theme (1994) 10.21.1994

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Anchorperson: Ivanova Lidiya

Reel №1

Subject of the program: Advertising

Гости программы: Евгения Пенькова, член международной рекламной ассоциации, старший преподаватель кафедры маркетинга и рекламы МГУ. Владимир Мережкин, председатель комитета по рекламе торгово-промышленной палаты.

Vladimir Filippov, chairman of the Aurora advertising agency, chairman of the association of advertising agencies of Russia.

The main topics and issues discussed in the studio:

1. What is advertising?

When did she first appear, and who invented her?

2.On the process of becoming an advertisement, as an industry.

The plot of the history of the emergence of advertising in Russia.

The first advertisement in the newspaper.

The first posters, letterheads, packaging, advertising signs.

On the use of calendars, brochures, brochures.

About the appearance of hidden advertising.

3. Is this a profitable business advertisement?

How much is the advertising of our media today?

4. About legal and financial relations in the advertising business.

5. Can I do without advertising, and if it is banned?

6.About the advertising boom in Russia, as a consequence of the economic crisis.

Об эффективности рекламы.

The plot of what kind of advertising is most interesting to the consumer.

Products, clothing, cosmetics, beverages, household appliances, cigarettes, alcohol, furniture

7. Do we have festivals and advertising competitions today?

The plot of the advertising competition "Cypress", which was held in Yalta recently.

8. What is unfair advertising?

On the first trial of such advertising.

9. How to protect consumers from unfair advertising?

Who regulates advertising in the country today?

10. How to resolve conflicts of interest when creating a regulatory authority in the field of advertising?

11.About the right to choose.

Who annoys ads today.

12.Pro work on the law on advertising.

There are several projects.

13.Какие темы, товары, услуги и т.д. не должны появляться в рекламе?

The plot of the advertising of tobacco and alcohol.

Запрет Минздрава РФ на рекламу этих товаров.

14.About the use of erotic elements in advertising.

15. What is hidden advertising and how to distinguish news from hidden advertising?

What is sublimated advertising?

The plot of the history of political advertising.

Rollers A. Gaidar, G. Yavlinsky, S. Shakhrai, S. Govorukhin, parties and associations.

16. Necessity of the regulation of the election campaign.

17.Pro participation of children in the filming of commercials.

The plot of how children are shot in advertising.

Interviews with the guys who acted in popular videos.