№ 5 Go East[The Unknown War]. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of Ejr Tajm Internejshnl

Director: Grigorev I.

Script writers: Itskov I., Karmen R., Slavin K.

Composers: Kazenin V.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.

Text writers: Slavin K.


About assistance to the front line, about activities in the rear line during Great Patriotic War (Soviet Peoples’ participation in World War II in 1941-1945).

World War II


Temporary description

1 hour - German military establishments: the work in the shops. Public life to Nazi Germany: the people sitting in cafes, Germans visiting the store ham, shop windows, people make purchases. Frames damage: destroyed, burning houses, baby crying, and others. 2 hours - Kosygin talks about the evacuation, the evacuation of the factory equipment. Leonid Brezhnev led the evacuation. Handling machines on the train. The explosion of the Dnieper. Evacuation of the population. Hermitage: a frame without pictures. Soldiers transported the sculpture of Voltaire. Evacuation of farms with tractors and wagons, are herds of cows, burning fields of wheat and other. Destroyed railway station and the road. 3 hour - People are clearing the path. Rushes disguised train. The construction of chemical plant. Prokofiev and Eisenstein work in the evacuation. 4 hours - Working in their offices aircraft makers Yakovlev, Tupolev, Ilyushin. Assembling the IL-2 in the shop. Says Dmitri Ustinov. Testing of anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, cannons. Working tank designers Koshkin, Morozov and others. Test tank. Working in open-hearth and aviation shop. Children and young people working for the machines. Women steelworkers at work. 5 pm - Women sew clothes, raft, producing oil, fish net, etc. The women sit ornaments, etc., people rent money. 6 hours - History of Mary October. Funeral M. Oktyabrskaya. In the military hospital: nurse puts the plate, feeding the wounded. Orphans, adopted children with new parents. The trains with tanks and guns.

Reel №1

B. Lancaster on a background map of the USSR says (simultaneously in English), the map shows the direction of the evacuation.


German Chronicle 1930s. - Exhibition of German military equipment.

Military parade in Germany.

Launching of the German U-boat.

Shop military factories.

Hitler and the members of the military command.

German city - streets, shop windows, the Germans are sitting in a cafe.

Singing German.


Boxes loaded with apples, grocery store, grocery store display cases, shoppers in stores.

The street is a violinist, an orchestra.

The Germans on the street eating soup.

The crowd singing the Germans on the street.


The German attack on the Soviet Union - the ruined cities, burning villages, killed, a baby crying, the refugees on the roads, are German soldiers coming German technology.

People are getting ready to evacuate - the people at the train station on the dock waiting to be sent.

In the tent girl feeds chickens man reading a book.

People sit in a camouflaged cars.

A pile of abandoned things.

We are sitting on the railroad tracks things people.

Reel №2

Military Moscow.

Photo by Kosygin and members of the evacuation.

Said Alexei Kosygin (synchronously).

Newsreel - Evacuation of plant equipment: loaded machines.

Ukraine - Young Brezhnev led evacuation equipment.

Machines and tractors loaded on a railway platform.

Cost platform with equipment.

The explosion of the Dnieper.

Station, the.

People with things getting into cars.

Train departs from Kiev railway station.

Hermitage museum collections to be sent to the Urals.

Says researcher Hermitage T. Sokolova (synchronously).

Newsreel - The evacuation of people from rural areas.

People go on trucks, carts.

Disguised pass a tractor driven cattle.

Burning wheat field, burning haystacks.

People buried grain.

Moving carts with household goods and people.


Moving freight trains.

German planes bombed the railway.

Destroyed the station.

Landing on the passenger train.

The broken part of the tanks.

People clearing the tracks of debris.

Lying dead gunners.

Trains with broken equipment.

Killed the driver in the cab of the truck.

German planes are flying.

Cost passenger train hurtling locomotive.

Reel №3

Newsreel - people clearing the broken railroad tracks, take away the broken cars, restore the railroad bridge.

Trains pass with the equipment, train rides disguised.

Anti-aircraft gunners in the car.

German planes bombed the railway.

Driver, train rushes.

About his work machinist during World War II recalls Elena Chuhnyuk (synchronously).

Chronicle - moving train driver looks, flash sleepers.

The aircraft dropped bombs and explosions.

People go in open wagons.


Trains pass with the equipment.

Strelochnitsa misses composition.

People look out of the cars, landscape, grazing cows.

A woman with a baby waving flowers.

Trains pass with the equipment.

Unloading composition.


Construction of new plants in Siberia.

Grand opening of the shop.

Work at a chemical plant.

People build a tent city.

Displaced families have dinner at home.

Eisenstein and Prokofiev work on the film "Ivan the Terrible."

Stills from the film "Ivan the Terrible."

Reel №4

Modern Survey - Monuments "tank", "Katyusha", "Il-2."

B. Lancaster at the monument "airplane."

Newsreel - are protected from the rain with the hardware platform.

Children under a tarpaulin.

Wind tunnel tests.

Flying Soviet aircraft.

The aircraft performs a "loop the loop".

Work designers: Yakovlev, Tupolev, Lavochkin, Ilyushin.

Workshop aircraft plant.

Plane on the runway.

Pilots inspect holes in the fuselage.

Soviet flying squadron.

The members of the party leadership's military industry.

Young Dmitry Ustinov on the phone.

Said Ustinov (synchronously on their work the people's commissar of weapons during the war.)

Newsreel - train with guns.

The test stand for machine guns.

The military have a gun.

Shoots "Katyusha".

Designer tanks Morozov.

Working with drawings and tank designers Cat Kucherenko.

Test tank "T-34".

Working in the open-hearth shop.

Workshop aircraft plant.

Machines for working teenagers.

Teenagers in the open-hearth shop.

Women go to the factory, working in a foundry, process shells.

Women in the open-hearth shop.

Works by F. Shuranova a blast furnace.

Says F. Shuranova (synchronous)

Reel №5

Newsreel - Women sew boots, boots for the front.

Women chop wood, carry logs, raft.

Female captain, boat working women sailors.

Women work, the oil, the women fishers, female tractor driver.

Women in the field to gather potatoes and cotton.

Go carts with bread, a caravan of camels loaded with cotton.

Raise money for the front - women sit ornaments, jewelry.

Inspector prepares receiving jewelry.

Cigarette cases are on the table, spoons, rings, watches, pendants.

Population losing money in the Defense Fund - is all, people give money, signs the documents.

Small theater troupe of actors gives the front squadron, built by the actors - actors talk to the pilots, including Yablochkina and Ryzhov.

Squadron with the words "Little Theatre - front."

Tank column, donated the front of the Orthodox Church.

Patriarch Sergius with tank crews.

Tank column "Dmitry Donskoy".

Patriarch Sergius escorted tankers.

Reel №6

Newsreel - Photo M. October, which was a tank driver, bought for personal savings.

Photo crew AM October.

Mary's funeral October, killed in battles for the liberation of Smolensk.

The work of the production of ammunition.


The nurse puts a plate wounded listen the song "Katyusha".

A nurse washes the wounded.

A doctor prepares a donor.

Nurse feeds wounded.

Workshop for production of missiles, machine tools working girl.

Donors give blood for the wounded.

Children sit on things at the railway.

Hospital, the doctor examines the sick children, the children in the ward.

Uzbeks take the education of orphans.

Children in foster care.

Of the production of tanks, aircraft.

Are women and children.

Passing trains with camouflaged military equipment: tanks, guns, etc.

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