Sharnikovym.

Pronin portrait in uniform, self Vasilyeva in uniform.

Pronin slide show of pictures Vasiliev.

River Landscape.

Autumn birches.

Painting "Golden Silence".

Wheat field.

Painting "Reaper."

Landscape with a Tower of the Kazan Kremlin, with domes.

Paintings inspired by folk tales, "Ilya Muromets", etc.

The painting "The soldiers went to the war," a self-portrait of the artist.

Day and night scenery.

The painting "Song of the Falcon."

Portrait of FM Dostoevsky.

Player with headphones.

Portraits of Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Wagner.

Reel №2

Vasiliev picture based on the epic "Der Ring des Nibelungen."

Portrait of an old man.

Self-portrait of the artist.

Family portraits of the artist.

The artist's mother speaks with Oleg Sharnikovym.

Portrait of O. Sharnikova.

The building of the observatory.

Friends Vasilyeva Hall Observatory at work.

Photo by K. Vasiliev.

Park Observatory, landscapes.

Paintings Vasiliev.

Poems about space K. Vasiliev.

Landscapes Vasiliev.


Girls (niece Vasiliev) play in the garden with a kitten.

unfinished painting "nieces."

Room of the artist.

The painting "The Birth of the Danube".


Visitors to the exhibition.

Self Portrait Vasiliev.

The artworks on display at the House of Scientists, the

Pushchino on the Oka.

Chronicle of 1975:

Vasilyev, his first and last show bows with visitors.

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